Operation "Chekan" nabs 15 people in Gostivar

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Operation "Chekan" nabs 15 people in Gostivar

Unread postby Dobre » December 10th, 2014, 1:25 pm

A 19 person group from Gostivar has been dismantled today by Macedonian police forces. The group was involved in loan sharking, extortion and money laundering and took advantage of people who were in a bad financial situation. The group included 4 lawyers and 1 mafia enforcer from Skopje. It's said that the group began their operations in 2008 and that their whole idea was to get legal ownership over the extorted person's real estate or cars, where the victims would sign a document giving ownership over to the lawyers. The group used tactics that were initially verbal and then escalated into physical altercations and beatdowns. The group gave out their loans for an interest rate from 8 to over 20 percent a month. The financial police was able to uncover over 800,000 Euros worth of laundered money, but they suspect up to 2 million Euros and 450,000 US dollars might have been laundered by the group during it's operations through dozens of bank accounts. During the police action this morning, one of the group members opened fire at the police but was quickly subdued and taken into custody. During the raids, the police seized 20 luxury cars, 43,000 Euros in cash, 12,000 Swiss francs, 240,000 Macedonian denars, 4 handguns, a hunting rifle, knives, telephones and SIM cards. Police are still looking for two people in Macedonia, as well as two more other people who are believed to have fled the country. The group is expected to undergo trial for affiliation to a criminal organization, extortion, money laundering, loan sharking, forgery, as well as use of documents with falsified information.

http://sitel.com.mk/chekan-udri-vo-gost ... aa-15-lica

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