Police operation "Mountain" nabs 29 people across Macedonia

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Police operation "Mountain" nabs 29 people across Macedonia

Unread postby Dobre » December 21st, 2014, 7:41 am

http://sitel.com.mk/vo-policiskata-akci ... aveni-lica

It has to do with lumber trafficking, currently there's 19 charges filed so far, and they seized about 125 cubic meters of various types of firewood. The illegal forestry industry is rampant in Macedonia, since alot of people use one of those old school shitty wood stoves to heat themselves since spending money for gas, solar or electric heating is too expensive. Every winter there's at least 10 cases on the news where they nab a bunch of people for scams relating to the distribution of firewood, sometimes people pay in advance and never get any wood delivered to their house. 3-4 cubic meters of wood usually cost about 50 Euros, I think. Also, because Macedonia is a small country, there's a lack of forests and of course they're protected by the Forestry Police. Lumber is scarce, but it's in high demand. Of course, that's why students all around Macedonia got out of high schools and were able to plant over 5 million new trees a couple years ago. Also, hunting animals with an AK47 is punishable by several years in prison, as I learned from my cousin, but that's irrelevant, I just thought it would be fun to share. :D If anyone is actually reading these posts anymore, of course.

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