Scout Royal Brotherhood

Scout Royal Brotherhood

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  1. Marie

    I’m trying to located a Filipino family that used to live on Main Street in Carson. One of the boys was named Alex and was an SRB. He had a brother who was also in the SRB. The lived with their mother and sister. Just wondering that ever happened to those two boys. They were really good boys and I sure hate anything bad happened to them or their family. Thanks for any info.
    That was about 1988-89. They were teens at the time.

  2. carson

    Both brothers are in jail for murder.
    The sister i think is now a nurse.

  3. Kahn

    So right there is SRB gang in Carson…….

    Thank You
    SRB Philippines

  4. Kahn

    So right now there is no SRB gang in Carson…….
    Thank You
    SRB Philippines

  5. Valenitno Magnifico

    “Scout Royale Brotherhood” was originally a fraternity, it was the junior chapter of Alpha Phi Omega(1925) in the Philippines. I can’t believe that it functions like a gang in the United States.

  6. O/G S.B


  7. O/G S.B



    when it comes to being pinoy I give yall yours yall born short running bastards right
    well they call it the untouchable mr mongo from the cuba mafia click
    I fot yall too yall love wearin red huh rid is gangsta like canary red for Compton not like magenta for carson bloods. es up ws down. pinoy cumin real rude.

  9. Jay

    WH51213P BARSON

  10. WS RBS Los Aces

    Our homeboy Rusty RBS had a cousin from SRB. Back in 93′ we went to Carson two car loads to hang with them and look for some enemy at a bowling alley, I think STS or somebody. Anyhow, that was years ago, now its “fuck niggers!” Fuck Asians who act like niggers. Fuck niggers, period. Nigger killa all day everyday. Hats off to the neigborhoods cleaning their back yards and getting rid of all that shit (niggers).

    • Ching Chong

      Two car loads for one enemy? Yeah, I thought I smelled pussy. Los Aces nip. The only thing you cleaned is your plate after you ate dog you sliteyed motherfucker and you clean neighborhoods for cats that look delicious. You sick fuck. Fuck you ching chong lang long.

  11. WS RBS Los Aces

    “Ching Chong”, huh? You must be a straight up NIGGER, a jigga boo. Scary ass nigger don’t even claim his monkey gang. No one can’t stand you ape mother fuckers. You mother fuckers, with big ass bongo lips, spear chucken, chicken chasen, watermelon slobbin eaten monkeys. That’s why all you niggers smell like and look like a big fat poo poo. And that’s why the Sur car is killing all you fucking niggers, from the Florencias, Canoga Parks, Avenues, SoxLos, 18 Streeters, Longos, and the rest. The Asian neighborhoods need to do that same thing. I can’t stand you NIGGERS! Nigger killa for life. Fuck all you bitches who act like niggers. Help a homie snuff a nigger and make the world a better place to live.

    • Bongo Lipped, Spear Chuckin, Chicken Chasin' Nigger Watermelon Slobbin

      Hey! Quit your bitching and get back to my sweat shop, ya damn chink! Goddamn this chicken and watermelon is good. I need some Orange Chicken with rat meat inside. Let me run my bong lips to call your mom “Julie Chen Lee” to fix it up for me.

    • Cleansing

      Oh please don’t clean the neighborhood. We don’t want our pets to go missing.

  12. WS RBS Los Aces

    Haa! I see I got a monkey nigger upset. Working with feelings are we? Can’t even put your gang up or your name. Look. The nigger race has a real bad rap. You fucken niggers can’t be trusted, period. You mother fuckers will stab even Sister Theresa in the back to get what you want. Why do you think you are the most hated race on Earth? And that’s why the Sur 13 car is smokin you niggers by the drove. It doesn’t pay to be a nigger now days. And for all you Asian trying to be like a monkey ape, quit it. It’s about killing these mother fuckers, not being like them. Hats of to Florencia 13, Canoga Park, Avenues, WS 18st, Culver City Boys, and the rest of the neighborhoods killing off the niggers. Gracias!

    WS RBS Los Aces Klan

    • Chinky Joker RBS Los Aces

      Yeah! Let’s praise these Mexican hoods for killing them off so we can suck them off and get fucked by our saviors. Hey, my friend Jackie Ma Ramirez Lee is getting put on tonight. Remember our initiation is to let our Mexican saviors from those gangs you just named run trains on our initiate and the whole hood! We all dress in drag too. It’s REALLY FUN! See you later tonight, vato I mean can we say vato since we’re Asian? Anyway, see you later tonight, sugar. 😉


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  13. WS RBS Los Aces

    I see I rattled the cage of the ape man. You know what I wrote is true. That’s why you’re butt hurt and probably crying to your ape mom. You niggers are at the bottom-bottom of all the races. Niggers don’t have it in their genes to advance. You niggers are too lazy and primitive in your make up and minds. And just to let you know Mexicans and Asians work hand and hand in most communities. The only place that there’s been issues is with the Cambodians in Long Beach, but that’s hardly an issue there now. Asian gangs and Hispanic gangs have always worked close with each other, aside from the Long Beach area. The oldest LA gang, Temple Street, started out as a Filipino gang. So get your facts right before you get on the line, NIGGER. It’s you mother fuckers. The Whites hate you. The Hispanics hate you even more. The Arabs look at you dirt shit bags as garbage and the Asians can’t stand you monkeys. So while you go on a temper tantrum with your meaningless ching chong worthless comments, I’m spittin facts and reality. So who’s king, slave boy? And the way you write, you sound like elementary school young nigger boy angry at the world. Stay in school and learn how to write correctly and coherently before you write, because you sound like a homeless nigger who dropped out of 1st grade. Have a nice day BOY!


