Quality of VIP sections

Please read this first before continuing!!! Read this before asking for access to the VIP sections
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Quality of VIP sections

Unread postby alexalonso » April 5th, 2005, 12:33 pm

I believe that the VIP sections are much better than just having a bunch of random people running through the forums. there are almost 5,000 registered users here and there is no way that i would let all those people in there. I think there are less than 400 people in VIP, but that might be too much. In an effort to keep the VIP at the utmost quality, I would like to know who had diminshed the quality. Someone who brings BS to the board, inaccuarate info, and idiotic questions. I dont get a chance to read every post, but let me know where i need to do clean up. thanks

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