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Long Beach is the fifth largest city within California, located on 65.9 sq miles of property along the southern coast of Los Angeles County. It is about 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The port of Long Beach is one of the world’s largest shipping ports. The city also has a large oil industry, found both underground and offshore. In the1950s, the city was predominantly Caucasian and nicknamed “Iowa by the Sea”. The city was a major port of entry for European, Asian and Latin American immigrants headed to Los Angeles in the 20th century.

According to a report by USA Today in 2000, Long Beach was the most ethnically diverse large city in the United States. Its Asian community includes a large Cambodian community, the second-largest Cambodian community outside of Asia. It has a relatively high proportion of Pacific Islanders (over 1% as of the 2000 Census). Long Beach also used to have a large Japanese population before WW2, but after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent move of Japanese residents to interment camps, many did not return after being released.

According to the 2008 US Census, the total population of Long Beach is 462,556 people. 40.2%% of residents are Hispanic, 44% are White, 13.2% are Asian, and 13.4% are Black or African American. 27.5% of residents are foreign born, and 45.8% speak a language other than English in the home. 27.9% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher and 77.9% have a high school degree. 15.3% of families and 19.1% of individuals live below the poverty line.

Asian gangs in Long Beach

  1. Asian Boyz Crips, Eastside (ABZ)
  2. Asian Boyz Crips, Northside (ABZ)
  3. Crazy Brothers Clan
  4. Easy Boys [defunct]
  5. Exotic Foreign Creation Coterie (EFCC)
  6. Korat Boys (KB)
  7. Local Boys [defunct]
  8. Long Beach Satanas (STS)
  9. Nip Crips [defunct]
  10. Oriental Boys (OBS)
  11. Pinoy Real [defunct]
  12. Sons of Samoa (SOS)
  13. Suicidal Town
  14. Temple Street (TST)
  15. Tiny Rascal Gang (TRG)
  16. Westside Islanders

163 Comments for “Asian Gangs in Long Beach, California”

  1. MatterInI

    Socalled smart guys and gay pride you all are in the belly of the3 beast .you came here. All 3 of you need to show some respect. You come up here with your high and mighty elitist attitudes . Gay person you have the nerve to down asians and then thrown dumb comments like “you act black” like you all black people act the same and basically talking about these men as downgrading all asian – what are you , a racist, are you also saying that black people lower than asians too? All of you who don’t bang You shouldn’t just come in like you are better than those that do. Just the facct that you are displaying such an attitude shows your arrogance. Peace. To all of you, hopefully we could all sit down and just chill one day , peace and Gods mercy be known by all at this present moment in time. +++

  2. Bangin211Cstyle

    Bitch killaz on mines. CuhhhRippppp!!!!

  3. AppleK

    FucK all krabs , fucK chongo , fucK apples , fucK Sushi , fucK every Friday crackhead crabs, fucK sewer rats,
    Tiny raskal gang , fucK
    12st bustahz to the 1.5 , applez ain’t shit but bitches and bustahz who stick wit tha snitch game , Fresno to strong beach S.e.a K
    Y’all can’t do shit but smoke dope and bust bitch moves
    Eastside tiny raskal gang!

  4. TRaskalG

    3 hoods to walk the blocK nigga? better watch out we everywhere northside westside and eastside come out n play yu kadam !


  5. loko

    Long Beach Westside Pimpside Phamily Gang

  6. Snoman

    Stop online banging klowns. Walk da walk stop typing online biatches. Thought I told yal 7housands 1undred 2wenty 6ick times. Sup yal putting in work online typing now. Biatch made

  7. Snoman

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  8. ck phantom

    NIPk KILLA East S1d3 Longo X3 CkMS CKLICK. LONGO BEACkH 13 HxA Anaheim and Hoffman ave.Cant wait till nipK killing season. Got my 9mil ready

