Denver Lane Bloods in South Los Angeles

Denver Lane Bloods [DLB, DLBG, The Lanes] are a predominately African-American street gang located in South Los Angeles near Imperial and Figueroa.

They are among the oldest Blood gangs in Los Angeles, existing for several years before the Blood identity was established. They were probably founded around 1970 as an independent gang prior to the growth of the Crip movement and before the Blood alliance was ever formulated.

The have the following clicks: 106th, 108th, 109th, 111th, 112th and 115th.

Deceased members

  1. B-Ball
  2. Bruce “B-Brazy” Parrish, 28 (December 12, 1974 – May 9, 2003) shot and killed in Inglewood.
  3. Baby B-Loco
  4. B-Mack
  5. OG Bang
  6. Batmite 1
  7. Boom
  8. Lil Bosko
  9. Baby Bosko
  10. Big Lil’ Brother, killed on 106th & Figueroa
  11. Chuchu
  12. CK Tee
  13. Cricket
  14. Trayvonnie “D Bone 4 / Kay S” Odom, 25 ( – February 10, 2013), shot and killed at Normandie Casino
  15. Daymon
  16. Dean
  17. Ed Dog
  18. Ed Pro
  19. Evil AL
  20. Flacky Bee
  21. Frog Dogg ( – 1985)
  22. G-Mont
  23. G-Redd ( – 2009)
  24. Wardell “G-Sexx” Mayberry (May 27, 1974 – Jan 15, 2001)
  25. G-Will
  26. Derrick “G-Redd” Porter, 35 ( – January 15, 2009)
  27. Gangsta Kricket
  28. Big Grim Lock
  29. Lil Grim Lock
  30. Hang Out 3 ( – 2008)
  31. Hallow Foots
  32. Jay Dee 2
  33. Joker Face
  34. Ju Ju ( – 1988)
  35. K-Tone 2
  36. Trayvonnie “Kay S / D-Bone 4” Odom (Jul 2, 1987 – February 10, 2013), shot and killed at Normandie Casino
  37. Ken Dog ( – 1996)
  38. Kev Dog
  39. Knuckles ( – 2009)
  40. Nicole “Koko” Elizabeth Thrower, 17 (Jan 29, 1975 – June 15, 1992) killed during a quintuple murder in Inglewood during a drug transaction on 3600 block of West 109th Street. She was the youngest among the five persons murdered.
  41. Komoe
  42. Konfuze
  43. Kowboy
  44. Jimmy “Kricket” Lee Lewis, 24 (Mar 25, 1968 – June 15, 1992) killed during a quintuple murder in Inglewood during a drug transaction on 3600 block of West 109th Street.
  45. Krock
  46. Lady Bug
  47. Edtanisha “Lady Knuckles” Williams, 18 (February 19, 1990 – February 18, 2009)
  48. Shane “Laniak 1” Leroy Wheeler, 23 (Jul 26, 1968 – Jun 15, 1992) killed during a quintuple murder in Inglewood during a drug transaction on the 3600 block of West 109th Street. Inglewood detective Russ Enyeart believes that brothers Victor (b. Nov 11, 1960 – ) and Purvis Herd (b. Apr 3, 1966 – ) were the shooters but as of 2014 they have never been charged.
  49. Jabbar “Laniak II” Morris, 20 (July 15, 1975 – October 23, 1995) shot and killed at gas station.
  50. Ramone “Lee Bee 2” Lateef Humphrey, 25 (April 4, 1981 – June 9, 2006), fatally shot at 612 W. 111th St. in South LA.
  51. Loco Will 1 ( – 1990 or 92)
  52. Lonnie Lon
  53. Deshawn “Mackie 3” Trenton Adams, 24 ( – July 22, 2007), was shot and killed by the Gardena Police
  54. Marlin
  55. Midnight
  56. Molynthia “Mo” Smith, 19 (April 25, 1973 – June 15, 1992) killed during a quintuple murder in Inglewood during a drug transaction on 3600 block of West 109th Street. She was among two females that were murdered.
  57. James “Mook / Shoota” Hill ( – 2014/15),
  58. Mookie
  59. Mouse
  60. Nocchio
  61. O 1
  62. Oliver
  63. Peabody, considered the founder of United Blood Nation in Folsom prison during the 1980s
  64. Peanut 1 ( – November 1995), brother of Lil Peanut
  65. Ramone “Peanut 2” McKissick, 19 (October 23, 1976 – November 15 1995), shot and killed at 642 W. 108th Street.
  66. Pocahantas
  67. Poo
  68. Poppa 3
  69. Poppa Smurf 3
  70. Psycho Mike
  71. Ray Dogg
  72. Red
  73. OOG Rick Lane
  74. Deontra “Rob 2” Lornell Phillips, 36 (Apr 14, 1977 – Sep 14, 2013), fatally shot on 600 block of West 111th Street while sitting in parked car.
  75. Skrap
  76. Lil Slim
  77. Snoop, first Lane to dies during the 1970s.
  78. Stef
  79. Baby Stone, died in car accident
  80. Lil Suge
  81. T-Roll
  82. Tall Kan, shot and killed in Victorville, CA
  83. Teresa
  84. Tip Toe
  85. Tone Malone
  86. Tony Jayce
  87. Tray Dogg, died of an aneurysm in 2011
  88. Lil Turtle ( – 1995), shot and killed
  89. Lil Twin
  90. Tyree
  91. Vick Rock ( – 1988)
  92. Woody Lanes
  93. Woof
  94. YG
  95. Yoda
  96. Lil Yoda
  97. Ricky Lane, 43 ( – Feb 7, 2004) died of heart attack