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      • Lemme Break It Down 4 Ur Tight Eyes

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        • Kung Fu Zao Ling Chaank

          Ok so since I can’t post the rest of my reply, “Mr. Puppy Eater” here’s a list:
          *You’re a low life piece of dog eating shit
          *You’re in an Asian gang that’s part of the Trece which shows why you love Mexican dicks and praise them while they’re up your ladyboy ass
          *You bring up “working” in a community when you clearly terrorize it by being a pussy gook in a gang
          *You say “fuck niggers” out of nowhere online because you wouldn’t say it to their faces due to being a pussy
          *Go get a job at a Chinese restaurant with cat and rat free meat instead of gangbanging
          *Stop trying to be an Internet English professor when you write like you’re typing from a sweat shop in China (just look at what you wrote lol)
          That pretty much sums it up Mr. Zao Ling Hernandez.

        • Tight Eyes

          I’m still not finished slity…


    Woof woof eat me lol captcha is MSG how ironic

    • Kung Fu Zao Ling Chaank

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      • Kung Fu Zao Ling Chaank

        Let me get back to my cardboard box while you enjoy being a La Eme slave and go back to hanging with your chink eses “Sliteyed Creeper” & “Chinky Joker”.

        • Chinky Joker RBS Los Aces

          Ey, foo don’t diss the varrio like that, holmes. We’re some killer ass Mexicans. I mean Asians I mean Mexicans no I mean Asians. Are we fucking Mexican? I mean we coexist together in a community we all terrorize and we’re La eme’s little Asian bitches. Anyway since I’m on the Mexican bandwagon it’s “Fuck Niggers” and 13 for life, ese. Do I have permission to say ese since I’m a chink? Hmmm anyway yeah, fuck niggers. One just knocked my sliteye straight so I’m mad. Also caught my sister with a BBC in her mouth. So I’m angry let me just randomly put “Fuck Niggers” and write a story nobody cares about. Chinky Joker out!

  15. WS RBS Los Ladyboys 13

    Sucky sucky five dolla make Mexican man holla. Love Mexican pp make me holla and scream “WS RBS” while I take the Mexican dick. OH YES BABY FUCK ME WITH CHOPSTICKS. RIGHT THERE, BABY OOOOOOOOOH RBS 4 LIFE!

  16. Upset Nigger Monkey

    Whites, Asians and Hispanics fucking hate me! Oh no, I’m so upset. What would I ever do without them? Should I form my own gang full of Mexican cock praising ladyboys like the ones from RBS? Or whatever the fuck they’re called?

    • WS RBS Los Ladyboys 13

      Oh yes, honey you give sucky sucky and wear dresses. Sucky sucky ruin makeup they cum on wig. Bad bad Mexican man. I open my dumpling wide for taco.

  17. Termite

    Fuck a nigger! We been killing niggers since jump and we still killing you mother fuckers and we won’t stop!

    East Side Longo Gang Mr. Big Flaco

    • WS RBS Los Ladyboys 13

      That’s right! You tell them, honey! Omg you’re from ESL and Mexican us Rebel Boys love Mexican dicks. We worshipped Mexicock so good we think we’re Mexicans when we’re Chinks. Give me a call, babe. You sound hot. Maybe we call shout “Fuck niggers” together while you give it to me long, deep and hard.
      LIL DOWNLOW RBS LOS LADYBOYS SUR 13 ESE. Shout out to my other chink ladyboys in my hood bout to suck salsa out of Mexicock. Save some for me!

    • Deport Big Flaco

      The only thing you kill is your mother Maria’s famous burritos, Mr. Flaco. Since the jump? What jump? You mean your jump over the border? They should call you Big Hopper since you hold the record for the longest and fastest hop over the border. I’m curious to know what it means. I’d put money on you being in the U.S. illegally. Brb calling immigration. Get ready to have your whole family of 32 messcans stacked in a 1 bedroom apartment have a great big taste of deportation! Adios, amigo! But hey before I get you deported tell Maria I want some super nachos with carne asada. Have fun back in Messco, senor.

  18. East Side Longo

    Come over to my side and tell me in my face mother fucker. Talking all that shit.Just for that we gonna murder another niggger tonight! Keep talking shit and more of you mother fuckers gonna die.

    Big Bad East Side Longo Gang
    Flaco locote

    • Deport Big Flaco

      Your side is over the border ya know the one you hopped? Am I supposed to be talking to a fence or what? Will your fatass be standing over it eating a xxl taco and talking about killing niggers? Riddle me that, beaner boy.

