Scout Royal Brotherhood

Scout Royal Brotherhood

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  1. Marie

    I’m trying to located a Filipino family that used to live on Main Street in Carson. One of the boys was named Alex and was an SRB. He had a brother who was also in the SRB. The lived with their mother and sister. Just wondering that ever happened to those two boys. They were really good boys and I sure hate anything bad happened to them or their family. Thanks for any info.
    That was about 1988-89. They were teens at the time.

  2. carson

    Both brothers are in jail for murder.
    The sister i think is now a nurse.

  3. Kahn

    So right there is SRB gang in Carson…….

    Thank You
    SRB Philippines

  4. Kahn

    So right now there is no SRB gang in Carson…….
    Thank You
    SRB Philippines

  5. Valenitno Magnifico

    “Scout Royale Brotherhood” was originally a fraternity, it was the junior chapter of Alpha Phi Omega(1925) in the Philippines. I can’t believe that it functions like a gang in the United States.

  6. O/G S.B


  7. O/G S.B



    when it comes to being pinoy I give yall yours yall born short running bastards right
    well they call it the untouchable mr mongo from the cuba mafia click
    I fot yall too yall love wearin red huh rid is gangsta like canary red for Compton not like magenta for carson bloods. es up ws down. pinoy cumin real rude.

  9. Jay

    WH51213P BARSON

  10. WS RBS Los Aces

    Our homeboy Rusty RBS had a cousin from SRB. Back in 93′ we went to Carson two car loads to hang with them and look for some enemy at a bowling alley, I think STS or somebody. Anyhow, that was years ago, now its “fuck niggers!” Fuck Asians who act like niggers. Fuck niggers, period. Nigger killa all day everyday. Hats off to the neigborhoods cleaning their back yards and getting rid of all that shit (niggers).

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