Nice, non-gun, weapons to buy on amazon or ebay.

Discuss Asian and White gangs in Los Angeles County.
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Nice, non-gun, weapons to buy on amazon or ebay.

Unread post by WHUTZMACKINMOBSTA » November 10th, 2019, 4:54 pm

Tactical Tang Sword
Tactical Spear
Tactical Axe
Tactical Hammer
Combat Knife
Tactical Shield
Tactical Machete
Tactical Gladius
Stun Rod
Stun Gun
Mace/Pepper Spray
Brass Knucles
Throwing Knivess + throwing knife board for practice
Ninja Stars
Throwing Axes

Also some nice gear to buy on amazon and ebay too...

Black dickies dickies double knee workpants
black ben davis shirt
black proclub shirt
black plain hat
black plain beanie
black steel toe timberlands

black tactical vest
black tactical helmet
black tactical gas mask
black tactical face protector
black tactical elbow pads
black tactical knee pads
black tactical gloves
black locs sunglasses

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