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Compton is a city in the center of Los Angeles County, just southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It is sometimes known as the “Hub City” due to its central geographic location within the county. The city has a total area of 10.2 sq. miles. It is one of the oldest cities in the county, incorporated as the eight city in 1889. The city was named after its settler, Griffith Dickenson Compton, when he settled in the area in 1867.

In the late 1940s, middle class African-Americans began moving into the area, particularly in the western area. Whites dominated the east side of Compton until the 1970s. In 1969, Douglas Dollarhide became the first African-American mayor of a metropolitan city in California when he became mayor of Compton. By 1970, the city had one of the largest concentrations of African-Americans in the country with over 90%.

According to the 2008 census, Compton contains 97,300 residents. Those with Hispanic in their makeup were recorded at 64.9 percent, Black or African American are 32.2% of the population, 27 percent are White, and only 0.1% are Asian. Compton has a growing Pacific Islander community with a current resident population percentage of 1.2 percent. Residents with a Bachelor’s degree were 6.8 percent of the population and 57.2 percent graduated from high school. Individuals living below the poverty line were at 24 percent and families were at 21.8 percent.

All the Blood gangs in Compton identify as Piru, an identity started in 1969/1970 by Vincent Owens, Sylvester “Puddin” Scott, Lorenzo Benton and others when they started the Piru Street Boys. Today, being a Piru is synonymous with being a Blood, but during the early 1970s, they had a short lived alliance with Raymond Washington and the East Side Crips. In 1972, the Pirus functioned with the Mona Park Crips and Zane Miller and the Caver Park Crips. Because of their conflict with Mack Thomas and the Compton Crips on Grandee Street the Piru Boys eventually became rivals with all Crips in 1972.

By 1972, the Pirus were in the early stages of forming alliance with other Los Angeles neighborhoods that were having conflict with the Crips and several years later that alliance became known as the Bloods (approximately 1977 or 1978).

Blood Gangs in Compton, California

  1. 135 Pirus
  2. 900 Block Bloods
  3. Bartender Pirus [defunct]
  4. Butler Block Piru [defunct]
  5. Campanella Park Pirus
  6. Cedar Block Pirus
  7. Cross Atlantic Pirus
  8. East Compton Piru [defunct]
  9. East Side Pirus [defunct]
  10. Elm Street Pirus
  11. Fruit Town Pirus
  12. Holly Hood Pirus
  13. Leuders Park Pirus
  14. Lime Hood Pirus
  15. Mulberry Street Piru [defunct]
  16. Neighbor Hood Pirus, 145
  17. Mob Piru
  18. Original Block Pirus, 151
  19. Taper Street Pirus [defunct]
  20. Tree Top Pirus
  21. Village Town Piru – located in Willowbrook
  22. West Park Piru [defunct]
  23. West Side Pirus

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    Latino Varrio’s:
    1. W/S Lancas 13 (aka Lx3, L13, or Lancas)(Clicks: Latin BoyS, 42nd St. Lokos, Canyon Spook Town Locos, Lanquero Boys, ect.)
    3. S/S Criminals 13
    4. Crazy Mexican Familia 13
    5. W/S & E/S Val Verde Parque 13 (aka VVP) (clicks SMOKE TOWN,TINY LOCOS, MALDITOS)
    7. Barrio Canyones 13 ( clicks LOCOS,STRANGERS, PLAYGIRLS)
    8. E/S Barrio Lancaster City 13(aka BLC)(clicks Diablos, ect.)
    9. Crazy Kingz Familia 13 (aka CKF or Palmas Crazy Kingz Familia)
    10. E/S Santos 13 (aka STS)(known clicks)
    11. E/S Boyle Heights 13 (aka BHTS)(click Dead End Tokers)
    12. E/S Down As f#@$k 13 (aka DAF)
    13. W/S & S/S Playboys 13 (aka PBS)(1 known click in Palmdale & Lancaster)
    14. S/S Crooks 13 (aka CKS)(click Tiny Gangsters aka TGS)
    15 E/S Sureno OutLawz 13 (aka SOL)(known clicks ex: STK or Sick Twisted Kriminals)
    16. Brownside Trece
    17. W/S 18st. Kings Blvd.
    18. Mid Town Criminals 13 (aka MTC)(clicks Outlawz, ect.)
    19 Krazy blank Mexicans 13 (aka KAM)
    20. San Fernando 13 (aka San Fe, San Fers, or SF)
    21. Pacas 13
    22. W/S Diablos 13 (aka DIA)
    23. S/S Florencia 13 (aka Fx3 or F13)
    24. La Mara Salvatrucha 13 (aka MS or MS-13)
    25. Comptone Varrio-117 (aka CV-117)
    26. Harpys 13 (aka HPS)
    27. Brown Familia 13 (aka BF)
    28. Varrio Nuevo Estrada 13 (aka VNA)
    29. EastSide Grimlins (AKA ESG)
    30. E/S Straight Loco Soldiers (aka SLS)
    31. W/S & E/S Show No Weakness Familia (aka SNW, SNWF, S-N-DUB)
    32. Most Wanted Criminals (aka MWC or M-Dub-C)
    33. Surenos Coming Up 13 (aka SCU)
    34. Most Wanted Gangsters (aka MWG or M-Dub-G)
    35. E/S Crazy RiderS 13 (aka CRS)
    36. Crazy To Die Locos (aka C2D or C2D Locos)
    37. W/S Silverlake 13 (aka SL13)
    38. We Terriorize Fools (aka WTF or Dub-T-F)
    39. E/S Zoned Out Gangsters (aka ZOG)
    40. Barrio Van Nuyes 13 (aka BVN)
    41. E/S Always Going Krazy V117 St. 13 (aka AGK)
    42. Surenos Most Wanted 13 (aka SMW or S-M-Dub)
    43. Pacoima Flats 13
    44. Comptone Varrio Tortilla Flats (aka CVTF)

    Black Gangs:
    1. Ballers On Point Bloods (aka BOP)
    2. 5th Block Goonz Bloods ( aka 5BG)
    3. Front Mob Gangsters (aka FMG)
    4. East Coast Crips 89 (aka ECC 89)
    5. W/S Spade Bloods (basically white boys started it)
    6. Palmdale Crips (aka PDC
    7. Bounty Hunters Bloods
    8. Lime Hood Piru
    9. W/S Pasadena Denver Lanes Bloods (aka PDL)
    10. M.O.B. Bloods (aka MOB)
    11. Inglewood Family Bloods (aka IFB)

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