Rappers giving money to slain 6 year old girl

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Rappers giving money to slain 6 year old girl

Unread post by lachica69 » September 16th, 2013, 11:26 am

The artcle below tell of the Game and Snoop giving money to the family of Tiana who was killed a few weeks ago. I think thats great that they both want to help, because it probably hits home to them since they too have kids. I know people grow up and change, and that's great. But, really these two don't really have a good track record to being the best role model to the people who look up to them. Should I not think about the stuff they rap about, The Game very violent, and Snoop with his drug and criminal records. I dont want to but it does bother me that now they want to help people who are victims of crime, but in reality they have contributed to the wayward kind of life that these young men live. The Game and Snoop are role models regardless if they see it that way or not. I just makes me upset that NOW they want to help. Read the article below. Am i being to hard on them or should I just chuck it as people change.

Snoop Lion known to us all as Snoop Dog has also been touched by the senseless fatal shooting of 6 year old Tiana Ricks. Little Tiana was killed by gunfire just outside the home of a family member who lived in Moreno Valley.

Obviously, this senseless crime hits home to a lot of people, even to rap artists like the Game. Once he read about the tragic event, The Game went to Twitter some days ago and vented to his audience how sad this story was. Then, he gave 10K to Tiana’s family to help in the cost of her funeral.

Snoop, a fellow West Coast rap artist did the same thing. He came out and made a donation of an undisclosed amount of money to Tiana’s family, according to the LA Times. Snoop said “Little 6-year-old girls are not supposed to die from a gunshot,”.

Snoop has spoken out against gun violence before after the U.S. Senate defeated a bipartisan measure to pose background checks for U.S. gun sales back in April of this year.

“From the mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown, to gang violence in the streets and murders in our own backyards, too many tears are being shed, too many young lives are being cut short,” Snoop continued. “We need to come together to change this.”

With his #NoGunsAllowed movement, which he launched this year. Snoop has been a vocal advocate of anti-gun violence.”Tiana’s loss reminds us of the urgent work we still have left to do,” he said.

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