Tiny Rascal Gang

Tiny Rascal Gang (TRG)

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  1. silent_raskal916

    Raskals run this world G that why all these fake niggas talkin shit over the internet they know where we be…. but we can’t seem to find all you hidin’ ass pussy bitchez. EBK all day!!! RASKAL!!

  2. jp

    to the dumbass from Rollin’ 20 who said fuck nips..u know Black and Asian run together in California prisons and jails..

  3. jp

    to the dumbass who said fuck nips..u never been locked up before..cuz Blacks and Asian run together on California prisons and jails..

    • Oakland Asian

      You wrong JP Asians don’t run together with blacks we have our own car we just cool with them but we our own thing

  4. RealTruth

    these bitch ass motherfuckers dont even have turf in long beach ca…………..nobody knows where you cat are trg has no turf in lbc

  5. Mr. Dude

    I know sunny from T.R.Gang cool dude I was busted with him in the county in 3100 I send mine Shady from east side Opal street lokos gang tinygangsters click



  7. R80

    Fucc roachesK tinyRANKER killa ROLLIN 10X8

  8. Aznpride

    Fucc all yall taco eating mutha fuccs. Fucc all yall watermelon, cool aid drinking fried chiccen ass negroes.





  10. nhcsavages

    Fucc trgk and nippsk and donkeysk this e/s YP$/nhcsavages 17th street gang cuhk we only fucc wit blacc eastside niggas so fucc toastk,briccboysk,2nk,trgk,chongosk,beanpiesk,abzk,slobsk

  11. Big Bad Gooks

    Asians , Mexican, blacc , white, orange, brown , purple. Who gives a fucc. Stop the race violence. It doesn’t prove anything. We are all brothers, we can stand together.

  12. SU1C1DAL

    FuCK all long beach crabK niggersK and also bitch ass wetbacks nhcsavagesKILLAAAA

  13. nhcsavages

    Fucc y’all chongosk niggas all y’all can bang my Lkine on nhc yps 562-735-6214

  14. ABZ

    Fucc you scary ass nigger you dont want no war you to scared to even pick up your phone i been calling your bitch ass

  15. ABZ

    Picc up your phone nigger i keep calling 562-735-6214 scary ass bitch

  16. ABZ

    Fucc nigger and beaner

  17. nhcsavagesLk

    we juss rolled through yall blocc where yall at bitches abzk

  18. CBC

    Hell naa nappyheaded niggers nhcK aint in long beach CRAZY BROTHERHOOD CLAN

  19. nhcsavages

    fucc cockblockcluccsk cbck nhc savages crip

    • Facebook Chileng

      You’s a bitch ain’t no gangsta we Cambodians handle R shit!! Long Beach wasnt ouR city to begin with, dem ease and dem nigha was here first. Den we kame and put ouR name on da map Cambodian Town!!! And around da early 90’s when we went at it heavy wit dem chongo’s.? Where da fuk was icg, nhc, rtc? They hated you blacks with a fukin passion and they still do and you niggas ain’t doin shit . All you crips and blood know what I’m talking about and you wanna Internet bang on us Cambodians and dissin da hoods (TRG)&(Abz)ect…R’Rite Black Superman aka nhck snitches put yo money where yo mouth is and pick up u’R phone coward bitch!!!and you sure did Roll down our block wit da police escorting your out nigha .

      • Snoman7126

        These muthafucka love selling wolfing tickets but, the ticket yet to be sold. lmao go hard azz fuck online bangin but, do a damn thang in the street to real Geez. Why do u think we went underground. Reality check all this wolfing online is foe the Feds to pop u. Do sum sum if u about it on the street. This apply to all these online Fraud gangsta. If yal bring Race shit why the fuck was we on Gangland and did u see any of our Raskals member interview on gangland beside the one make a change on his life. Like Cambo’s don’t put it down. Why is many of my people lock t’up and deported Huh biatches. Check out 48hrs turn into 48snitches
        Did us Cambo’s say all yal muthafucka being snitching. that’s what u calling real geez Huh. where the Loyal n Honor keep it Real. Where the Code of Silence? Raskals kept it in bangin status Raskals keep Raskals it’s about the SET no Rascist shit lames fucks nor we team up to take out one SET. Get it Str8 I ride with my true Raskals that’s is Solid geez what I call No face Killa’s Hear NO See NO Riders. Also, Real muthafucka USO riding for that’s API getting it Str8 lames fucks

  20. Snoman7126

    What a shame Lmao is this how it is of Gee lift style these days. Online bangers
    WTF racists war no respect. Wanted to start a war for nothing.
    first of all Late 80’s and mid 90’s we went through all this bullshit
    Secondly, in Strong Beach u already know Cambo put it down on them Chongo foo. Every hood have riders n snitches better put a reality check urself.
    Racist shit doesn’t fly if so, do something about insteady of being an online hoe bangin. Check out 48hrs show how many ur so call riders turn out to be 48 snitches. anybody could be killa’s but, how many killa’s turn out snitches. why do u think Killa’s went underground bitches. for real though how come on the street yal don’t say shit but online yal go hard as fuck. All this online bangin shit for the Fed to pop yal fucking wannabe Muthafuka. Killa’s keep their mouth shut n putting in work not no online shit. Respect n Ego R two different category. That’s why Raskals bang for Raskals no matter the homie race apply to those Solid individual not anyone till he is tested. So da fuck what yal say it is what it is Give a mad as fuck EBK on mines if So. Where the Code of Silence these Days or ur Loyal n Honor if so, then tell me lil sum sum If yal putting out Rascist Shit. Why yal on 48hrs snitching foe

  21. LocInsanity21st

    Shut the fucc up you fuccen roachK best know your place or we will sicc all the sea family on you

  22. EFCC

    Damn I thought us blacks and asians got along in long beach eat happened? Guess we all ignorant huh? Damn shame.


    In long beach blacks and asians grew up in the same community so asians adopted to there environment. Which is why I don’t fucking under stand why there dissing each other on the net. Retarded!

  24. Asian Pride

    Shut the fuck up you stupid wannabe nigger your retarded why do we Asians have to adapt to the niggers and claim crab and slob why cant they claim our gangs …fuck all you weak disgraceful asian niggers ASIAN PRIDE on mines fuck all niggers and any other race that wants it

  25. shhhhhh

    3700 block and 46th ave. Sacramento, Ca. Anybody from this area?

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