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Rowland Heights is an unincorporated community located in and below the Puente Hills in the San Gabriel Valley, in Los Angeles County. The total land area of Rowland heights is 9.0 sq. miles. Once predominantly Anglo and Hispanic, this area has gradually become one of the Chinese centers in the greater Los Angeles. Originally formed by the stream of business expansions from Monterey Park (now a heavily mainland Chinese enclave), which is the undisputed “Chinatown” of Los Angeles, Rowland Heights has become an area comparable to a “Chinatown” by itself largely populated by Taiwanese. Locals refer to Rowland Heights as “Little Taipei”, due to its high concentration of Taiwanese restaurants and businesses.

Since the 1980s, many upper-middle-class immigrants from Taiwan and South Korea have settled in the hillside homes of Rowland Heights (and in neighboring regions such as Hacienda Heights, Walnut, and Diamond Bar). Also, Rowland Heights has also attracted immigrants from mainland China because the area is advertised in China as having good homes and convenient shopping. Additionally, working-class Latinos have settled in the lower, flat sections. The city has developed an eclectic suburban “Chinatown” and “Koreatown”, mostly in the form of upscale strip malls mostly on Colima Road, with another concentration around Nogales Street.

According to the 2008 census, the total population of Rowland Heights is 48,414 with 50.4% of residents declared as Asian, 22.6% are White, 1.5% are Black or African American, and 34.5% are Hispanic. According to the census, 53.3% of residents are foreign born. Approximately 31.9% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher and 84% of residents have a high school degree. Also, 9.7% of families and 10.8% of individuals live below the poverty line.

Asian gangs in Rowland Heights

  1. 6 Shots Pinoy Real
  2. Akro Pinoy (AKP) – [defunct]
  3. Four Seas Mafia (4Seas)
  4. Sonny Side Wah Ching (SSWC) – [defunct]
  5. Taiwanese Side Wah Ching (TSWC)
  6. White Dragon (WD)

80 Comments for “Asian gangs in Rowland Heights”


    I have never even heard of any black gangs in Rowland…lol. And just to let you know..This is big bad SARZANA GANG. f#@$k PR…and the rest. SZA gang or dont bang



  3. Joe Jo

    Lol at all these kids saying they “run Rowland”, what’s there to run? All those Asian spots on Colima? All those beautiful parks? All those 500,000k homes? Rowland has one lower income area (Batson st.) which is a very small street with little to no gang activity unless your a turtle in the asian market but don’t tell that to a “gangster” from here they seem to thing it’s as ghetto as South L.A. with “gang war” at every corner, lol.

  4. san jose

    da kiDs DIe………..


    f#@$k red door bunch of chickes yall have no straps so you scared of that big bad Wah Ching gang yall run with every hood that let yall suck their d#$k VBK f#@$k fleas Big Bad Wah Ching TRDK HBK fleanamese ki*lahh f#@$k rowland bunch of rich blank fobs ckuhz their parents got money

  6. bala im free

    i dont know can any one your hood just take out ppl i mean reallyit was me and my homeboy we were chacing these all over there it was the durans are pusses and night owl f#@$ken chump lucky i got busted in 1999 that whole city aint nothing but rats really and ppl really you guys get treated like lames in the joint the real homies from the sgv treat u like suckas remember me south side rooks towne gang i lived there to raise a family chased u lames for fun just a lil flash back u dont want me back so come on homies chase them out all ready u ppls funny chumps let the nips take over really i came hard im came knocking on all your doors and really hideing behind women and kids

  7. Raised in Rowland

    there are no real black gangs in Rowland Heights.. Reggie n Angel tried to start that weak blank RHG sh*% but keep it real yall dont ki*l anything dont shoot sh*% nothin..u some kids from a nice area (rowland heights) trying to act tough..u know damn well u wouldnt take that bullsh*% to any real hood in LA so stop playing..there are very few, small mexican gangs but again they dont ki*l anything dont shoot sh*% and get no respect from real sgv hoods..the asians have plenty of gangs but AGAIN they dont ki*l anything n dont shoot sh*%, they are mostly on their money making tip..there is nothing gangster about Rowland Heights, dont let these little kids on here net banging and imitating real Gs fool u

  8. kboy

    I heard Brotherhood Koreanz took out Hankook Boyz in that area.

  9. BIG BAD M$X3

    Message to dmk lollipop suckers and wid wieners BIG BAD M$X3 is moving in chickes

  10. Or15ntal Nation

    West up to the AMA. Still OLBxAMA!!!!

  11. ktown

    Fool what do you know about bkz?

  12. coe on

    You all are real brave hiding behind your computer screens aren’t you? Come on now, time to grow up, finish school, get a job, stay out of prison. The mentality used in these comments is the same mentality of Lifer inmates.

  13. La cosa nostra

    We run this sh*%

  14. Rk

    Kimchee pirates where are they from? Also the beaner brigade?

  15. 32 blokkz

    ruthless from trey deuce i sukked a han kook boys dikk on treys

  16. Theleaker

    HKB – also known as Hankook Boys. Is a smaller Korean gang in the San Gabriel valley area. Mainly in the city of Rowland heights and hacienda heights. The gang appeared around the mid 90s. With members up to 25-30 approximately. It currently has 5 generations. Only 4th and 5th generations are active still. They have allies in the west Los Angeles area. ACS and MBZ. This unity is known as HAM. (Hankook, Asian, Mental) originally this Nick name was named by gang task force ..(they had special unit specifically for these 3 gangs.) They pretty much don’t get along with other Korean gangs. They’re main Korean rivals are KOS – ki*lah outlaws, 32Lgkk – Trey duce. In the San Gabriel valley area HKB main rivals are the WC – wah chings and WD – white dragon. Hankook boys most infamous generation is the 4th. Also known as ki*lah side. To this date hankook boys are one of the few Korean gangs that are still active. Although smaller than most gangs. They are known to have violent members.

  17. YungShadow

    Hkb bunch foos live in million dollar homes.wanna act hard n st seen too much menace 2 society. Esp chr1s y@ng dat poser as wangsta

  18. 1226

    J03 Ch@ng claims 2 be hkb banger n foo has a pastoral degree from biola all while he was “bangin” and “acting hard” LMFAO just tells u what these wangsta kids r about


    Suckings. Blacks up for protection in pin or jail

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