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To Admins and Moderators

Postby @1 » March 11th, 2005, 1:38 pm

I want to try to limit the numbe of deleted posts on the forum, so I am implementing a new policy. When there are a significant number of posts off topic of the original message, close that string. No matter how good it was lock it.

Post the last message and say something like, "this topic is closed becasue it is off topic. Feel free to start it up again" . Then if you want to save time, on the next line of the post type -close- and it will automatically lock the topic.

Now if there is only one ot two posts off the topic, you can delete that one, but if there are more, just lock the string. This should also save you time from deleting.

This way, we will always have a record of who did what and who said what, when there are question. Thanks.
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