Death Row coming to CSP-SAC

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Death Row coming to CSP-SAC

Unread postby Christina Marie » October 12th, 2005, 6:57 am

According to the Penal Code...Death Row will also be housed at CSP-SAC; Section 3600-3607. (1) :
A condemned inmate who, while in prison, commits any of the following offenses, or who, as a member of a gang or disruptive group, orders others to commit any of these offenses, may, following disciplinary sanctions and classification action at San Quentin State Prison, pursuant to regulations established by the Department of Corrections, be housed in secure condemned housing designated by the Director of Corrections, at the California State Prison, Sacramento:
(A) Homicide.
(B) Assault with a weapon or physical force capable of causing serious or mortal injury.
(C) Escape wtih force or attempted escape with force.
(D) Repeated serious rules violations that substantially threaten safety or security.
(2) The condemned housing program at California State Prison, Sacramento, shall be fully operational prior to the transfer of any condemned inmate

ad infinitum...the process and protocol is already legislated.

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