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DJ Quik

Unread post by Qdawg » February 3rd, 2007, 6:25 pm

David Martin Blake (born January 18, 1970), better known as DJ Quik, is a West Coast rapper and record producer from Compton, California. In September 2005, DJ Quik released his first independent album on his own new label, Mad Science. Over the years, Quik has produced a variety of music from gangsta rap to R&B, but every production has had a signature touch.

As a teen he took up an affiliation with the Tree Top Piru Bloods, hence why his name is spelled Quik with the C conspicuously missing ("c" standing for crip). He grew up without a father and moved out of his mother's home when he was only 17. He lived in the house as the only male with 8 sisters. His home life was far from stable as he raps in a song that one of his sisters was selling drugs to one of his other sisters. He began selling homemade mixtapes (like "The Red Tape", 1987) after he received a turntable for his 9th grade graduation and then began doing shows DJing around Southern California when he moved out. He signed to Profile Records in the summer of 1990, reportedly as the label's first six figure signee. Not only could he write his own songs, he could produce as well.

His debut album, "Quik Is the Name" was led by the success of two top 20 R&B singles, "Tonite" and "Born and Raised in Compton." "Tonite" even charted on the pop charts. The album ended up reaching 10th on the album charts. None of his successive albums reached the success of his debut, though they have been well received in California, particularly his 1998 release "Rhythm-al-ism." On "Safe + Sound" appears "Dollaz + Sense," which was a diss track to Compton rapper and member of the rival Tragniew Park Compton Crips, MC Eiht. Today, Quik is on good terms with MC Eiht.

Quik made a name for himself during the early-mid '90's, taking cues from Dr. Dre/Death Row Records and Above the Law with records in the G-Funk style. He was chiefly inspired by artists such as Roger Troutman (who even taught him the use of the talkbox, which became a trademark for Quik's sound throughout his career up to 2005, when he then stated he was retiring the talkbox out of respect to Roger) and George Clinton.

Throughout his career, Quik has collaborated with and produced for artists including 2Pac ("Heartz of Men"), Janet Jackson ("All For You"), Snoop Dogg ("Doin' Too Much"), Talib Kweli ("Put It In The Air"), Whitney Houston ("Fine"), Adina Howard "((Freak) And U Know It)", Kurupt ("Can't Go Wrong"), E-40 ("Quarterbackin' [DJ Quik remix]"), Jay-Z ("Justify My Thug"), Jadakiss ("Shine"), Xzibit ("Sorry I'm Away So Much"), Ludacris ("Spur of the Moment"), Chingy ("Bagg Up"), Roscoe ("Get Flipped"), Dr. Dre, 2nd II None, Hi-C, Suga Free 8 Ball & MJG ("Buck Bounce"), Eazy-E and others.

Though he is only credited for producing "Heartz of Men" on 2Pac's acclaimed All Eyez on Me (in the credits he used his real name, David Blake, because Profile did not allow him to use his stage name) he also did additional production and mixed half the album. In 2002, he produced Truth Hurts' Top 10 pop hit "Addictive". Quik used an uncleared Hindi sample on the record, and the copyright holders eventually filed a $500 million dollar lawsuit against Truth Hurts' label, Aftermath Entertainment. Quik also produced and appeared on another track on Truth Hurts' debut LP, Truthfully Speaking, entitled "I'm Not Really Lookin."

Quik faced personal and professional tragedy when his close friend and protegé Mausberg was murdered on the 4th of July, 2000. Mausberg was robbed in the street and left for dead with gunshots to the chest. This was compounded by the death of his best friend Daryl Reed soon after.

Following his 2000 album, "Balance & Options", he was dropped by Arista Records which in 1998 had bought Profile Records. In 2002 he released Under the Influence. In September 2005, DJ Quik released his first independent album on his own new label, Mad Science Recordings, which was supposed to be distributed by Warner Bros but Quik was forced to leave Time Warner and so he signed his Mad Science with Fontana/Universal. The album is titled "Trauma" and reflects the turmoil in the producer's life over the past few years. He than released "Trauma: Instrumentals". In recent years he has worked with a 74 piece orchestra during a collaboration with Marcus Miller while working on the score to the movie "Head of State."

On June 28, 2006, DJ Quik began a five-month stint in jail for assaulting his sister. He surrendered in Fontana Superior Court a week before to begin his sentence. The incident occurred in 2003 when he pulled a gun on his sister during a family argument, according to police reports. DJ Quik was released in October and came back on working on a DJ Quik & AMG collaboration album he was already working on before going to jail. During the last days of the year DJ Quik and AMG released the single "Can You Work With That". The album, entitled "Midnight Life", is going to be released in 2008.

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I don't think they know, they too crazy for their own good
They need to stop watchin that "colors" and "boyz in the hood"

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"Tell me why you act so scary givin yo set a Bad name with ya misspelled name E.I.H.T now shall I continue yeah you left out the G kuz the G aint in You" LMAO :twisted: . He was 2 ruff 4 8

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1 0f the best

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