Alfred "Blackie" Reginald Coward (1955 - 201?)

There is a rich history in our urban streets and many articles and documentaries are discussing these guys. Post your thoughts here about those O/Gs, Veteranos and other historical figures from the past.
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Alfred "Blackie" Reginald Coward (1955 - 201?)

Unread post by alexalonso » December 26th, 2020, 2:02 am

Alfred "Blackie" Coward admitted to participating in the murder of 7-11 clerk in Whittier in 1979, but he told police that he didn't pull the trigger and that it was Stanley "Tookie" Williams. He was given a deal by the State of California for his cooperation in that case, but after repeated criminal activity he was deported back to his native Canada in 1996, where in 1999 he committed a murder of an 80-year old man, caught on surveillance. He was sentenced to 12-years.

When arrested in 1999 for the murder, he denied his involvement, provided an alibi, and stated he was home with the flu, all lies. The video shows he brutally beat the 80 year old man and Blackie was 44-years old at the time.
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