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Unread post by XXTRA MANNISH » February 7th, 2004, 8:12 pm


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Unread post by 2%SODA » February 11th, 2004, 7:24 pm

e-40's that muthafucka like oooooo-ugghh

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Unread post by mr. chill » February 15th, 2004, 6:17 pm

E-40 has been around for a long time and is a very well respected MC. HE is known for his own high pitched original style, and inventeing new slang, HE is from Vallejo CA, Magazine st to be exact.

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Unread post by THALOCPASADENA » March 22nd, 2004, 10:03 am

$999,999 + $1 = A Mealticket Lyrics

Huh? Want me to speak the real?

Speak the real man

Nigga speak the real
Speak the real
Speak the real
Speak the real
Speak the real

It's a quarter after nine on my AM FM
Radio Shack digital motel six o?clock alarm reads
"40, get your ass up, time to hit the grind
You can't afford to pass no money I know you heard about that"
What, what? "Task raided Millersville Ms. Miller had a heart attack"
Dude, that's some cold shit, ain't it huh?
I know, she was a good person for certain I know
V-Town, California where I was born, raised and grown
And since 1979 I been a hustler on the go
You know the drill, my mission for real, a mealticket
You feel, we slowly but surely approachin seven digits
Figurines, sticky doo-hicky and angel dust
Mescaline, niggas know better than fuck with us
I'm pimped out flossin in Reno in the casino
Big bid, fuckin off feddie I could've put down on a crib
I does that, I do, rejuvenate, redeem
Take a lose, take a lose
Don't make a scene
Nigga charge it to the triple beam
Fuck the stress
I let that orange box of baking soda do the rest
Holler at my neighborhood chef, Raul
Known for cloning chickens and turning one into two
That's what he do for a living
That's all he's used to
Playtex rubber dishwashing gloves and residue, Biotch!!!!

BS ain't nothin
You see we gone keep this thuggin
and mean muggin jump until it's a done deal
You see E-40 and Sick Wid It bring the real nothin but
What if I bring this back down?
You gots to be about it or be without it

Be about it or without it
Ay, you know what? I smell you on that playboy, look
We fin to run down a a whole tac on these bitch ass niggaz
Niggas ain't smellin this shit
We do this shit

Last night I slapped a bitch upside her dome
With my faulty phone
That heifer's tired
She tried to slash my tire
Caught me in the bed with her cousin Tanji
From the track
She use to hold my sack
I use to dick her down way back in 86
She use to look just like a skank
But now that bitch got a ass, tits, body and boy that bich is bad
For what it's worth, the pussy smelled like Certs
Victoria's Secret
Now folks just remember I never said I thought about lickin pussy
I said I never thought about eatin
Keepin it and treatin it nice
Fuck that I'm a hog
I put it down, I'm from the hood
Where I live, on the outskirts
And down on the tuck in the cut
In Clemente Apartments man
I'm a baller so you know I ain't got shit in my name
I'm strictly ghetto celebrity, niggaz get buried
Ready for combat if you plottin and plannin
Oh if you come for me and confiscate my dough
Let the buzzer be the bail
But my suggestion is to stay within your envelope
I'm block to block, swingin on vines
Community service, put up stop signs


Uhhh!!! Hold the fuck on!!
Did you or did you not tell these niggaz to stay within they envelope?
Sheeit, these timers are green to the game
They ain't know nothin about these tramps
six bedroom flats and gettin dealt and held a hand across the mat
You see we from the Yay where we control they minds
and put these hoes on the grind

Ain't got to but I still touch it
Went to the Seven Eleven picked up a traders book and bought a bucket
Use to have a perm bigger than the Charlotte Hornets
But I had to cut that bitch off cause see your patna had warrant
That I ain't even handled yet although I'm havin cake
The little homie from the hood want me to put out his tape
He kinda tight too, remind me of The Click crew
Cause they was spittin that old high powered
Godzilla ballin guru ass type shit you
can relate to, wake to, 'scape to when it's sunny
Ride by, slide by, get at a honey
I know these streets like I know my dick
I can tell you who the nigga is that's about to get jacked
And the nigga that pulled the lick
I got this bitch on lock
999,999 plus a dollar in a safe deposit box
Marijuana crops still in this roster
Kilogram, coca leaf and morphien
What about my niggas in the 4-1-5
Look what they made
My niggaz in the city
They call it made
Top grade regeneration, uncut
Designer weed, straight hempilation, what the fuck

Sheit, sheit, sheit, sheit, sheit, sheit sheit, sheit...
Hell yeah, sheit!!
999,999 plus a dollar, plus a dollar man
plus a dollar, plus a dollar man equals a mealticket bitch
Sheit! Sheit!


