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Cerritos is one of several cities that constitute the Gateway Cities of southeast Los Angeles County. It was incorporated on April 24, 1956. The total square area of Cerritos is 8.9 square miles. Cerritos is formerly known as Dairy Valley. Between 1970 and 1972, Cerritos was the fastest growing city in California. The population exploded from 16,000 to 38,000. Since the 1980s,

Cerritos has attracted a large number of upper-middle class Filipino, Korean and Chinese immigrant families. Employment within Cerritos is primarily located in two districts, Los Cerritos Shopping Center and Cerritos Industrial Park.

According to the 2008 census, the total population of Cerritos is 52,325 with 62% of residents declared as Asian, 22.2% are White, 5.9% are Black or African American, and only 11.1% are Hispanic. According to the census, 46.7% of residents are foreign born. Approximately 50.5% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher and 93.5% of residents have a high school degree. Also, 4% of families and 4.6% of individuals live below the poverty line.

Asian gangs in Cerritos

  1. Bahala Na (Nalang) Gang (BNG)
  2. Black Dragon
  3. North Side Asian Boyz
  4. Garden Grove Town Mob (GTM)
  5. Ken Side Wah Ching (KWC)
  6. Sarzana (SZA)
  7. Satanas (STS)
  8. Temple Street (TST)

107 Comments for “Asian Gangs in Cerritos, California”

  1. itaLiAn mafiA

    feels like some kinda rush yeah yeah so good

    • ohj

      didn’t know cerritos had gangs . i remember when i was in 7th grade i met this kid from cerritos he was from UB uninted bamboo.. other than that i didnt kno gangs existed in doesn’t seem like a place where gangs were.

  2. italian federalz

    BLACK attaCK

  3. dEEz nuTZ

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  4. dEEz nuTZ

    thizz iz 70′ surENo roLLIN DEEP’ props to all my DAWGS

  5. dEEz nuTZ

    these2000’s don’t know nuttin bout no chroniC cuZZ’

  6. blogbluds

    and if u die ha ha

  7. The Remains

    dont will all be over when the nukes hit.

  8. W/S Carsone

    aint no Asian Boyz in cerritos. they got checked at the door by STS. same goes for Temple Street, Bahala Na, Garden Grove Mob (wtf!?) and Black Dragons, NOT in Cerritos. this list is all wrong.

    if Wah Ching was ever in Cerritos then it must of been a secret or something.

    missing are Outlaws/Korean Outlaws.


    SARZANA GANG!!!! sts ki*lah…….

  10. SZA GANG

    SarZanA gang!!!!!! sts ki*lah

    • SZA GANG

      Sarzana was created by three guys who couldn’t stand the bs from STS.
      As for other Asians Gangs: Yes there was a lil Wah Ching members that hang out at CPE. Asian Boys that hang out near Regional Park. LVM that hang out with SZA. Korean ki*lers that live near Artesia High. Pinoy Re-al that hang out near Carmenita Jr. High. 5 Generations of SZA where form before sprouting out to Fullerton, West Covina, Diamond Bar, Corona and Las Vegas.

      • SZA Psycho Boys 1

        Actually, SZA was an STS clique at first. When the Psycho Boys joined the SZA & caused a ruckus people started noticing. STS said join us or go to war with us

        The teenage Psychos battled grown blank men from STS for a bit but eventually dominated StS n put em out of commission

      • canned goods

        I remember hearing Central Side ABZ wasn’t sh*% and was never a factor in Cerritos. Was started by a reject from Van Nuys or something like that and didn’t last long.

        • Bullet

          They were started by 2 heads from W/S ABZ who couldn’t hang in Long Beach, they got stomped out quick by STS shortly after they started. THis was, of course, when ABZ and STS were going at it pretty hard, back when STS was also trying to set up shop in LBC instead of just recruiting stragglers from the beach.

  11. sups

    shuddup lil leg

  12. I don`t want to die

    You gangsters are all weak if you want to ki*l just enlist in the military. You guys are not men`s you were raised by your mother`s only so you don`t know anything about being men`s. All of you can`t read or write so it`s not your fault you say gangsters only know about white t-shirts and cars. But you wait your time will come soon many of you have kids so you wait and see what the outcome will be for them.

  13. Bullet

    This list is missing TBZ(Triad Boyz)

  14. JudasTauGamma


    The Asian Boyz that tried to start up in Cerritos was the North Side clique. They were started up by Shaggy from Long Beach Asian Boyz , he’s doing life right now at Pelican last time I heard for kil#i*gg a WC in SGV.

    North Side ABZ , not to be confused with North Side LB ABZ , was small and got into it with STS. If I remember correctly , they ki*led a STS at a park i think but it didn’t matter because STS gave them the boot anyway. When they left Cerritos , they set up shop in SGV. The current North Side ABZ now in SGV traces their lineage to the few guys who tried to set up in the Cerritos area and got the boot.

    As far as Central Side Asian Boyz. It’s a fake gang. Got started by Thai guy named Sumo (his nickname when he was a valleyside Long Beach Satanas) , Satanas had 2 cliques in the valley before North Side STS (LA STS) and Long Beach Satanas (LBS).

    After Long Beach Satanas in the valley died out (after they shot up TGP with an AK , a lot of them got locked up and some snitched each other out) , that Sumo guy either jumped in Van Nuys ABZ and later got jumped backed out or just knew them and started claiming it. Either way he started Central Side ABZ with a few Thai dudes and a lot of Korean wannabes from La Crescenta and Koreatown.

    Last I heard of them was Van Nuys ABZ gave Sumo a beating and checked the rest of his “gang”. Only a couple was allowed into Van Nuys and the rest got the boot.