  9. SunnySideVietMafia

    Suicidal Town Crip Killa
    Asian BoyZ Killa
    Crazy Brotha Clan Killa
    Oriental BoyS Killa
    Easy Boy Gang Killa
    Asian Street Walker Killa
    Boston Red Dragon Killa
    Rose Click Killa
    12ST Suis Killa
    15ST Suis Killa
    Viet Together Killa
    Laos Cambodian Vietnamese Killa
    Crazy Ruthless Kings Killa
    Asian Avenue Crip Killa
    Asian Gang Killa
    WestSide Longo Killa
    Barrio Pobre Killa
    Barrio Small Town Killa
    2 Fucking Evil Killa
    Tiny Mexican Gang Killa
    Fuck My Enemies Killa
    Grafitti Artist Killa
    The BratZ Killa
    Crime Family Gangsta Crip Killa
    Tiny Oriental Posse Killa
    Big Family Killa
    Asian Family Junior Killa
    Local Mexican Style Killa
    Eighteen Street Killa
    EastSide Longo Killa
    NorthSide Longo Killa
    12ST Sharky Killa
    EastSide Loper Killa

  10. ck phantom






        • Tongan

          Damnnn it’s hilarious !!! Of how the asians are scared of the blaccs yall don’t even have the balls to respond to there comments and talk shit bacc

  11. baby triggahappy lowc

    fucc roach.k yall extinct
    fucc chongo.k yall on life support
    fucc beanpie.k yall td
    fucc taco.k no passes
    fucc anybody whoever want problems we ebk come out and play yall know where the turf at

    badass ruthless S.E.A gang ES to NS LONG BEACH 562
    we run the whole anaheim corridor
    fucc all my enemigos


      Fucc seaK I bKacc handed 3 of Yall bKitches that tried to get out of hand stay the fucc away from 21 straight up cuh

      • SEA'Z


        • EXPOSE

          Damn (SEA’Z) !!! The blacks command that much fear from you guys that you’ll bitch out and look the other way every time they diss asians.. man fuck that !!thats why i kick it with the RASCKALS they dont take shit from no one Lk bpK plK clbK icgK r20K abzK efccK stK sosK seaK

      • SEA RIDERZ


        • richrolling20zCuz

          Fucc you bKitch ass dog and cat eating mothafuccas nippsK are none factors in the bKeach think yall tough over a keyboard bKut in reality it’s yall kiss serious ass to us bKlaccs it’s really pathetic

  12. Ace

    I respect all ethnicities got love for everybody, ain’t got no beef with no other race but if u hating on asians then fuck u



    • Snoman7126

      Stfu u klown. Ws Chongo ain’t real back in the days. WS Chongo and ES Chongo was enemies. Till da eMe tell them to click t’up then Yal Biatches got soft N click t’up. Game recognize game Raskals don’t klick up with No One in sTRonG beach.
      EBK Riders. Yal, sur 13 bunch of follower who scare of the EmE. just a bunch of sewerats can’t think for themselves like a puppets controlled by the puppet’s Master

    • LOc'dOut

      Idk bout yo bkiktch ass chongo but the asikan homikez up on the main line in the county the otha card and when ik was up in lkancaster ik stikll see asikan homikes The homies from abz suis sos all kiccin ikt aiknt worriked on 20 crikp 3k bashin chongok bashin . BugK TrampK PieK Lk TacoK RxcHk Rolklkxn Or get yo likfe stOlken . 2×10’s wcc 8×10’s ESR20s WSR80s LkOngk BkeaChk “O” gang chongok 3k


        TrgK pays someone rent cuz in the prison main line most trg get p.c. or under someones umbrella …..nobody walk a prison mainline without a cart to be managed !

  14. TRG

    Lets get one thing cleared we Asians dont need you niggers for protection especially from no wetbacks if abzK suisK sosK like kissing ass to you niggers thats they business but real Asians with pride can hold our own with any race best believe that shit Lk bpK clbK bstK tacoK 20K 80K icgK abzK efccK suisK

  15. Snoman7126

    Get ur mind Str8 real talk in the Pen. Raskals hold it down got the other API back. There bunch of us in the Pen. Only the Uso knows N for all yal didn’t know ain’t know ICG or 20’s made a safe for us to walk the street of sTRonG beach. I’m from that ’90 generation we the first to drop Chongo n were still dropping Chongo. while, yal blacks was serving dope we was dropping Chongo N home invasions making making papers. ICG said they made it safe for us to walk STFU Lmao fucking Klown

