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Asian street gangs in Garden Grove, California

The City of Garden Grove was first claimed for Spain as part of the Santa Ana Valley discovered by Gaspar de Portola in 1769. It changed hands as a province during the independence of Mexico in 1822 to becoming a territory of the United States as a concession at the Mexican-American War signing of the 1848 Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty.

Alonzo Cook is credited as the city’s founding father when we bought 160 acres of land, donating an open tract for the first schoolhouse and post office, suggesting the name “Garden Grove” for the grassy plain and planting trees to make it beautiful. Its farming community remained through the 1905 slew of settlers brought in on the Pacific Electric Railroad until the population boom of servicemen coming back from World War II necessitated its incorporation as a city in 1956.

The population of Garden Grove is estimated at 173,067 in 2008, the per capita income at $20,022 and median household income at $59, 981 in 2005 and 2006 respectively. The 2009 population was 39.1% Hispanic/Latino, 31.1% Asian/Pacific Islander, 26.5% White.

  1. Family Mobsters (FMS)
  2. Garden Grove Boys (GG)
  3. Korean Crazy Dogs (KCD)
  4. Vietnamese Thug Family (VTF)

125 Comments for “Asian gangs in Garden Grove, California”

  1. Jason

    You are missing many vietnamese gangs from the Westminster/Garden Grove area. All 4 gangs you have listed are no longer active nor exist anymore.

  2. Jason

    King Cobra Boys (KCB)
    Tiny Oriental Posse (TOP)
    Asian Gangsters (AG)
    Power Of Vietnamese (POV)
    Hell Side Gang (HSG)
    H Group (HG)
    Cheap Boys (CB)
    Young Loccs (YL)
    Natoma Boys (NB)

  3. canned goods

    POV is Power of Vietnam not Vietnamese. Didn’t know they were still active.

    • PowerOfViet

      It’s Power Of Viet. We still around.

    • Little Saigon

      They’re not active, they have a small group of youngsters but they’re all a bunch of wannabe gangbangers. The only real gangs in OC that are active are H-Group, AG, and TOP.

      • Bullet

        Hey, AG is still active? Those fools were damn near defunct back in the early 2000s.

      • WestminsterLions2003

        The only gang i’ve seen active in Westminster is TOP “Tiny Oriental Posse” they were pretty crazy during my time but I don’t live in that area anymore so I don’t know about now.

  4. canned goods

    Westminster should have it’s own section!

  5. canned goods

    ABZ and VBZ both have clicks in Anaheim.

    • VietPride

      ABZ has a clique in Anaheim but they’re not active and have a lot of fakes. VBZ (TVB) is only in Westminster but they’re not the real VBZ, they have a lot of fakes as well and they dress like skaters i also heard they hang out with there enemies (DFJ and NFJ) what has the gangbanging scene turned in to…I grew up in the 90’s with Cheap Boys and Natoma Boys…those were the days.

      • JuliAn

        I was the only viet in Los anglees county they called me viet Chong. It’s majority chinese the 13 cities of outer la county and then koreans have 5-7 cities . Viets have Westminster. The chinese mafia triads control LA they taxed my family for speaking viet . And made me now down to the triads for having dark skin and looking so viet. They also slapped my sister were the only viet family in Arcadia another chinese majority city in LA . Chinese gangs and koreans really bang hard and hate on viets dude no joke.

      • canned goods

        I grew up in the 90’s also man and it was hella different. The Asian gang scene will never be the same. Of course that’s a good thing. I’m not complaining. I just laugh some times when I see how some of the younger fools are doing it. There’s no one there to put them in check. Like there’s no leadership. Most of these newbies don’t even know what they’re fighting for. Another set I forgot to mention in Anaheim is ABC. And just like the other Asian gangs there they probably aren’t really active.

  6. GGB

    Not active? Or just waiting?

  7. du ma

    167 Asian Family Gang

  8. da loc

    NS 858 Long Beach Nasty Doggz

  9. david714

    wheres dragon family and nip family at? they’ve both been around since the late 80s?? those 3 korean gangs have died out a very long time ago. you also forgot ag.

  10. 714

    Few Gangs that are still around in Orange County as of now:
    Asian BoyZ
    Asian Gang
    Dragon Family
    HellSide Gang
    Nip Family
    Oriental PlayBoys
    Power Of Vietnam
    Tiny Vietnamese BoyZ
    Tiny Rascal Gang
    Tiny Oriental Posse
    Vietnamese Together


      a few? theres hundreds of mexican neighborhoods dont nobody give a fuck about a chinky lookin ass motha fucker hahaha

      • JuliAn

        The 14 k and wahching control and tax the chino gangs in LA they have green light on all vietnamese like how la eme has green light on all salvaodrians the 14 k came from China is the main cartel triad of LA controlling even the wahching mafia . Viet gangs in oc are green lighted by wAhching. But majority of wAhching is locked up now. The 6 different sets.

      • jdogg

        Don’t be on the internet when ur looking for work snippet… not everybody gets pick outside home depot….hahaha puto

      • SGV

        you mexicans cant read or what? this is listed in “Asian Gangs”.

