135 Pirus (The Five)

135 Pirus [The Five] are a predominately African-American street gang near 135th between Main Street and Avalon. This neighborhood was formed around 1975 in unincorporated Los Angeles County in a small community between Compton to the east and Gardena to the west.

Deceased Members

  1. Bradley Kevin Phillips, 15 (July 5, 1961 – April 19, 1977), shot and killed by James “Red” McDaniels from Hoover Crips

92 Comments for “135 Pirus (The Five)”

    • steve

      What the fuck is a piru, is it like Pirates, or some shit? You dumb ass fucking wanksta’s ain’t shit. You dumb Motherfuckers need to get a job, set an example in the youth clean up the crime and drug scene. Help each other out. No you dumb bastards, want to shoot up each other for a crack and heroin. Fucking idiots. Now you got this dumb ass Chris brown hollaring some Piru pirates gay ass shit.. You are fucking idiots low lifes and dumb asses. Tell your mother and father they both suck dick for raising dumb ass kids like you .

      • parcc village baby gangsta

        How you bitch ass muthafucca gone tell somebody what they need to be doing you set and example since you know all the answers for a person….

    • 12 gauge

      stay up to alll my bloods homies love yall niggas you feel me



  2. nigga are you even blood nigga and im talkin about hussle lll

    • steve

      You illetrate ass Nigga, you wanna be gangsta, you Motherfuckers are ignorant. Tell your Mother and Dumb ass father to get off there broke as and be parents. Oh i’m going to kill you, what kind of example are you setting to the youth. If you stay out of jail, maybe you can be somebody. You fucking Gangs are dumb ass shit. You are all low lifes, who just need a good ass whooping from your parents. Fucking crackheads.

  3. 031b^loody b^angger

    wtf fuk di5 if yu aint b^lood dnt komment 5hit blatttttttttttttttttt

  4. Nogood ru

    E\s BomPton 135th st Ws 135 Piru Nx Kuttx Mackhete Line WussBannGN where my 100s homies at … yall nikka aint Piru

  5. damU

    marina mafia cuZZ c dat tuCK

  6. Y/G cK Strike

    E/S 135 BomPton Piru Gang….i P dat Y/G cK strike….4rm BomPton….my big homie P…K-9 Ru….5.I.P. da Big Homie Bro Bro….cK


    east bracckn phonk! ES 135th BOMPTON PiRUS!!! CCK B13K SGCK PBCK CPCCK! fucck all captain crunch

    • Slobkz KILLAH^

      We$t$ide 52 H52ver GaNg$ta Crip W/S 52 HG.. This that that LoC ni33a reppin that We$t$id3 52 Hoover Gang$ta Cripk Gang. Watt$ CraCCin to them homies on 52nd and Hoover and Vermont holdin it down for them Gangsta`z tha Cali way Cuzz. I kill slobks, Napps and diru`z in 52 wayz Cuzz.

  8. 2real dolla bil

    wats popn, full of this bloody ism,to all my bomrads,nigga this eastdallas 415/49kingz blood family,stayin down all paws to tha dirt,bzup fleaz down,we dont buy no drinks at tha bar blood, i welkome all dawgz to get at me, link up……………freshoffthakey415@hotmail

  9. easside shine

    5pop 6drop fux a brab nigga suwuu wuu wuu red flag niggas
    Kut a brab watch em bleed from the krombe slug bang bang shine gang 500 easside n dis bitch 5love bakk n bakk eass to da wess

  10. BIG BZZ

    Buzz BraCKin Niggas I’m From That Ea5tSide Detroit Piru Town Bloodzz 137 Street Rider Nigga Who’s Banging On A Blood No One Let The Rest Lay In Piss

  11. left eye RU

    135 PIRU

  12. diablo


  13. Dshawn Martin

    Gangs are dumb. You guys should find somewhere to volunteer.

    • 713..Girl2806

      Amen to that…internet gangsters are dumb too…

      • sense

        the few gangsters that survive to old age, think to themselves “wtf did i do with my life? i could have been someone and had a good life instead of staying in this grimy ass hood my whole life getting shot at and passing on my life of failure on to my kids”

  14. ??????

    bloods pirus ?????? ?? ??? ? ???? ???????

  15. ??????

    ? ?? bloods ?? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ????? the game ??? crips

  16. Ma2ck Ru

    East Bracckin P’z This E/S 135th Street BomPton Piru Fucck CCK B13K SGCK PBCK PVCCK just like that wh135p Free my nigga SK !

  17. Bigga Ru

    whatz pimpin 5boy straight from jersey 135th T.L. shot out to all da piru homiez from the west coast where it started

  18. spadezlocc


  19. Bigga Ru

    Never mind what I said earlier. I don’t want to die or end up in jail, so now I’m going to community college for mathematics. I’m also volunteering at a local old folks home to give back to the community I’ve been terrorizing. I’m so sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused.

    • Donna Smith

      aaaw thats big of you homeboy. Im a G from Compton and its not about that. Im proud of you. Donna Ru W/S. Now to b Ms. Donna Smith child of God. What!

  20. LAKIN

    Bloods on the internet gang sites and youtube.. i swear. Get real. Ya ego trippin

  21. not_a_banger

    you all are animals especially all you blood sets you fly the red flag the 5 point star so why are you all fighting other bloods i dont think the founders of the BlOODS or the CRIPS wanted you all to fight your own gangs i meen that just puts a bad name on your whole gang… you can say all you want rep yo set but know at the end of the day you take a risk of getting beat down or having your mother cry over you because she has to see her 18 or 25 year old son in a casket. im only 15 years old and i know that the gang life only gets you two things dead or locked up. so why dont you all do your selves a favor and put the guns down and the words up.

  22. spadezlocc


  23. OG Machete

    OG Machete 135ML Twerk gang niggas

    • m0nsta135

      Its Kz ova dat spaghetti shit. Aint no ML

      135th Eastside Piru No Kuttz

      Whats yall niggas stain?
      Who yall under.
      And i dare a nigga say Jiwe. U dawg food off tops.

      • Hunnitz135th

        Ell yea that shit dead Ru !
        135th Evil Side Piru No Kuttz !

        • CxxlHands

          W135P W135P… How can I get my math to the homies?? This shit with Jiwe made a mess after it was over, and niggas is screaming 100s, and some TL… Even though lines were supposedly smashed. OTF 100s Numba Gang

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