  16. Snoman7126

    When our SET started we was Crippin when bunch of us Raskals got lock t’up N we realize Bloods n Crips was for blacks n was like fuck it drop the blue shit N change it to Grey ain’t no set was Rocking Da Grey. Raskals gonna earn respect Witt them Grey. Nowadays, the blacks trippin about asian Crips n bloods. I’m glad I ain’t crip or blood its anybody n everybody Killa if So and Fuck Raskals that is still Crippin enough said. Ain’t no blacks ICG or 20’s made it safe for us Raskals to walk the street from Chongo. We put in work our damn self get it Str8. We was the first Cambo’s SET or any SET in sTRonG beach to killed Chongo from gun play.

  17. Snoman7126

    In the ’90s when us Raskals going at it Witt the Chongo. Blacks didn’t do shit we understand it wasn’t the Blacks beef. Nowadays, Eme put out green light on Blacks now the blacks saying they made it safe for the asian to walk the street. Lmao stfu N do u. We went through War witt them Chongo N have ask for Yal blacks for help. Us Raskals Ride for the SET Ride for the hood without point finger about any Race. Man up foo

  18. Snoman7126

    Correction We went through War Witt them Chongo N DIDNT Ask yal Blacks for NO HELP. US RASKALS hold ouR own riding for the SET N riding for the Hood without pointing finger about any Race. Man up Foo yal can talk shit to other asian set kuzz they claiming Crips in Long Beach but, don’t put it out to all asian yal make it safe for all of us to walk the street. Game recognize game we putting our work Raskals

  19. Snoman7126

    Nowdays, blacks talking shit N pointing fingering on another Race. In the ’90s when we was going at it we the Chongo us Raskals or asian didn’t ask for yal blacks help. We understand it wasn’t yal beef. eMe put out a green light in yal blacks N now yal pointing fingers Lmao. Yal claiming yal make it safe for us to walk the street too another Lmao. See what will happen if yal blacks in Long Beach touch us asian.

  20. Snoman7126

    ICG n 20’s pointing fingers toward asian Bangin crips N make it safe for them to walk to street of Strong Beach Lmao. Us Raskals is EBK riders so how da fukk yal blacks made it safe for us Raskals to the street. Eme put a green light on blacks that’s why pull out the Race Card Huh? when Eme put a green light Raskals blacks didn’t help us nor we ask for ur help anyway. Raskals handle our own problems without pulling out the Race Card or pointing fingers.

  21. Snoman7126

    Yal, Blacks want to pull out Rascist card ok. Saying, asian do shit yal make it safe for us to walk the street which that a full of shit. How about yal, blacks in 48hrs show be snitching. now, who’s the biatch made? Most of yal on 48hrs be snitching. In the ’90era Tee “Raskals” Gee put it down for the hood N for the Asian people. My Strap made it safe for me to walk the street not NO Twinkies or No Insects. Keep ur race out of yal mouth. We went Thur it in the ’90s witt them Chongo when Eme put green light us. Real Geez don’t point fingers. Real handle the problem n deal Witt the problem. Asian didn’t ask blacks for NO help muthafucka yal lames

  22. LocInsanity21st

    Check this out you stupid garlic breadth nippK the only real reason why yall rat eating nippsK are even really recognize is because yall claim Cr1p and nothing more if yall were so strong then why yall start claiming Cr1p then, thats because those tacoK eating beanersK started pushing a cold one on yall they was to much for yall so like it or not we rescued yall so yall better take a chill pill RatgangK before we sick all of the sea family on yall (abz efcc suis and sos) they knoe how to appreciate how Blaccs saved asians in Cr1p beach

  23. LocInsanity21st

    Look here you garlic eating nippK the truth is those tacoK eating beanersK pulled a cold one on yall if it wasn’t for us Blaccs that saved your asses yall would of been extinct in long beach why else did yall turn Cr1p then best take a chill pill before we sicc all of the sea family after yall (abz efcc suis and sos) unlike yall roachesK they knoe how to show gratitude for us making longbeach safe for asians

