From tagging to piecing to gang graffiti. Also Discuss tattoo topics here.
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Postby sickside » April 21st, 2010, 11:42 am

i remember stk in the east side..some got in MV and some got in VNE dont know how that happen but it happen..and CHAOS crew..those fools tryed to tag all up in MMV and got kick out real and DPG tryed to tag all in MMV hood too and t he same shit happen some of DPG got in KAM and last time i heard DPG is trying to turn into a gang in the east side, dont know where or what happen with that tho..and LSD always hit up in DOWNTOWN back in the days(mid 90's)..

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Postby mobhistorybuff » April 24th, 2011, 8:07 am

This is a subject i must repy to all the braffiti crews mentioned are new jack graff vrews and not real graff artists for the most part graffiti was not a gang thing it started on the nyc transit system and the goal for ever writer was to get fame from getting up as much as they can , then groups of guys who wrote together started forming crews so other writers knew they were all in the same pact not for violence but for fame like i said and now i will mention some real graffiti crews that made graffit what it is ,all new york train crews because thats what real graff was in the 70's ,,80's ,,now days alot of nyc writers have made comebacks doing legal walls and canvases but let me name some real deal graffiti crews from the real era of nyc graffiti , TF5 THE FAB 5 === UA UNITED ARTISTS == = EX VANDALS = = = NSA NON STOP ACTION = = = BYB BAD YARD BOYS == TMB == TOP== RTW ==TD=== CIA== TST== FC=== TC5===TBK== CAC==MOG==TR THE REBELS == BTS == GND== GOD==TATS==BYI==AOW==KRT==TNR==VIC==TPA==KOG==TNP==WR==MPC==3YB==6YB==TYS==DOG==TLS==TM7==TM5==156==357==ACID WRITERS == AND THERE ARE SO MANY MORE ALSO NOTE THERE ARE ALOT OF CREWS THAT CAME OUT IN THE 90'S AND AFTER USING THE SAME LETTERS AS THESE ORIGINAL CREWS SO NOTE EVERY CREW I MENTIONED CAME OUT IN THE 70'S AND 80'S AGAIN THEY ALL CAME OUT IN THE 1970'S AND 1980 'S BUT THERE HAS BEEN A TON OF IMPOSTERS WHO TOOK NAMES AND STARTED GENERIC FORMS OF THE REAL CREWS IN THE 1990'S AND AFTERWARDS AS WELL , GRAFFITI WAS THE NYC SUBWAY SYSTEM AND HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH GANG AND GANG VIOLENCE THAT IS NOT WHAT GRAFF WAS OR IS ABOUT GANGS USED IT TO TAG THERE HOODS TERRITORYS BUT NEVER MISTAKE THAT FROM REAL GRAFFITI , YOU CAN FIND PLENTY OF BOOKS NOW DAYS THAT CAN FURTUE EDUCATE YOU ON THE SUBJECT AT YOUR BARNS AND NOBLES . PEACE AND HAPPY EASTER ..

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Postby LAResident » May 15th, 2016, 1:33 pm

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