Asian gangs in Fullerton, California

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Fullerton, California is a city in Orange County, California.

Asian gangs in Fullerton

  1. Luzon Visayan Mobsters (LVM)
  2. Korean Monkeys (KMS)
  3. Sarzana (SZA)
  4. Koreans Gone Loco (KGL)
  5. United Asian Mafia (UAM)

51 Comments for “Asian gangs in Fullerton, California”

  1. canned goods

    Never heard of KMS or KGL. Wheres this info coming from? Sounds more like a crew not a gang.

  2. Koreans Gone Loco

    lol this has to be a joke

  3. Staccs420

    lived in Fullerton a long time never heard of these..Where is your OC blacc gangs section?

  4. DaehanMinguk 2



    32KK 9thSt LG…you know wXt it izzzz


    F-U-C-K HelloKittyBoyZ


    and blankCracKs


    KMS and KGL were simply crews back in the late 90s’. FPD cracked down in Fullerton and implemented a ‘0 tolerance’ affect after LVM and SZA started creeping into the neighborhood causing trouble. FPD obviously wanted to keep their town clean and they did a good job. FPD started keeping records of all asian gangs and affiliates, blankuming that some were gang members, though some weren’t. Collateral damage, it happens.

  9. sikEs

    tats were originally slave burns

  10. GGB

    YA…its like Fulla’dong dog…does it really matter?

  11. 213 coreatown

    I dont like you dAwg. Little GAy KoreAn Kids. FAke Deuce

  12. 213 coreatown

    I dont like Little GAy KoreAn Kids. 32ki*lah
    ACS CAn I dont like yo A’ss up Any I dont liken dAy don’t diss homie
    A’s UP
    don’t b dissin HAn Kook Boyz too homie

  13. OLDIES

    There is no LGKK. They died out years ago. They left their mark and gone years ago. When did LGKK and ACS become enemies? Jay boy from ACS has an older brother that’s from LGKK second generation. Members of the third generation grew up with members of older generation of ACS. Hankook Boyz? When did they come out and actually do any kind of dirt? As for 32, a gang name that is a number? 32KK? Almost exact name as LGKK. Sad what has happened to Korean hoods over the years.

  14. am

    tRuE..831 pROPs…pInoY sTYle..

  15. macdre

    so wut c wALk….

  16. Josh

    first off all these crews are gone. and second off. any tray duce farts out there trying to see if ur bad enough to make the list f#@$k YOU. Jung jung, jack, bruno,will,chunk all you foos that jumped me when i was 13 and braged and bragged about it. f#@$k YOU, ive seen 32’s beat up girls and steel their phones. ive seen 3 of them on one punching bag. i hope to god thay one of u see’s this to know that your gang is a bunch of guttless pussys

  17. DAMu

    salinas suRENOZ

  18. DAMu

    return of da bOOGIe MAN . .

  19. DAMu

    choot hizz mamaed

  20. DAMu


  21. 625LilOne

    fu-k LGKK
    Lil Gay Korean Kids

    We Gon Ride On U guys Durin Summer Foo Expect It
    Think You Safe And $hit At Beverly Hills & Pasadena guy
    We Catch U Slippin In Ktown We Show You Wsup


  22. koreanguy

    stop posting up. gay sh*% online. Go out there and put in some work.

  23. Blunts&PagerS

    italians wearing mj…….

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