    • Snoman7126

      If the Sea show gratitude toward yal, Charco then why the fuck yal Charco disrespecting the Asian n Samoan Crips then. Stating yal, Asian n Samoan R fake Crips explaining urself. Once yal, cross the line calling asian with Rascist slurr want make u think Asian people lesson to ur dumbass. ain’t no Race who u disrespect gonna give u ur RESPECT if u ask me then U one DUMB ASS FOO. GAME RECOGNIZE GAME. FUCK Twinkies N Insects Charco moneys

    • Snoman7126

      Who the fuck u think u R. A Muthafuckin supaGangsta. disrespectin the Asian n Samoan crips SEA then u gonna call on them to come after us Raskals. Lmao who R u gonna call on next kuzz we been enemies. That’s why we stop Crippin in the ’89 n ’90 era knowing yal, blacks will pull this Crips or Bloods cards shit. Yal, right on one thing Crips N Bloods for Blacks. N That’s why us Raskals bang for Grey no crips or bloods. It’s EBK on mines u digg doggy dogg we don’t give a fuck bring that Rascist shit we bang for Da SET if u Really Wanna. No race cards involves

      • Snoman7126

        Yal, blacks wasn’t there to protect me nor I needed ur protection out on the street my Muthafukin Strap did. I take the credits for my life n don’t need u taking credit for shit that u was there. I made it safe for me to walk the street not yal blacks. take credit on ur behalf not mines supaGangsta foo. Handle ur buisness witt them sewerat stop point fingers at us asian. stop ur crying to make excuse at asian. Raskals didn’t got in Gangland for not reason u digg doggy dogg we still sewerat killa

        • Snoman7126

          If yal twinkies n Insects want to take all the credits for making it safe for asian to walk the street then trade place witt all my Raskals that got deported, who’s serving time N got Life without. Then I give yal that credit. If not then STFU n ride for URS u get the credit for what u put in Not someone else. U digg Enough said

        • Snoman7126

          If u gonna bang then bang for a reason n die for the cause. stupid muthafucka these day bang for stupid reason fucking drama queen playing that race cards n acting like they putting work for other Races. Expecting credits for someone else dirty work lame fuck. If u want credits saying that yal blacks made it safe for us Asian to walk the street. Then yal, should take credits for my all my homie’s that’s doing LIFE behind Bars N those who got deported Go take all the credits N free my homie’s doing LIFE retarded Muthafucka’s. Enough said

        • Snoman7126

          If u gonna bang then bang for ur SET not race. Sewerat bang for their race n play race cards same apply to us Raskals bangin on all them sewerats . U play family then I play family too. Enough said I done no need to explain myself anymore. Stupid muthafuka make no sense that doesn’t make money. U die for the Cause die for a reason not for stupid race shit lame muthafucka bangin these days.

    • Snoman7126

      Our business Witt them Chongo was over disrespecting due the fact that we was immigrants N the beef between the Chongo N Raskals started. We drew the first blood Witt that gun play. Yal, business witt them Chongo was over dope territory. Us Raskals put it down for ur Rights without No one help. Tell me how did yal, blacks taking all the credits to made it safe for us to walk the Street of sTRonG beach. Did yal, ICG n 20’s took revenge on my dead homie’s. My tools made it safe for me to walk the street not Yal u trippin. Raskals put it down for the Asian when the set was started NOT YAL Blacks. Go get the Seafood Gang after Raskals like we give a fuck EBK on mines. Yal, disrespected the Asian n somoan crips now u order them to come after Raskals Lmao. Who do u think u R superGansta lmao

