Body builder Mac Trucc- former SS 43 Gangsta Crip

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Body builder Mac Trucc- former SS 43 Gangsta Crip

Unread post by TarHeelRED » January 12th, 2017, 10:32 pm

He's a competing professional bodybuilder. He currently lives in Gardena. He's the cat that's making rounds in the YouTube bodybuilding genre videos now, about him sucker punching Rich Piana @ a recent LA fitness expo (imo, he did, I seen the video). U can c that he still has a lil bit of that
Crip in him, b/c he spells his name w/o the CK, he uses ''CC''. I believe he's in his 40's. With that said, wasn't the SS 4 Trays near 1st St. on the East Side?
That would mean that his Blood rivals were those in the Bottoms area right- ES 20 O's, 30 & 40 Pirus & etc???? SS 43 ain't in that area anymore are they?

He's from SS 4Tray Gangsta Crip. He said it in the link provided, I think. I seen another video, where he said he had been locked up or arrested thrice, but he bailed out and never served no time (in his autobiography video). He doesn't rep the 43's like an active gangmember. In fact, he has a video of him in the gym getting ready 2 perform bent over rows, & jokes about him hating 2 do that exercise b/c when gripping the bar he has 2 form his fingers in the form of a B, upon grabbing the bar. He's flamed up btw when he says that. I thought it was a light hearted joke when he said it.

At one time, he was a natural body builder, but now he confesses 2 'roiding' up now 2 help him compete. I don't condone the use of roids, but from a bb or powerlifting perspective I've learned that roid usage isn't the main cause 4 bulking up & getting stronger. B/c if u just ingest the roids but don't lift, you get no gains. Moreover, roids aid in hastening of the muscle tissues repairing themselves after being slightly torn during lifting. That decreases the recovery time drastically 2 decrease soreness & enables 4 more frequent muscle training. Those bb that compete & use roids, bodybuilding is their life!!! I respect Mack Truck though, 4 admitting that steroids are apart of his bodybuilding regimen. Some bb's would have u thinking its just protein pwdrs, creatine, HGH, a lot of carbs & proteins, along w/ hitting the gym twice a day, as the only supplements & training they use. Kali Muscle from Oakland is 1 of those bb's. I think w/ him, his vascularity is a dead give away. He has protruding veins throughout his body & all he touts 4 his success is his Hyphy Mud & other supplements he uses.

He claims his set @ ca. the 13 min mark: Shopping on a budget & What's the best steroid stack:
-His YT page: ... gY0L9njRtA

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