Blood Stone Villians

Eastside Blood Stone Villians [BSV, ES BSV, Villians] are a predominately African-American street gang located on the eastside of South Los Angeles in an area commonly referred to as the bottoms.

They have two main clicks, 52nd & 56th Streets, but there are some newer clicks that have emerged in recent years.

This neighborhood was founded by Michael “Icey Jack” Bowie.

Deceased members of BSV

  1. Rodney “Bozoe”
  2. Donald “Don Kapone / Don Dee” Hayes ( – Mar. 27, 1988), shot & killed in car at 57th Street & Compton Boulevard; Keith Edward “Katoe” Woods from 59 East Coast Crips was convicted in this case
  3. Droopy P
  4. General Dogg
  5. Michael “Icey Jack” Bowie
  6. OG Big Jay
  7. Baby Knot
  8. Lil Mank
  9. P-Dog
  10. Popeye
  11. Resom
  12. S Man
  13. Smokey

110 Comments for “Blood Stone Villians”

  1. fosko

    @MIZ DA VILLIAN wasgood bro

  2. suwoo bsv

    Bsv we n here all way 4frm lex

  3. redbo$$B

    Yo if u a real legit Blood then Be a Blood to da fullest and stop fighting and kil#i*gg other Bloods and B about ckil#i*g dem cKrab ni55as das all im sayin n55a f#@$k cKrab and much love to piru Blood SUWOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • T moving it 87gc

      Es 87gc ovak here I dont like snoovas 52x112ki*lahk I dont like vons wit ak pblankion from the 40s to 116k and u chick blank mini skirts 84k to 98 k real east sidaz 87st G’s moving cuz

  4. rah da vi52ain

    Miz n sup52 vi52ain bo52om up esbsv 5200 v dogs f#@$k lie Ty

  5. BigkMaine

    V’$ UP WH52P VILLAIN Gkangk xr dxn’t Bangk Bussin @ yu
    frxm Gkexrgia

    BlxxdyJmurda Da Villain

  6. BigV's


  7. BSV For Real

    Dikk riding eastkoast guys y’all not 52 nothing internet gangsters TG put y’all on to this life now y’all sukking westkoast movement after we build this over here we made Blood popping none of y’all put no work in for that 52 on the east stop it shout out to all Eastkoast Bloods who pave the way for the homies and stayed true and the westkoast Bloods who started the movement respext blank all u fake dikk riding Bozos using Blood for protextion blank Dailtone and who ever riding with him all those piks y’all got up off the internet BSV 50’s Westkoast dont know y’all lying blank foos and the good Bro’s who didn’t know do your researxh before jakking something ABSVN BE that REAL on East Stone to the Bone

  8. jjsd

    my dad is a blood j30 og blood stone villians but what am i , do i hav any benfits ya dig hit my phone 919-283-2092

  9. crabk sillain tramp8k

    Fucvvvvvkk a cillain n dey dead. Homiez yea its dat yung guy from da lows dat hop out smiling bout to bust den yall run fast yuh guys got wheels es pueblo bisgop bloods. 52 54 no kutt no smutt fucvvvk all BLs 212ki*lah projecvk babys b da brazyest f#@$k slo moe cheeks du dirtt in da rest.n fucvk ken dog half dead blank 🙂 bsvk

    • red valentine

      Young boy, if you know pookie, bam, or oldman from 42&ascot hit me at rvalentine69@yahoo or on Facebook at red valentine

  10. red valentine

    Any villains know pookie, bam, or oldman from 42&ascot hit me at rvalentine69@yahoo or red valentine on Facebook. I lost contact wit them when I got bagged.

  11. cKhicKago the Vi52ain

    All the Vi52ains text me 2313273453 .

  12. cKhicKago the Vi52ain

    All the Vi52ains I text me 2313273453.. loVe all my V’z

  13. Big Crazy

    f#@$k all slobs peptosk bsvk afck blank all slobs f#@$k villan n peptos n all for crime
    38 street gang TEST

  14. Tre_5avage

    Tre da Bx Don Vee Boy!!! Say Hello 2 da Bad Guy 2 all my real right Vee Boyz
    Free all da bros!!!

  15. Wicked Evil Orientalz

    Sushi u forgetting how theres no Asians crippling in the city? We pushed out asian boyz and their lil nerd crew out of LA. Weve been smashed y’all in y’all suburbs. We already got 3 clicks in LB. Quit acting like it’s like all blue over there.

  16. the gang life is not worth living (lowest low to grovel wine and die for)

    Since you was born not in place X, but Y
    You done be joined Y’s gang by Junior High,
    You done be shot dem X’s gang, dem must die
    Because the street thaay parents birthed dem lie
    If hiz parents done moved near, dim he done ride
    Fo’ yoau’ self, rep yoau set (since not he died.)

  17. BIG Vz


  18. Ezzie V

    All villz need to bark at me…all the bro’s out Karolina bark at me…Og ezzie banga moving 056st bsv..wh56p!!

  19. W49525657pty

    Y’all outta order wit all this info y’all putn on here on vill

  20. Raekwon

    LiL Finesse Da Vi52ain Reppin that 50zzz under OG Kaliko wesbrackin


    Say hello ta tha bad guy I’m from jerzy but out in Indiana if theres any real ritte bad guy n bad girls out here holla all I’m xeein is alotta blue where mi villains at 52 LBG WE RXXLIN


    Where mi real vi52ains at in Indiana I’m from jerz oyg nui5ance


    Wut it is Big Hxmie 50z RXLLIN shout out Big Bruh Bali anDO DIRT L*B*G VILLIAN LUV


    N shxut out ta tha Big Hxmie BIG TWO FACE VLUV ESBSVT

  25. Nuisance davi52ain

    Kapone ta tha bone esbsv salute ta all my real ritte bad guyz n girlz 50zz vi52ain we in here wh52px2

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