Rollin 50s Brim

Rollin 50s Brim

39 Comments for “Rollin 50s Brim”

  1. joker

    b before c thats how it rolls ck all day dog

  2. glover

    wats poppin brims

  3. g-spot mcquire

    ayo naggerz! my rollin 50s brim fo life nizzaz!

    • watz shakin Hat moreless East Side Low Riddah Brim up, N.Y.B.B.A. Hat Boy im strivin to put our Hats 2gether. we both kno its only 1 Brim Army lets think & move like 1… its imperative we keep da lines of kommunikation wide open. no time for ES / WS hate a Hat is a Hat.. me & mines respectin & payin homage to da mother land and our father hood, now jus reach bacK for 1 of ya offsprings… hit me on fb FATSO BRIM to discuss ways of kommunikatin so we kan link dis Hat World east to west, west to the east….if u dont mess wit fb send me a way to kontacKt U

      • maeham

        my hat to the frunt my hat to the side it really dont matter as long as i whear it with pried

      • RealBloods

        You dumb MuthaFutha an Im From NY an i know Sheist Brim…an yall Dumb Muthaf#@$kas saying Calling each other hats when thats what crips balled yah as disrespect stupid fake blood blank krab

  4. XLS

    fuc50briMsWiTaKAY….yall guys no we shut down 9th ave and 48th street…look like a str8 ghost town STILL TO THIS DAY…40’s claim full responsibilty of that

    • XlS you anit no real 40, real 40s bang peace in the street’s , you must never did any time, only thing you shut down is your TV set at night,

      • XLS

        checc this out hardtimes….! they call me big duLoc aka tiny rube dogg from 40avenue crip an original 6th ave bangin 42nd street elementary raised bpsLoBki*lah tiny Loc soldier….an from this point on keep my name out yo damn mouth cuz we can meet up an get down im 30yrs old homie im not no lil blank kid making comments on this punk blank website so whatch snoo u talkin too AND WHERE THA FUC U FROM NOW ITS YO TURN TO STATE YO NAME AN THE SO CALL GANG U CLAIM…

        • OG Fraddy Kat

          Hardtimes is on every page and claim to be from every hood and know everybody

        • turnup

          at the end of the day KRIP ki*lah

        • guy, do I sound stuipd to you , so you can tell the po pos who I am? First of all guys dont give out thier real street names on here! And if you do ,then either your stupid or you just a youngster try to make a name for yourself, not off me boy! Now as for, what hood I claim , if you been reading my posted messages ,you’d already know, but I’ll say this for you, I dont diss ,I dismise sucks from the game, dont be the reason!

        • HIGAFULL

          SOFT TIMES shut up WEIRD blank NERD

  5. TipTxe

    Wess Ness….. blank da fonkys 40K big K to all nappz keep my o’z wakked RF BRIM…fiftyz blank the bissies

  6. MrFruitTown

    FHN 5xz no kuttz fuhk all napkz*lahFonkey said it

  7. Mr. R50z

    whkxxp2x! tha fonkey boy runnin his mouth. to me its only like 2 fonkeys that wasnt scard of me nd u close 2 my age nd i nevr evn heard of yo name.

  8. laSVegAZ

    electrocution or cowards…..

    • OG Fraddy Kat

      Man I love the net where i can safely get my gangsta on. On the streets i keep my head down,look no-one n the eyez and if i hear a shot,I’m n the wind,however on this computer im a straight ki*lah. ICBG,internet crip n blood gang bluzzin,we don’t die we type dummies!

  9. R50B's

    Saw50p what that Fthpvngb like frm 35to64 brim sh*% 9thave bangin

  10. peppy -E-

    what up tricks ?? yall need too start living up tall yalls name js word out too my guys

  11. slob killa

    bike rims


    blank r304060nhcK
    WEST 2 MY BRIM guyZ

  13. tiny w54kie

    bl54d suwoop shout out to all ma OG’s holdin it down on 9th ave till this day , while mexB is locked up. we need to have this block live again , it aint tha same no more

  14. R50B

    Still acktive with mexb was before and will always b

  15. ckxuntry mack

    wess pxppin Brim gang VNG fa life nappk bashn 54st

  16. SlimB^razy

    U kno yo knowledge 001

  17. ckxuntry mack

    Tryna get put on da wax nw hmu on bl54d

  18. […] Rollin 50s Brims are to the east of Crenshaw when the shuttle pblankes from 54th Street to 48th […]

  19. BillyBadAss93rd

    BillyBadblank 3.K.a 9duce3

  20. courtney porter III

    Yo yo CK memebers who trying to get bread if so hit up 3142438521 its time red start taking over

  21. Trauma Brim

    Offickal HatBoy F3T6B I BANG DAT BIXTY40 On Tha Fruits! ! NoGoodBoyz I remain loyal! HATZ Maps Straps! TRAUMA BRIM young Hat in charge I’m leading my platon of Glad36tors Add Me On FaxeBook ElChapo Montana (JpWorld)

  22. Bloxk Hound NYBBA

    Whoopty To All Them EastSide Homies 3473454993

  23. Bloxk Hound NYBBA

    BL59D-DIAMOND IMPERIAL Under Bloods Realist Intelligent Militia Yall Know Im Flyin Tha G5 hMu Add My Math N FuxkTha K9z Who Made This Sitee GANGSTA



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