Pinoy Real

Pinoy Real

16 Comments for “Pinoy Real”

  1. Angeldeath

    who’s the founder of pinoy real?

  2. CHONGO187

    lmao there aint no power rangersk in lb wtf?



    • Mexi-Pinoy

      Yup, PR is long gone, but so is AKP. No more flip gangs or barrios in LOS, and that’s a fact. These gangs only survive by a handful of former gangsters that net-bang on occasion

  4. jasper

    Rowland PR baby!

    • WECO

      Fuk You Jasper, you fucking midget wanna be dwende looking Mo fucka.
      PR from ROwland was all pussys, and West Co Monkey brothers were gay as Fuk

  5. Lil.dragon n dragon a.h.m n.w.k

    PxR to the heart all day baby 24/7 G:)

  6. nigger-free

    Alonso is a clown, he’s only interested in documenting nigger gangs withno depth when there are hundreds of non-nigger gangs to be documented and who have more history and depth to them i hope you’re reading this, Alonso

  7. Back in the dayz...OLBxPRG

    Back in the dayz it was Lazy and Real. bngK

  8. jj PR iloilo

    yo mah homiz zup, PR still alive and kickin’ down here in ill city.

  9. gcode

    lol, pinoy gangs are gone for sure because they wisen up. Even the pares in lockdown dont want you coming back to jail. only one pinoy gang that got juice is satanas. Any other flip gang is booboo.

  10. Los Angelas

    Pinoy is long dead there’s still barrios to the max go Whittier or Gardena and say that… Pinoy and ck bk are turning on each other moving out to the IE and SD

  11. Los Angelas

    The only Asian sets around are abz and wah Ching everybody else ranked out there are still black sets in Compton etc. but they are all dying/ranking out/movingout of LA.

  12. loks

    haha PR is still around, they just being lowkey

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