  19. East Side Longo

    Mother fucker deport your ass back to Africa bitch. We murdered another nigger last night! Fuck ICG, R20s

    Go the fuck back to Africa bitch. East Side, West Side, North Side Longo Gangsters. Rifamos!

    BIG Flaco. Nigger killer sqaud putas. ESL Nomas

    • Deport Big Flaco

      Nice way of letting the authorities know you killed someone, Mr. Beans. You will be back in Messco way before blacks who were actually born here unlike your illegal ass you damn immigrant beaner. “Flaco” you need to flock your ass back to Messico where you belong. I hope Trump gets your taco eating ass soon. Have fun going back, you beaner go suck on your “vato” “Creeper”s nachos. Now get back in the kitchen and cook some tacos or sell some flowers by the freeway you illegal fuck. Instead of saying “Nigger killer squad” You’ll be saying “LA Migra!” when trying to get back over the border.

      • Border Patrol

        Yeah this is border patrol. We just got us another worthless beaner piece of trash. He calls himself Big Taco excuse me I mean Big Flaco. Yeah we also got his poor worthless family of 32 too and they were shacking it up in a 1 bedroom filthy house with taco residue everywhere. Full of guns and tortillas too. Over!

  20. East Side Longo

    Ha ha, bitch! Keep talking shit bitch and we’ll keep killing another nigger. I fucked yo mama puta! She was a good nigger bitch. Ha ha!

    Varrio East Side Longeros gang.
    Soy El Flaco

    Free Thumper ESL

    Fuck ICG R20s nigger killing sqaud

    • Deport Big Flaco

      You didn’t fuck anyone’s mom lol that was you stuffing your burrito up this “Thumper” guy’s ass. That’s why you want him free so you can continue munching and fucking his taco you dumb gay wetback lmfao. Ha ha! I don’t want to hear about your gay wetback cholo sex stories. You’re nothing but a worthless joke, “ese”. It’s OK though because like I said before soon you’ll be screaming “LA migra” trying to get back over the border. Just kill yourself, beaner boy.

  21. Back In The Day

    Where you from faggot? Claim your nigger set puta! Come down to the East sside of Long Beach and we’ll see who does what bitch! We control all day every day puto! Longeros gang nomas. Im going to kill another nigger tonight because of you puto, ha ha ha. Watch the news bitch. You think im jokin?

    Nigger killing sqaud
    East Side Longo Ganga
    El Flaco

    Fuck ICGk R20k. ES Longo Controls all long beach and

    • Back In The Day

      Forgot to finish my sentence, ese. ES Longo controls all long beach and we’re snitching ass faggots who love choking on dick.
      Nigger killing sqaud
      East Side Longo Ganga
      El Flaco
      Free My Baby Thumper so he can Thump me in my ass, vato!

    • Deport Big Flaco

      I’m from the beaner killer squad, senor. Yes, I understand you control your gang full of cholo jotos to fuck each other while you sit back and chomp on your illegal 2 cent an hour grandma Consulea’s famous enchiladas. I don’t want to come to the wetback side of Long Beach, senor it smells like 400 day old tacos, chorizo and nonexistent green cards over there. P.S. You’re getting boring so I’m gonna say fuck your taco truck and choke on a quesadilla, Mr. Beans. Adios!

  22. East Side LONGO

    Merry Christmas to all my camaradas en la toricdo. Free Big Thumper ESLongo. And Merry Christmas to you you fucken tinto. We been murdering you tintos all week, faggot. Thats what we are about, bitch! We been killing the niggers from R20s and ICG. Killlling you mother fuckers by the numbers. If I knew who you were, I’d murder you, your mom and dad and fuck the dog shit out of your nigger sister.

    East Side Longo Gang
    Big Flaco
    Merry Christmas to the homies.
    Nigger Killing Squad at the top

    • Deport Big Flaco

      Fuck your merry Christmas ya damn dirty beaner. You should be celebrating in Mexico where you BELONG. Go fuck your boyfriend Thumper while talking about burrito supremes and family taco recipes. If I knew who you were i’d fuck your ugly refrigerator shaped mom, your grimace shaped sister and 32 of your female cousins who live in your stinky 1 bedroom shack and they probably smell like carne asada and frijoles. I have a thing for your wetback bitches, Senor Tacohead! I’d fuck them all real good and then shove green cards up their asses and stick tortillas on their faces with my cum before I drop them off at your place like the worthless beaner sluts they are. You’re about nada but being a little bitch and you’re on top of the deportation squad! Hope Trump does his job and gets rid of you damn gangbanging wetbacks!

  23. East Side LONGO

    Laughing in your face tinto. We killin tintos all mother fucken day and night, bitch and thats what I plan to do for the new year. Come on down the crazy city of no bitches, niggers and snitches. Thats why we kicked them bitches from ICG out of our hood. We smoked them bitches. Did you hear that? That was just another nigger gettin smoked.

    Soy Big Flaco

    Stay up Big Thumps

    You know how we do it.. Big bad migger killing sqaud.

  24. East Side LONGO

    Nigger Killing Squad
    Killa nigger
    and fuck their bitches!

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