VT: Graffiti could mean gangs

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VT: Graffiti could mean gangs

Unread postby Christina Marie » December 5th, 2005, 4:02 am

Police: Graffiti could mean gangs

December 5, 2005

BENNINGTON — Town police are concerned that a proliferation of graffiti could mean that rival gangs are operating in the community.

The letters "GMB," for Vermont's famous Green Mountain Boys, have been painted in large green letters on several buildings around town.

The letters SS, painted often in yellow and thought to stand for south side, have also been found on businesses in the community.

At the former Mount Anthony Union Middle School building, GMB is painted on the wall as are other expressions such as "LA," "CT," "Patterson City" and "AKA Slick."

Police said there appeared to be two groups or individuals painting graffitti on area businesses and buildings

Bennington Detective Larry W. Cole said he was worried by the volume and similarities of the vandalism.

"This is the first time we have seen what appears to be a pattern," said Cole.

"We're trying to determine the validity of the possible forming of a gang," said Cole.

"We have heard rumors of a couple of individuals that are interested or maybe trying to recruit," said Cole.

Even if gangs aren't behind he graffiti, the vandalism is still a serious issue, said Cole.

Cole said parents should take notice if their children start displaying behavior associated with gang membership, such as wearing certain colors, symbols or styles.


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Unread postby Comatose » December 6th, 2005, 5:44 am

I think that if their biggest concern is some grafitti being tagged up then they obviously dont have a gang problem.

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