  11. sikEs

    actiVE kiLLAS

  12. chubbs

    what the f happpen to KTM ??
    it’s all about korean play boys!!

  13. chubbs

    what the f happpen to GTM ??
    it’s all about korean play boys!!

  14. BolsaIsWack

    Here’s some oldies but goodies from my friends older brother…who said most of these gangs are gone or very inactive.

    TRG(Mini St.)
    OCB(Orange County Boys)
    LSH(Little Siagon Hoodlems)
    NF(Nip Family)
    Cheap Boys
    DF(Dragon Family)
    Mercedes Boys(Original in Bolsa)
    Lao Family
    BDF/Wismen(Bu Doi) Same crew
    Natoma Boys
    POV(Power of Vietnam)
    CBC(Crazy Brother Clan. mostly LB)
    N14(Original in Bolsa)
    SSS(South Side Scissors)
    LRG(Lady Rascals)
    OPB(Oriental Playboys)

  15. CDC # J56754

    Here’s some that I’ve ran into over the years since 91′ around Orange County and in the Jail/Prison system. (mostly older non-active gangs)
    Nip Family (NF) Vietnamese Boyz (VBZ)
    Cheap Boys (CB) HxGroup Wah Ching
    Natoma Boys (NB) Orange County Boys (OCB)
    Vietnamese For Life (VFL) Power Of Viets (POV)
    Santa Ana Boys Little Asian Rascals (LAR)
    OC Pomona Boyz (PB) Asian Boyz (ABZ)
    Cadillac Boys Nip14
    Little Saigon Hoodlums (LSH) Dragon Family (DF) (DFJ)
    Oriental Playboys (OPB) Lao Family (LF)
    Bui Doi Family (BDF) Viet Lao Family (VLF)
    King Cobra Boyz (KCB) The V
    Bored Lazy Crips (BLC) Family Mobsters (FMS)
    Tiny Rascal Gang (TRG) Santa Ana Viets (SAV) (former TRG members)
    Asian Gang (AG) Korea Town Mob (KTM)
    Akro Boys Crazys (ABC) Notorious Viets (NF)
    Viet Family (VF) Tiny Oriental Posse (TOP)
    Young Locs (YL) Royal Samoan Posse (RSP)
    We Don’t Care (WDC) Asian Family (AF)
    Garden Grove Boys Oriental Boys (OB)
    South Side Scissors (females) Innocent But Killers (IBK) (females)

    • JuliAn

      Los Angeles county is majority chinese then koreans. Back in day any viet would get slapped or taxes or have to bow down to the chinese dailos triad leaders. I barely survived. It’s majority : wahching , red door mafia , four seas mafia, United bamboo triads. Such as sun yee on and 14 k from China. This viet kid was speaking viet and they made him bow down and was shot in the head. Anyone been in Los angeles county before the 626 valley ? All chinese people there I was the only viet there .

    • CDC # J56754

      oops the list got all squeezed together so it looks confusing. Notorious Viets is (NV) not (NF) , Santa Ana Boys and Little Asian Rascals are separate, Cadillac Boys and Nip14 are separate. Garden Grove Boys and Oriental Boys are separate.

  16. damU

    smooth evangelion kid…..


    Muthafuccin DRAGON FAMILY GANG

    • JuliAn

      I grew up in Los angeles county so nothing but wahching mafia and the triad chinese gangs red door four seas mafia , United bamboo gang , chinatown boyz, ghost shadows . Can I join dragon family ?

    • DragonFlies


      Dragon Fly Killa 187
      Asian Girls Killa 187


  18. pointing out bitchez

    Asian Family aka Animal Fries. Lowest rank of gang in OC, not even considered a gang. This so-called gang is for rejects and the “denied” people.

  19. OC

    Anyone know about Big Family ?

    • 1233457

      Yeah big family is inactive now I use to hangout with BFJ at Murdy Park as a little kid with my family. Some are locked up. As far as i know one of them gets out soon in 2014. They’re cool with DF AF im not sure bout enemies

      • PowerOfViet

        They branched of Power of Viet.

        • JuliAn

          Can I join power of viet. I grew up in Los angeles there’s not one single viet there the viets would get jumped Ans taxed for looking or speaking viet. It’s majority – wahching mafia , four seas mafia, red door mafia , United bamboo triad of China . Email me thanks

  20. orange county

    possumK horse shitsK



  22. lifers

    boom boom

    • Westside ABZ

      i never heard about that shit homie. but the A got nothing but wannabe rich kids who kick it with enemies, i remember when i got put on it was all about the family shit nowadays these kids get put on cause they want the status or protection… times changed tho its 2012 people needa get their head outta the gutta

  23. All grown up

    I used to be from one of those Vietnamese gangs from OC and seeing
    all these other gangs I never even heard of back in the early 90’s.

    Back then you had CB, NF,NB, OCB, LSH, THE V, Santa Ana Boy and a few others. Hope everyone made it out of the banging days alive and out of that BS.

    • LiveYourLifeRight

      Too many gangs to list. Nowadays its more like a fan club where you have fakes claiming this gang or that gang. Most of the youngsters in this particular area do that stupid shit.

      Good to see that you got out. More people need to do the same.

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