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Middle Weight
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Unread post by THALOCPASADENA » March 22nd, 2004, 10:42 am

Record Haters Lyrics

(Cal Luv's intro)
Yo check it out.
Today we're here with basketball star Rasheed Wallace.
(Yo what up kid?)
From the... what, what, what team is that you play for again?
(Sshh. The Bullets man.)
Yea right, right.
So tell me Rasheed you know what I'm sayin,
this hip-hop thang an everythang goin on,
tell me, I mean, what, what's yo flavor?
(Yo check it out kid, I only like real hip-hop man,
the real shit. You know what I'm sayin. Redman, Wu-Tang,
you know what I'm sayin. I don't fool with the Goodie Mob's,
and I especially don't fool with them E-40's.)

Nigga what the fuck they GOOD fo? Nigga let's shoot fins
You got all the bread nigga, put up yo Benz
Nah-nah, can't do that - Why not? Ol skool trophy
somethin I done worked too hard fo, nigga quote me
yo swole bank rolls done turned to lil ol anarxins
get ready to pay the price ??? pee-wee no catchin
Who got change fo this brand new hundred?
Staight outta welfare
when I break you niggas I'm a have enough money, to buy a bare fare
spend about a half a hundred thousand
boost up my coins
preceed to spit mo supafly
than Donald Goins
this game is so damn hemrigin
that I be delivin
these niggas don't understand my shit
but they surrendurin
simmerin, rememberin things that, done jumped off
lyrics spit on niggas than a, a bad cough
messy hoes, got my name between they teeth
juss because... I'm from the WEST not the EAST
graduated from the dope game
phat ass wallets
What's that niggas name?
Rasheed Wallace!!
You gon' have to learn to respect yo elders mayne
I'm twomp bait nigga ain't no need for you to record hate
mind ya own, or ya own gon remind you
The Click will biatch!

Chorus: Big Lurch & E-40

Record Hatin bitches!
Suave game and snitches!
(Learn about it bitch!)
We should cease you from existance.
(That's right)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.
(Mutha fucka!)
Ya Record Hatin bitches
there's no way you could get with this
(Stick to basketball nigga!)
we should cease you from existance
niggas like that shouldn't be livin.

Got another muthafucka on my shit list
I'm a cut off his dick list
I mean my hit list
my rest in piss list
dude that be hangin around Nas
you know, gay baby
nigga said some negative shit about me up in a magazine called "
after watchin "New York Undercover" while I was, takin a shit
Kool Keith was on the front cover that's when I
that's when I spotted him
that nigga AZ tried to say that I don't deserve a platinum plaque
nigga I was sellin tapes out the trunk of my car
when you was runnin round drinkin Simalac
all up in yo fake ass videos (ok)
champagne an coffin full of skrill
nigga know damn well yo punk ass ain't got had no mills
I'm payin full nigga an I'll have yo head where ever you at
I'm straight fool nigga seem like someone shoulda been an told ya
that bring the yellow tape nigga, jungle full of asphalt
don't make no sense to talk that talk
if a nigga ain't gon' walk that walk
zip up yo lip befo' yo lip zip you up
I gives a fuck! Biatch!

It's major pain.
Nigga don't know a damn thang about me.
You mutha fuckas don't know nuttin bout no E-40 hoe!
Monkey mouthed biatch!


Record Hatin bitches!
Suave game and snitches!
(Learn about it bitch!)
We should cease you from existance.
(That's right)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.
(Shouldn't be livin.)
Ya Record Hatin bitches!
(Record Hatin bitches!)
there's no way you could get with this
We should cease you from existance
(V-Town bitch!)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.
(E'ry time)

When I first started off niggas had me fucked, muthafuckas was blind
in '89 that ol "Mr. Flamboyant" shit was way ahead of his time
had everyone an they great grandmas off that Carlos Rossi wine
was in a major label an business that uh didn't want us to shine
it was me an my potna from Suave House Records
Tony Draper, E-40, an The Click
8-Ball, an MJG gettin that independent paper
all about my ruh-uh-rap, uh-should I shine
beat a muthafucka uh-duh-down, e'ry time
40 get yo marbles man, get yo change
take a limosuine everywhere you go and fly private planes
that's what I was taught to do
by my big homie thou
you can always be a nigga,
but a nigga ain't rich til he can't count his money no mo'
over night sensation, never me
all you "Record Haters" got Ph.IV
my niggas 3X Krazy laced me
taught me how to say "fa sheezy"
told me that them AZ muthafuckas don't believe phat means greasy
we can shoot it out, or we can fight
You an Rasheeda wanna squash the funk?
Shoot me some peace bitch!


Record Hatin bitches!
(Record hatin bitches!)
Suave game and snitches!
(Suave game and snitches!)
We should cease you from existance.
(That's rich.)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.
Ya Record Hatin bitches
(Lil ol, biatch!)
There's no way you could get with this
(That's right.)
We should cease you from existance
(Learn about it.)
Niggas like that shouldn't be livin.
(That's right.)

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