Asian gangs in Fullerton, California

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Fullerton, California is a city in Orange County, California.

Asian gangs in Fullerton

  1. Luzon Visayan Mobsters (LVM)
  2. Korean Monkeys (KMS)
  3. Sarzana (SZA)
  4. Koreans Gone Loco (KGL)
  5. United Asian Mafia (UAM)

46 Comments for “Asian gangs in Fullerton, California”

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  5. 625LilOne

    fu-k LGKK
    Lil Gay Korean Kids

    We Gon Ride On U Niggas Durin Summer Foo Expect It
    Think You Safe And $hit At Beverly Hills & Pasadena Nigga
    We Catch U Slippin In Ktown We Show You Wsup


  6. koreanguy

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  14. Deuce

    Trey Deuce G’z mobbin on em Asian Cock Suckaz, Melon Barz, Hello Kitty Boyz, Rain Deers. Fuck a Kok Tak Gee too. LG’z be the homies, but the Deuces don’t klick up with nobody. Callin out names. It’s the 32 blockz gang from KTown to Orange County.

    – K 32 -

  15. marina mafia


  16. granny

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  17. slob187

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  18. TruthHurts

    Truth: Street gangs are stupid. Leader , gang member cannot go beyond age 30. All of you will be shot dead by police or other gang member. There is no street gangs or ghetto gangs in Korea. In Korea all hardcore criminals join Korean Mafia. Korean Mafia is very different, it works different then street gangs. If you guys are smart want to join real Gang in L.A. Join LAPD. At least you work for government, get payed, license to use your weapon. Koreans moved on. You really cannot find Korean gangs like early 70’s late 80’s.

  19. X mang

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  20. X mang

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  23. SOUTHxSIDE13

    FUCK TREDUCE!!! Lol got jumped by reckless,rascal and ruckus haha three on one and literally left two scratches on me. One on my back and one on my neck..all these bitches don’t gang bang..fucken loser dropouts that just pop Xanax all day and jack young high school kids from sunny hills high school..32kk treduce is not a gang I rolled with a couple of these fags but never claimed they’re hood…these guys are fucking lame shits trust me, they’re stupid group died out due to they’re smoking meth and popping bars.

  24. SOUTHxSIDE13

    Treduce is gang of faggot ass Xanax popping,meth smoking lame bitches..they are not a real “Korean gang”. I got jumped in ktown by reckless rascal and ruckus and only had two scratches on me..theyre stupid crew no longer gets along with each other (witch is only like 7 dudes LOL) I use to role with a couple of these fagots but never claimed they’re hood. They just jack local sunny hills high school drug dealing kids..that’s all the work they put in.

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