  15. The Evil Within Killz

    Satanas. SarZanA. Loonatics. Pinoy Brothood Locos. Silly Boyz tried to set up shop, but lasted for a couple years. Cerritos Korean Pride gang which was a group of busters.

  16. Iba_pos'a

    I be from the land of Cerritos. None gangs prevalent, life is safe, fairly little crime. However, I’ve heard stories of Korean gangs meeting at Heritage Park at 2 am and all that. I’ve been there at about midnight; it’s creepy and it seems like a good place for gangs to be. Also, I’ve heard of people at school getting weed, crack, and all that good stuff, and that half or so of the 10th grade knows where to get it. Must be some gangs around, I reckon.

  17. sikEs

    donCHA wOnT to play wid thOSE 10-15 yrZ?????

  18. sikEs

    oNly 1 roAd baCK Up tO anoTHA faSt ciTY……

  19. This was a great post, thanks for the info.

  20. No more bangin in Ctown

    Cerritos had a history and share of gang violence, peaking around the late 80’s to mid late 90’s, with frequent incidents here and there during the 2000’s but with the Cerritos Sheriff Sub station built things have really calmed down. Most crime in Cerritos are drug related or enduced. But growing up in Cerritos during the above mention times, the gangs listed, I would say Sarzana, KK and Santanas would be most recognized as a “Cerritos” gang. Meaning that they would claim “Cerritos — Gang”. There was also SPG, LVM, TDK, KTM – other smaller groups tried to grow as a gang but couldn’t due to many fact of opinions,, ex. KRS, SSK, PBL, and so forth. Gangs from other origins have tried to “setup” but they never got established as mentioned from other comments. But there are members from other gangs that live in Cerritos but bang somewhere else. Presently, just drive around Cerritos and you’ll see small group of kids probably with a group name hanging out than group of gang members waiting to go bang. If gang members are present they are not active in Cerritos. Gang graffiti is pretty much extinct. Especially with Cali Law Enforcement loving the Rico Act, it gives them more reason to lock up gang bangers just for hanging out. Anyhow, I run into old friends, still members, but don’t bang, too focused on getting paid and most have a family and theyve come to the realization that Cerritos is a nice city and not a f* up hood. But at the same time, keep on your toes here in Cerritos because getting caught up in things is easy, real easy.
    Just a note: Not the best reason but one explanation for gangs in Cerritos was to fight against a neighboring city and its gang: Artesia and Chivas.

  21. Shohei otomo

    What the last guy said. No bullsh*% or f#@$king stupid gangster rhetoric. This town is highly patrolled by both Cerritos and Norwalk stations. Its predominatly asian but id say 45% asian, 10% black, 35% white, and 15% hispanic or whatever. People seem to have a measure of respect here and pride for there city. At the same time not trying to instigate violence. Its the language barrier and its not the 90s anymore. I live with my wife whos japa and I latino. Were old schoolers from the 80s and 90s. Its a nice city. A place to raise your kids. I’ve heard of some of the gangs listed but see no aactivity. I hope they respect the families here.

  22. DAMu

    jOPok RippAZ…..

  23. lbc

    Most of these little kids know little or if any of the wars that went on during the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Cerritos did everything it could to make it a better place. If a shooting happened in Cerritos, they would list it under a neighboring city (Artesia/Lakewood/Hawaiian Gardens/Norwalk) through the media.

    Alot of money was being backed into the redevelopment of Cerritos (substations, businesses, town center, library, etc…) during this time and gangs were a huge problem in the 90s in the city and neighboring cities, especially with the everyday shootings that occured in Eastside lakewood/Cerritos Haskell/Willow area (Hawaiian Gardens / SATANAS / ARTA / LADS), Gardens, Norwalk 1 ways and gangster side, 190’s Artesia, Chivas area, South Cerritos (SZA / STS). Most of the violence/shootings in this city is now located in the Norwalk/Artesia/Lakewood area which Cerritos surrounds. City council tried everything to develop the city, and tried to exclude neighboring cities out of it, they tried gang injunctions, huge gang unit task forces that constantly and eventually all gangs in the area were eventually targeted by the Feds. Huge cleanups by arresting hundreds of gang affiliates at a time, and over time. Most of them are now serving very long to life sentences for murders/rackeering/etc…

    Everything is pretty much calmed down now due to the rampant ‘growing’ of the city and ‘gang’ sweeps. Tons of money came into Cerritos during the mid 2000’s.

    Still active in the area and (surrounding area 5 mile radius) is:
    vNorwalk, Carmelas, ES Paramount, Artesia LKWD side, 18st, Satanas, Hawaiian Gardens (but very little, the last FBI gang sweep targeted them, Small gangs in LKWD, and some Asian gangs)

    There is still a sh*%load of gangs here, but more towards the cerritos border area, its just that everyone seems more low key. And of course all the nerd book carrying schoolboys are not going to notice any gang activity in their neighborhood, theyre too busy studying.


    SARZANA GANG !!! Been bangin Cerritos since the 80’s. Psycho’s click. SZA is still active. f#@$k our enemies and the police

    • WS ?

      West up, banging since the 80s and you reppin’ pretty hard on the net. If you were from Sarzana 80s batch I’d think you wouldn’t be stuck in the past, especially reppin on the net. Let me ask you a question. Where was SZ during the late 80s early 90s pinoy G war. Them Cerritos ST were around when sh*% hit the fan in LA during them crazy days. What’s poppin on those safe streets of Cerritos now?

  25. Your Daddy

    Cerritos is a nice area nver seen a gang let alone heard of one.For tthe most part the cities around it like Norwalk,Artesia,and Hawaiin Gardens is where it really goes down.Norwalk has been getting worse for the past 2 or 3 years.It sucks i been here fore 20 years its beggining to peak like the early 90’sand 2000’s

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