Tree Top Pirus

Tree Top Pirus

105 Comments for “Tree Top Pirus”

  1. lower ea5t 5ide b^lood

    its les outta utika ny homie 59 brim wats poppin ashes to ashes dust to dust in blood5 i tru5t in ckrab5 i bu5t wat it do tho get it poppin over here

  2. SUR SIDE 13


    • ESP...Ckali

      Nigga dis skyline park Piru young nigga 17 got the rank tho blk69d im in houston wot it now tho but keep it 400 TTP i fuck wit my niggas o been bangin ever since the 11 broke my P’s know what im talkin bout but tree safe fuck wit me

  3. ttp

    Ttp B^an9in from da B^ottom 55w/s ttp till death of . CKrab killa fa life flaw a55 flu CKrab a55e5 tryna do da 5ame 5hit we do B^een outckea 5incke 1972 fuCK all da CKrabz and thete flu TTP till i droP^

  4. ttp

    557ttPiruw/s 5hit CKum fuCK with da PloCK Piru 5hit only hit a CKrip in da liP and watCKh dat flu CKlor driP Piru 5hit only from da Bottom Bangin serious5eriou5 out CKea

  5. real1

    Fucc tank tops killa and peachtown killa not no real hood ! Pk Bk Compkton Carver waydah Gang !

  6. DJ-QUIK

    what up blood this be that DJ-quik blood on piru, and i say we drop all this beef with the crips and star sucking each others dick blood. Why we fighting againts each other when we could be fucking each other blood. We need to united so we be one big gay family bloood cuhzzz jajajaj fuck niggers

  7. krabkillah

    suwooop !

  8. krabkillah



    All these fake ass blood typing with that 5 shit real bloods don’t bang that 5 shit on the west that’s that East ckoast shit that they stole from ckhickago

  10. mirkoman

    hey fellows can i join your gang? I got a knife (just got it for my birthday)

  11. freddyru400

    Westt TToppin Bitch we dontt pop no 5 we WSTTP gang I fuckk witt mostt of tge homies from the tturf & I’m 16 in H Town itts 400 spruce on my end butt W200-900P no kuTTs bitch!!!!!! WesttSide

  12. freddyru400

    TTreez Plzzzzzz 887 434 400

  13. Big Homie

    5/o To My TTP:5LIMES Big B^S Blood Up Blatt.If You Aint On Da Right Side You Aint On No Side. BLATTTT 500Block

  14. LIL N.O.

    It5 we5t 5ide TTP^ KILL4 K WE DONTT B^4Nx d4 5 we ju55 5how luv 5o 5it d4TT K R4B^B^ 5HITT DOWN RU G4NG OR NO G4NG PU55Y A55 NIXX4

  15. hawk416p*funk

    TTrxxz up TTill the wxrld frxxz up..2016 TTP ru’x wt it b like 5

  16. 5xxBlk

    5XX blk W|S TTP french toast killa !

  17. n1gger

    U niggers suck lol do ducked up and disorganized you idiots cant even keep up with eachother lollol just hang yourselves already

  18. Kebo Gotti

    Y’all some fuck n1ggaz forreal. Fo hunnit up n out chea. Hollow points to ya brainz. Got a Panamera round a young nigga neck. Fucks wit me n jeezy niggaz. Get ya heads splattered.

  19. sense


  20. Tree Txp Piru 400 B^lxxk

    Wh^tt5 Br^xkin B^l59d TTP ttill I die

  21. YG

    West Toppin wt happen to a 152 ttp

  22. MikeFrmDa8

    WestSide HatBoyz BrimGang or Don’t Bang 800 Blxxk SuWoop Shout To Tree Top Piru Bl800D Gang Ima EastKoast Nigga Bangin WestSide Brim Til I Die #5Poppin6Droppin #FuxkcKrabz

  23. realBPTNigga

    FUCCK TAnK Tops TTk
    FRUIT TkOWN BomPton
    400 PEACH blk 387#

  24. MiamiBlack

    Fr*m da Sun, Born !n Blood D!e !n Blood… 400 TTP 4750 nw 47 M!5M!,Fl5

  25. ToneRu400

    Fucck dem krabs bl400d its p1ru all da TTime WH887P WH400P TTree Gang or NO Gang Bxtchh We at da TTTop word TTo Pzz s/o TTo #800 blxxk

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