Langdon Street 13

Thousands have been killed in the conflict that has been taken place in Los Angeles during the last couple of decade. Post dead homies from gangs in the 88 cities within Los Angeles County.
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Langdon Street 13

Unread post by yoda100 » July 16th, 2019, 2:37 am

Nathan "Casper" Trejo, 15, - shot & killed in a drive by shooting on November 3, 1990. Trejo was at a party, when he walked out on the street, a car pulled up, the occupants shouted, "Valerio Street!". Casper fired first, but his gun jammed, the occupants in the car returned fire, Trejo was hit by the gunfire and died at the scene.
Woody - stabbed to death by a drunk person in the 90s.
Crazy - killed himself playing russian roulette in the 90s.
Blanca - shot in the mouth by a rival gang, she died at the scene.
Chato - shot & killed in a drive by shooting on a sunday morning while walking to church in the 90s.
Leon - shot & killed in the 90s.
Gordo - shot & killed in the 90s.
Downer - shot & killed in the 90s.
Joker - shot & killed in the 90s.
Peenut - shot & killed in the 90s.
John "Skrappy" Aguilar, 25, - Leader of the Langdon gang, he moved out of the neighborhood to leave the gangster life, landing a 25$ an hour construction job. He went back to Orion Avenue to visit friends. It was just bad luck that a rival gang member just happened to drive up and shot him in the throat.
Carmen - girlfriend of Casper, she was shot & killed in a drive by shooting in the 90s
Salvador Saldana, 23, - shot & killed by rival gang members as he tried running into an apartment complex in the 8700 block of Orion Avenue.
La Midget - R.I.P
Lil Boy - shot & killed.

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