300 Burglaries In Memphis and Shelby County in One Week

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300 Burglaries In Memphis and Shelby County in One Week

Unread postby Oaktown_G » August 24th, 2006, 6:21 pm

On average, for the last week, there have been 44 burglaries a day. Bad guys are breaking into homes by prying open burglar bars, air conditioning cages and cutting wires to security systems.

Here is a breakdown of this weeks " hotspots". During the last 7 days there were 36 home break in's in 38127 zip code. 20 burglaries in 38116, and 17 in 38109. The zip codes with the fewest burglaries: 38103: 1 38028: 1, 38017 :1

If someone breaks into your home, chances are the police will not catch the thieves. The Memphis Police clearance rate last year was 10 %.

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