Detroit: Execution style shooting was drug/gang-related

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Detroit: Execution style shooting was drug/gang-related

Unread postby Christina Marie » December 5th, 2005, 6:59 am

Police: Shooting was drug-related

Farmington Hills chief says Southfield man's death is result of turf war between rival gangs.

David G. Grant / The Detroit News

The execution-style slaying Friday in Farmington Hills of a Southfield man, who also was critically wounded in another shooting four months ago, is believed to be the result of a turf war between rival drug gangs, a police official said Sunday.

Farmington Hills Police Chief Bill Dwyer said two gunmen attacked Kerry Arnett Beatty, 41, outside a friend's apartment at the Village Green Apartments at 14 Mile and Haggerty and chased him to his vehicle, where they killed him.

Dwyer said the slaying about 9 p.m. Friday outside his vehicle was drug-related and apparently connected to his Aug. 6 shooting in Detroit, where Beatty was shot five times outside a club on Plymouth Road in Detroit. Police have no suspects in that shooting, either.

"This was a hit and execution-style slaying," Dwyer said.

"Beatty was a known drug dealer, and (there) appears to have been fighting with other drug factions in the Detroit area over territorial rights," he said.

As Beatty was leaving a friend's apartment Friday night, two men rushed at him from some bushes, shooting at him, Dwyer said.

"Beatty ran through the building as the two gunmen fired between 15 and 20 shots from a 9-mm and a .45-caliber (handguns) at him," said Dwyer.

Dwyer said Beatty circled around and tried to get back to his vehicle but was shot in an arm and the buttocks and fell.

"Once on the ground, one of the gunmen walked over to him and fired one shot into the victim's head," said Dwyer. Both gunmen dropped their weapons and escaped.

"We are looking for at least three people, the two gunmen and a driver of the getaway vehicle," said Dwyer.

Investigators said they found $140,000 in cash in shoeboxes during the search.

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Unread postby Comatose » December 6th, 2005, 3:43 am

Wonder how much was really in that shoebox.

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