Why i love music

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Why i love music

Unread post by annchriss234 » June 22nd, 2019, 1:37 am

I think that we all can agree that music is powerful and we love it. There are so many different ways people can express themselves through music. The different type of beats and melodies we hear tend to draw us into the mood we are feeling. Let's be honest: Driving down the road or wherever jamming to your favorite songs is such a free and happy feeling. See here to buy essays. There is nothing like draining out all your thoughts and worries by blasting a song. Tell me one person that doesn't listen to music when they work out. You always see the headphones in people's ears at the gym. Music can be one of the best motivators. You always put on a song that will help push you to your limit. I personally think that music is one of the best cures. There is a song for every emotion. Artists create music from what they feel. If you are an artist, you may write a song that tells why you got upset the other day. If you are feeling down there is music that will cheer you up or put you further into your feels.

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