There has been an increase in gang and youth groups in many Western European cities that have seen an influx of immigrants. There is also a significant organized crime coming from Eastern Europe In this section discuss Austria [Österreich], Denmark [ Danmark], England, France [FRANSS], Finland, Germany [Deutschland], Greece [Ελληνική, Elliniki], Ireland, Italy [italiana], Netherlands [Nederland], Norway [Norge], Rossiyskaya], Scotland, Spain [España] Sweden [Sverige] and the UK including any place on the Western European continent.
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Discuss anything about Western European street gangs and organized crime.
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Re: France

Unread post by Manso » September 30th, 2009, 5:02 pm

bgcasper wrote:true but a project is a project and a compton crips in rios favelas can be real ... i mean i knew a guy he sent me pics and they was like 100 deep with guns in a big housing project all dressed the same , but you have half black and half i think arabic or algerian people ...they claim south cide paris they even have a cd out with big dedication to compton lololol
i don't know if they 4 real but they look like real project kids who are claimin' a hood ... to me i got no opinion ,i'm just happy to have a place were i ll be welcome in europe lololol
Look @ buster ass baby gaysta casper actin like he wasn't from france LOL

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Re: France

Unread post by karim » July 12th, 2011, 6:28 am

I've been livin' in France my whole life, and i've never heard about crips nor bloods... That even makes me laught ! But french projects are way far from a child garden, trust me... When you get a knife in your stomic, it don't matter if it's fraom a real G or the firts bad ass to come, don't cha think ??? LOL

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