What's ur definition of a fake gang ? Is there such a thing as a fake gang ?

Discuss general Black gangs in Los Angeles County which include Bloods, Crips, Hustlers, Crews and Independent groups in Los Angeles County here.
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What's ur definition of a fake gang ? Is there such a thing as a fake gang ?

Unread post by HEADHUNNAGANGX4 » January 23rd, 2018, 3:42 pm

In my opinion a fake gang or fake gang member is someone who is not loyal to what they say they are , like if someone bangs Crip one day and blood the next day , that's a fake banger , but if someone bangs a gang for years non stop how can he be called fake ? If he's willing to die and kill and fight for what he claims and he's not copying anyone how is he fake

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Re: What's ur definition of a fake gang ? Is there such a thing as a fake gang ?

Unread post by LionTheOracle » January 23rd, 2018, 9:26 pm

I don't think it can be defined really. But what I can say is I've seen many chased out their own hood by their own gang. I've seen many get into a lot of turmoil with their own gang still to have support from a few from their gang and they stick out. I can't define that. If gangabanging is wrong and they say you should do the wrong thing right you don't really have a lot of single perspectives. The need for a gang quickly resolves itself and it's purpose dissolves.

I've known plenty of rapist gang members from their gang still supported.
I've known thieves, liars, extortionist every angle reality that can be thrown at you in the gangs and supported endlessly because of their devotion to that gang.

I abandoned the whole concept of being in a gang because I could find no values worth adopting and preserving. I saw no reason to preserve a gang when it was in it was my interest to find another concept to promote and be a stern representative of. No gang served the neighborhood it occupied, they promoted all forms of activity that destroyed the fabric of the community the protested to represent. I lived on the East Side, and I lived on the West Side. I went to 5 different L.A. High Schools and I saw the same thing in every circumstance.

Each gang claimed to be the enemy of the black communities enemies and in some way just exploited the black communities vulnerabilities. In my last year I tried to scrape together some idea that a gang could have a positive purpose but I could non the less have no say in what a serial killer mentally broken man from that same gang could do or not do. The barriers were endless and all I could say is well I know what I will do and won't do and even that was challenged.

So naturally I don't know if there is a such thing is a fake gang, or gang member as both concepts are defined by the person using the term and no one accepts the definition prompted by another. A gang is a broad term that's loosely coupled with togetherness, but it's all about what you do when you're together. Do promote de-escalation or do you promote revenge. Do you promote building ethics or do you promote exploitation and extortion? Do you promote mental health or do you promote recklessness? Do you promote productivity, or do you promote depravity?

There has to be an idea that we have which isn't a form of anarchy and primitivism but can be retained and established and constitutionalized. There has to be a code of laws that we can structure a revolution behind which documents a sovereignty. It has to be worth more than money. It has to be more obligating than a contract. It has to age better than a tree, and it has to more meaningful than life itself.

Every gang I know at this point is a desperate compromise to suppress fear. But when you're no longer afraid you want a more permanent remedy, something to utilize that newly acquired confidence. But unfortunately we don't have the wisdom or education to apply that confidence more effectively. So it's wasted, and it's distorted into unfocused gallivant.

We owe it to ourselves to gain a much larger since of purpose, retain critical function as leaders and preparation for leadership. Seek new prospects, and obtain custody of our own narrative. Instead we fall into the narrative prepared for us by fate. Every moment of our lives is critical and filled with possibility, we should make good on it and try molding destiny so far out of box that it must be allowed and it must be respected.

We surely can't respect omission, can we?

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Re: What's ur definition of a fake gang ? Is there such a thing as a fake gang ?

Unread post by bgcasper » January 24th, 2018, 7:15 pm

bro i have a different concept my gang is my tribe my family we did evolve to the point of being totally positiv and peacefull lovin brotherhood were we look after each others i never quit my gang i just brang it with me ..but during the plane trip i did let all the guns drugs jealusy hate envy at the plane door ..just took love loyalty honesty and brotherhood in thailand were we continu to claim what we claim but under the benidiction of god s love ...some peopel start bangin because they had no money some because they had no strength ..most us had family drama and was lookin for real brothers ...and we found each others because thats what we were lookin for and we are not readyy to give that up ..

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