Westside Tree Top Pirus in Compton

Tree Top Piru graffiti in Compton, CA

Tree Top Piru graffiti in Compton, CA

The Westside Tree Top Pirus [TTP] are a predominately African-American street gang located on the westside of Compton. This gang formed on the 400 block of Spruce between Arnabe and Oleander.

Deceased members

  1. OG BIG RED 2
  2. Big Boo Boo
  3. Lil Boo Boo
  4. OG Dogg
  5. OG K-Bone
  6. LiL Kweesie
  7. LiL T-Spoon
  8. Top Dogg
  9. Young V
  11. Ronnie Baylor, 28 (Mar 12, 1962 – Aug 29, 1990)
Tree Top Piru graffiti in Compton, CA

Tree Top Piru graffiti in Compton, CA

178 Comments for “Westside Tree Top Pirus in Compton”

  1. Lady J


  2. cv70 gang


  3. yungkalifornia

    nigga been fucking with the homies from da 1 feel time for a nigga join the fam. fck all those fagget ass who oppose bang a nigga tree 2038188362 nigga ready to ride

  4. cKrip cKilla!

    It’s Wextxide BomPton P1ru 4 Line xhittt Blooood!
    cK 13K 14K 18K cvK nhcK

  5. Ace200_TTrojan

    Nigga its w/s TTree Top Bompton 200 blk Poplar
    Kappittal Punishment TTrojan Gang tfk nhpk Ebk Abk
    TTreeToP world pushin Nation wide TTreez!!

  6. Ace200_TTrojan

    2-9 no kuttz 200 blk Poplar!

  7. stoneriam


  8. cKrip cKilla!

    FucK anyBody not with PIRU. Love for all my TreeToP niggas BLOOD. it’sK WEXTXIDE BOMPTON PIRU 4 LINE and DEUXE LINE GANGSTERS. 134th 142nd. it’s cvK ccK 13k sur’K nor’K. AINT GOT NO LOVE FOR ANYBODY OTHER THAN PIRU and BLOOD niggas BLOOD that’s on PIRU.

    • Mxney

      That’s real hxmie. WS4XXTTP . MLB tx all my Tree niggas. This Money out of Nashville. Been banging West Pxppin. Bark at me Blxxd /Ru niggas. All my brothers living off xf xthers. A lot of pexple have died in the civil rights mxvement fxr xur freedxm from the hands xf slavery and tx Larry xn their legacy. I gives a fuck what anybxdy is. The xnly thing that trips and Blxxds have in cxmmxn is to kxntinue what the Black Panther Party set as a guide tx get us where we need tx be. MLB…4XX

      • T1m3

        All you gang members are retarted. Firstly, you fucks cant spell and you are all going to get caught doing whatever. Secondly, I will hack into eveything you fools do and destroy you folls. I am Time and my message is . Time waits for no man but today it will stop for all of you.

  9. 1shot

    Mane I’m over east cost everybody over here 9trey or MTG I’m trying bring that Phonk over here

  10. Yg Aj

    Wes Bracken I’m in h-town yea we live and we active ????T???????? ??????R? 887 20/20 16 just saying you TTP I’m 400Blk Spruce St. we all need to a fkuntion We brothers and hustlers Piru ova Everthang we don’t bang 5 we show Love bt it’s straight Ru life Mob life 16/12 Righteous

  11. Yg Aj

    ????T???????? ????iru 400BLK S????uc???? ST Wes Brxxken wh887 Whxxp 887 20/20 16 nt no set its just saying you TTP 400Blk my Set we live and we active I’m in H-town bt my lines Frm Bompton we all need to have a fkuntion linked up we fuck with Skyline Ru’s and all ????’s we bang Righteous no 5 Staight Piru over Everythang bt show love we got ties with 031 bt really Trees I’m Yg Aj i slow boogie everywhere in the H greens point mainly 16/12 400

  12. bG Devil b!00d

    Fuck Varrio, and Fuck Tacos. Taco eating azz cock roaches get raid.

  13. myflagk_Ru

    Westts1de TTrzz fucck hkardBaccks ABK eBk Pfunk ttill itts defuntt 16.12 on P’s

  14. Rikki Ru

    Not to sure about all this new bangin shit. I’m one off the original TTP’s. Back then it was only one block 400 Spruce St. My bigger homies just to name a few was Duck, Mo, Pancake, Apple, ect. This was way back in the day when the Rosecran skating ring was open. Who remember that shit? The real ones know what’s up. Back the is wasn’t even a dis word for crabs it was simply fuck the crips. That’s how far I go back. And we didn’t have all these fucking gang signs either. We had a B,P,CK,4,T for the set. And that was about it. Thins where much simpler back then. I ran into a nigga who said he was from my soil and he flashed so many signs up I just laughed. Times have changed. Was I the hardest from my turf? Never…… Was a force to be reckon with? ALWAYS!!!!!!!! I defended my turf to the best of my abilitys and none of my homies death EVER went without retaliation. But most importantly it was about PIRU wasn’t no beef between Ruz like now. That shit is gay. What ever happened to Piru Love? Not the song either. The love for PIRUZ? I can remember when it was Compton City against everyone. We represented Compton first before and set. Don’t really understand the times now. And I realize everyone can’t be California or Compton but if you rep these set…… Rep them right. Know your history and know your enemy. But most of all know yourself. Rikki Ru now lives in Denver, Colorado. But I will FOREVER be standing on Westside Treez!!!!!!!!! 400

  15. real ttp

    yo that nigga needs to respect bigbagboo

  16. B4P0T0

    Waz brackin ttp niggaz

  17. Midnight ma¢¢

    Wass brackin, support midnight macc @groovymacc take the 400 out the hood , that’s that nigga , He bool people



  19. yg_dog

    westt bangn Trojans just stoppn by to show some love w/s treetop Bompton 200 blk poplar st. Wh887p wh887p 2-9 no kutts free all da real ttreess cckhecknk In from cckashville #615..og hype my line

  20. 1newz

    samoans takin over wit tha tongans pushin u black pu55iez back 2 tha slave age small island niqqaz takin over foreign areaz watchu gohnah do fish lip niqqaz


    I u on here u need to think Bause bloods and BRIP get along we had a TRUBE Yall beefin wit some brips Yall fake whoop

  22. ECM Krew

    Fuck tree top pirus this is lynwood ECM spoke ready to blast all u faggs catch me and my krew we ready to see some bloods get bloody

  23. ECM Krew

    Fuck all bloody piru faggs this is lynwood ECM spoke ready to blast every single one of you catch me slippen if you got balls 2 do so and that lame blood called yg I fucked your bitches before u did ECM ECM ECM FUCK THE REST

  24. evilsidehomie

    Compton varrio 70s fuck tanktops ese

  25. Charles THomas

    Westside400 blk piru Nothing else fuxking matter once a Trojan always a Trojan. Bompton the place that put us the map Washington D.X where i flag.Su whoop to the TTP homies from west to east to north to south

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