NC: Attack May Have Been Gang Initiation

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NC: Attack May Have Been Gang Initiation

Unread postby Christina Marie » May 30th, 2006, 10:54 pm

Police: Attack May Have Been Gang Initiation
By Gilbert Baez

(05/30/06 -- FAYETTEVILLE) - Fayetteville police are investigating whether a violent attack on an elderly couple was part of a gang intia

It has been a week since two men barged into Faye Moore's home in College Lakes.

"When he got in, he stuck the gun in my face and said, 'I'll kill you. I want money,'" Moore said.

The suspects tied up Moore and her husband, Ray, and ransacked their home. They stuffed Ray Moore into the trunk of the family car and put Faye Moore in the backseat.

Four suspects have been arrested, including a 15-year-old. One of the suspects is a known gang member.

Investigators have an eerie feeling about the home invasion and kidnapping. It reminds them of a 1998 gang initiation case. Seven Fayetteville gang members were convicted of murdering two exotic dancers and seriously wounding the manager of a fast-food restaurant. The used bullets painted with blue fingernail polish, using a color the symbolized their gang.

Fayetteville police are checking to see if last week's home invasion and kidnapping were gang-related.

"Clearly I wouldn't rule that out. You have to ask yourself, why?" said Fayetteville Police Lt. Alex Thompson. "If they got what they need, why do they want to take two elderly people for a car ride, so to speak?"

Police are checking to see if the suspects may be connected to other crimes in the area. ... id=4220082

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