Centinela Park Family

Centinela Park Family

37 Comments for “Centinela Park Family”

  1. BANG!!

    I guess yall quit claiming piru after cmg and nhp start beefing.

  2. damU

    foolz wuz being stoped and he played pacman

  3. damU

    c dat puss san andreas is dope niKka

  4. damU

    b & hiz fro cuzz

  5. low key

    the cpf’s a very active i live in there hood and i know all o them they be droppingg all of the 60s even though they have calmed down alot since 2009 they still do there sh*% but the are part of the inglewood familys and whats up to all my guys from cpf packman baby kaos bdown moomoo tiny nut tmack fat kid tantrum dangerous tiny diamond lil bad newyz g boy nela mack damu firebugg and rip tiny smiley

  6. Black Kat

    its still ws Q.S.B 400 BLOCK ridas all day we everywhere now from la to the bay Queen Street is doing our thang BLOOD!!!!

  7. Gene

    The heart of CPF was originally on Hazel Street in the late 70’s and the 64 Street Brims merged with them and their Hood went from West Blvd. to La Brea from East to West and from 64th Street to Florence from North to South, they were the only Blood Set that was created in the Rolling 60’s hood and they still exist ! I know because I started 64 St. Blooooooooood !

    • Pe Brain 1

      OG Pe Brain 1 said this : Blood said the truth on when and how the Nelaz started and how its still going strong. As far as dude getting stoped…life sucks and i dont know why he got hit..but Nelaz had a reason.. rest in Pease to ya Family..But the nelaz aint going no where!!!

  8. YOU Killed My Cousin on 11/29/12

    You foos stoped my cousin on Beach blvd. He didnt even bang, f#$k CPF, you guys is pusssies. I hope all of yalls families will suffer the same way mine has, f#@$k you cowards. f#$k CPF !!!

    • R.I.P. Cris

      Are you refering to Cris Stewart? That was my cool blank guy that will forever be missed. He didnt deserve to go out that way.# R.I.P.CJS.Forever tipin glblankes<3

  9. YOU Killed My Cousin on 11/29/12

    CPF guys is chickes.@ lowkey f#@$k all your pussy blank homies from CPF . Rest in Piss to yo chick blank guys thats dead. You foos murked my cousin and drove off. You guys is chickes, I aint hard to find foo, just get at me. f#@%k Centinela PUSSIES !!!

    Show this sh*% to all yo old heads and watch they head start rollin. f#@%k CPF

  10. General Rattone

    WOOD’z up NELA’z Popp’n S79W79 I until I die. F till my very last Breath. Da G is fa Nela datz is invested in Me …. Where is my nela Og Kick Azz

    • Kick Ass 1

      River Ratt Blood where you at Homie. Call Colemans Fast Food and Bakery asap.

      • Nela Rattøne 1

        Wøødz up my mutha f#@%k’n Nela K.A1 I tryna hølla @ ya 4 da løngest. Ever nøw & I løøk øn here høpe’n 2 run in 2 ya….. I’m øut in da dirty dirty where my Fam is @… Ya nø where I was dø’n time @ in da Feds

  11. General Rattone

    W79d’z up Gene .dis ogRR1, OnePunxh1 ase kaBoom road dawg. I Beed u stated ya started 64st Ing Brims So I gotta no u, I helped hold ya down in da begin n was there at da meeting when we kame 2gether @ baby Nela (North Park) n was highly upset when A’Ratt N.I.P I’m not with all dis wall banging. …Oops I mean inter net bangerz

  12. Napp Bashin

    I Don’t Know Who Yo Relly Was, But You Ain’t Did Shit But Run Yo Mouth About What You Gon Do, And How We Some Bitches. Little Nigga Please!! He Was Probably A Low Key Napp. 64 CPF!!!! WHO WANT SOME?!!!!

  13. General Rattone

    Yo FAM Nikkaz die every bix foe sekondz like a new born every bix 8 minutesSo stop dat inter net Bang’n and let dat koward die 79 times….
    Yeah dis Big OG RIVER RATT1 da original 1 And me and J’ROCK1 didn’t start da NELA’z But JROCK was there when we decide 2 keep it FAMILY even tho he was a Ru Till da early 80’z But he always ran wit Big DIP DOG, Big SMID DOG , G’TATE, P’DOG and Big GOLDY MACK…. While I ran with BULL DOG , BONESKI , T’DOG and DING BAT

  14. General Rattone

    S79W79D’z up NELA’z dds Big OG RIVER RATT1 Here is Big OG FAT RAT, MASTER BLASTRR, KAT NIPP, Big NUTTY , BRIM DOG and my lil nikka Big KICK blank1 ,T’KAPONE and BAD HABIT 1&2 ? But I’m always 79M.O.B and whoever dat busta kry’n da NELA’z stoped his peep Oh well nikkaz die every bixfoe minutes and a new born komes every 69 minutes So stop yo self 79 times like da true boward dat u r

  15. Young Dread

    YALL CPF B-DOGZ GET AT ME AT 561-294-9675

  16. General Rattone

    Yo young NALE’z Bark @ wen ya get dis S79’W64 Brab’z already no wood it is SooWoo

  17. Young Dread


  18. General Rattone

    It’s a nkew NELA year S79W64 68 Pøp’nk

  19. General Rattone

    Get @ me my NELA’z I Be dat nkikka Nela’RiverRatt da original1 79 møB $øøWøø frm da beginknkinkg

  20. G'NelaRattont1

    Go sit downk lil boi wit yo nket Bankg’nk blank lol Two Gankg InkgW79d Family Gankg

  21. K-TOWN

    Yo nut and big homie diamond if y’all out there hit a brother up

  22. Nale'Rattone1

    S79W64 all 68 65

  23. 4 Loko

    K-town what up fam we out here!!!!

  24. 4 Loko


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