    • Snoman7126

      Dont get it twisted us Raskals back in the ’90era put it down for the Asian community in sTRonG beach. Da fuck yal, talking about da homie Icy got killed by Chongo. Yal, blacks didn’t didnt ride for my people nor did we ask yal too. that’s ouR beef against the Chongo we’re gotta ride. How the fuck u make a safe for us to walk the street foo. Everyday my heata made it safe for me to the street NOT yal. everytime I’m out on the street tell me was u there to at anytime when I got at it witt them Chongo or BeanPies Huh. I didn’t think So. N the fuck now u calling shots for the Seafood to come after us. I thought u knew seafood been ouR enemies What new. Stop point fingers N handle ur business. now u take it to another level. Them sewerat being racists N now yal dipp shit is too. disrespecting the Asian N API. As a matter of fact do u really Seafood foo gonna take ur shit too after yal, tossing Rascist shit toward the Seafood saying yal, Asian n Samoan R fake crips. Us Raskals never once pull the Race cards we bang for the SET not Race. If we would then there wouldnt be OTHER RACES in Raskals. If yal, blacks pulling Race Cards well it’s gonna be more body bags to come if it does do be on 48hrs show like most of the blacks snitching. That’s why Raskals dont be Crippin. Us Raskals knew one day yal blacks gonna use the bullshit Real crip Fake crip excuses to draw Rascist issues toward Asian n API. that’s why Raskals Bang for the SET not Crips. Its does matter what race U koo then u koo if not It’s EBK on everythang. We don’t give a fuck yal ain’t disrespect us or witt me witt that NippK shit like them sewerat foo. lame fuck

      • Snoman7126

        Why the fuck u Bangin Crips ask urself that Muthafukin question in the city of the Beach? It’s the same reason everybody in that muthafucin Beach Gang Crips. There no Bloods neighbor plus many people like the color blue then red. For example my country Khmer Rouge means communists that Rep Red genocides our people so, why would u think our people came to the States to bang Red. U muthafaka. Then us Raskals realize Crips n Bloods is for blacks. That why Raskals is Grey. U BIATCH… Fuck U Like U done shit for me. Give urself credit for the dirty u put in. not the dirty u didn’t do HOE drama dragg Queen biatch. Eat a dick. Once u disrespectin our race it is what it is Kill or be Kill we don’t give a Fuck. charco muthafucka burnt biatch

        • Master of Crackers

          For some reason these dumb niggers are not understanding the fact that you Raskals are not some pussy Crip shits or any other tar faced squad. Not surprising since niggers are a race of borderline retards and faggots. Check out the census bureau statistics, niggers have the highest percentage of homosexuals and transvestites compared to any other race. Your drag queen remark couldn’t be anymore accurate from the truth when it comes to these coon cakes HAHA!

  24. ECC6PACC

    Fucc you stupid rat eating nipp i live in longbeach and i can seriously say that nipps do kiss ass to us blaccs yall needed us to survive the tacos why else would you of turned crips if that wasn’t true if yall didnt bang crip yall wouldn’t even been taken into consideration. FUCC ALL ASIANS

    • Master of Crackers

      Hey porch monkey nigger, not one Asian in his or her’s right mind would respect a dumb fucking coon cake who’s only positive contribution to this planet is slave labor. In fact it’s not just Asians, no other race respects an aids infected, ebola afflicted, highest percentage of faggots, and least desirable race, otherwise known as nig nogs. If an Asian can use a brainless turd skinned nigger to whack a few spic beans than so be it tar baby, thank you for your slave labor service because otherwise, you niggers are utterly useless. HAHAHA!

    • Snoman7126

      Them donkeys got yal on that Rascist shit. U know what Fuck a Charco burnt nappy azz. I need No Charco burnt lame azz muthafucka Crabs taking credit for the shit that never happen with me. Raskals stick with Raskals we don’t need No one. So, Fuck U monkeys azz Crabs EBK on mines CK BK seweratK anybody killa So fuck what u say BiatCkh Fuck ECC6PACC

    • Snoman7126

      Them donkeys got yal on that Rascist shit. U know what Fuck a Charco burnt nappy azz. I need No Charco burnt lame azz muthafucka Crabs taking credit for the shit that never happen with me. Raskals stick with Raskals we don’t need No one. So, Fuck U monkeys azz Crabs EBK on mines CK BK seweratK anybody killa So fuck with u say BiatCkh

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