Conforming to the ‘status quo’

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Conforming to the ‘status quo’

Unread post by 'X' » May 14th, 2007, 9:06 am

Conforming to the ‘status quo’
By A.S.A

Knowing when it is not okay to accept the lie

The world we live in is full of lies: Lies about war. Lies about peace. Lies about wealth and abundance. Lies about poverty.

We seem to turn our heads at the slightest deviations to the social norm. What society says is okay, we say is okay. What society says is wrong, we chime right in. The world is now one big twist box as the pied pipers and spin masters twist us on everything from the environment, to religion, from the “good life” to poverty. We take without giving back. What we do give is not equal to what we take. Political correctness is simply mocking popular thought without giving consideration to the consequences of our actions. It is not until we get to a point of no return, that we finally say, “That is not okay”?

Take the war, for example. Every other nation is pulling troops out of Iraq while we are sending more troops to Iraq, and calling it our withdrawal strategy. We, as a nation, shouldn’t be okay with this. Take Global warming as another example—the United States has continually refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty to reduce its carbon monoxide emissions. Yet, now that Al Gore has put global destruction right in front of our faces, everyone from Hilary Clinton to Arnold Schwarzenegger is now on the “Save the World” bandwagon.

It seems disingenuous for the nation to know its role as a global polluter, but sit back and have greater empathy with the profiteers—the automakers, the oil companies and those who resist gas conversion and fuel efficiency programs.

And how about the pharmaceutical companies, who now have a medicine to manage HIV/AIDS, but refuse to make it cost effective? We seem, as a society, to be alright with all of this. Maybe because we think stepping out of the norm isn’t politically correct. Well, when has being politically correct been about being right, or doing what was just? Maybe it is time we recognized what we are doing to ourselves. It is okay to say, “This is not okay; We can do better.”

Conforming to those things that we know is not okay is corrupting the world and corrupting ourselves as watchdogs in society.

Our biggest challenge, however, is the lie we tell about poverty in America and poverty in the world. America has all the means in the world to make a big dent in poverty. The rich continue to get richer, the poor continue to get poorer, and the politically correct continue to become blind.

It was the artist, Prince, who stated what we all should know—that there are two types of people in the world: Those who give and those who take. How can we continue to allow so few to take from so many? And why is it that we don’t give more, when we know to whom much is given, much is required? The United States of America should be leading the fight to eradicate poverty, global warming and war, for that matter.

At the cost of sounding “preachy,” it seems we cannot escape our realities when we cannot speak to our realities. That’s where we are now. A world we can save—but don’t want to. A war we could end—but don’t want to. A world we could cure of AIDS—but don’t want to. A world we can feed—but don’t want to.

We get tired of hearing about the problems of the world, and acting like nothing can be done about them. We can’t continue to “fake the funk”; we can’t continue to be silent on critical questions. We have to ask questions that may not be politically correct, but challenge political neglect. War is political neglect. AIDS is political neglect. Poverty is political neglect. It can all be addressed if there is political will to do so—and a conscious will to speak to it. If we continue to believe our destiny isn’t tied to the realities of others, then our global circumstances will continue to deteriorate. This is not okay. And we must say, loud and clear: The condition of the world is not okay. The condition of the poor is not okay. This war is not okay. This society’s silence on the real injustices of the world today—political correctness—is not okay.

So, how do we change it? Not by conforming to the status quo. Political correctness has led us backwards. It is time to see the world as it is, and say what we see. Then, speak on it.

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good post bruh.

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