US Boys in Compton

Many neighborhoods can not maintain themselves with the level of competition. They may get pulled into other neighborhoods or they just fade out. Only discuss those areas from LOS ANGELES that are gone.
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US Boys in Compton

Unread postby alexalonso » November 13th, 2018, 4:48 pm

A groups of kids in Compton during the early 1970s that eventually turned into Crips under Mack Thomas and Head Honcho.

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Re: US Boys in Compton

Unread postby bgcasper » November 27th, 2018, 8:48 pm

og devil benson jones dip one of adc main ooog was the founder of us boys and the gang was mostly made of member of what will become adcc sscc and even lpp ..the us boys started cool with luedders park hustler until a speciafic party when us boys sided for a crips against pirus ...than at the same era i would say round 1974 the boys home in adcc was full of og crips like batman davis or tookie williams and next thing you know most of us boys and people livin in that south east cpt area had to turn ..the us boys was not forced in they actually had a beef with the pirus so they naturally turned crips ...grandee or occ cuzz would get the kellys the pannes and us boys to turn crips ... the occ at that time i think they was still bangin occ or grandees and had members all over west cpt specially grandee boothill over to spookttown mid town than after the piru went back at the us boys over that party beefs they had a meeting and it went all bad ..the us boys splitted in two ... us boys that would side piru would become lpp and the us boys that turned crips would create sscc adcc 1974 i think grandees project got shot down and police pushed the og cc out of their pj so they actually spread all over even centerview was turned crips during that era

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