Fallen Homies of San Diego

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Fallen Homies of San Diego

Unread post by cursed » May 27th, 2019, 1:20 pm

Droopy - South Side Diablos, 1992 (shot by rivals)
Gangsta Ern - Southside 5/9 Brims, 1992 (killed during dope rip)
Bulldog - Shelltown 38th Street, 1993 (shot by rivals)
Lil Gizmo - Otay, 2008 (shot by rivals)
Necio, Sidro, 2013 (killed by police)
Looney Tunes - Imperial Dukes, 2013 (shot - mistaken for a rival)
Spanks - Insane Family, 2017 (killed in car accident)
Snaps - OTNC Insane Boys, 2017 (shot - not gang related)

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