Denver Lane Bloods talking history in the Red Room

72 Comments for “Denver Lane Bloods in South Los Angeles”

  1. NoMutts

    Denver Lanes ki*led a WW 2 hero in about 1971 on Figueroa and 109th the man survived Iwo Jima but not 109th and fig

    • Old School

      I think that was about 1970 they threw rocks and ki*led war veteran , some of them became Denver Lanes a few years later it was young boys and a few girls were with them

  2. Vet

    What the f#@$k!!! Why did those stupid slobs ki*l an elderly man for…thats f#@$ken COWARDLY

  3. swervv

    Dlb clicked with Rollin 90$ nhc vs the hoover feminals lamo
    And lanes are Dustin ifgb off Manchester

    • ace

      Them guys never pushing on Manchester, maybe by the 110 but not going west f#@$king liar.

    • HCG 92x94

      f#@$ken liar lames aint nowhere near Manchester. .scary blank slobsK clicking up with crabsK weak blank sh*%

      • Lil reaper

        6itch 6oi the lanes 6e kil#i*gg yall weak snoova blank’s daily i I dont likes wit tha lanes poppa smurf tha lil homie tha guy will ride fo a ecc no matter what he know i got his 6acc I dont like yall snoova’s hop up on 59th n hooper hoe i’ll peal yall head 6acc

  4. AnybodyK

    OnLanez f#@$k Everybody! dis DLGB’z No Kuttz! We stay smasHkin on aLL rk enemiez! 52K x 62K x 72K x 82K x 92K x 83K x 107K x 112K Rice krispeys, bubble gums, chkeesetoast, swayz, & Fkaggots (especially) get DAT 187 on sighkt! BLXXDL ya’ll kno wat time it is on Figg! W109pL! Whkxxp2x!



  6. Hawthorne

    I’m a Mexican X gang member in my 40,s so I don’t f#@$k around anymore. Even with all the racial sh*% going I always had respect for bloods. I went to Leuzinger back in the 80’s and there were like a million crips there from a bunch of different hoods. Every time I saw bloods outnumbered and getting hit up by the crips the bloods never backed down. Thay had heart.

  7. Casper

    This iz og Casper Blxxd frm DLB189 f#@$k AllCrab blank guyz n wet bakz

  8. Casper

    This iz og Casper Blxxd frm DLB109 f#@$k crab blank guyz n wetbakz

  9. i blow tree

    All the guys who actually from DLB know they link up with the South Lows by where I’m at so where the racism coming from i don’t even bang just grew up with DLB on 115th nd Vermont the shot callers and OGs like family to me i know Bam Nook Pee Wee Baby lane just to name a few all family to me

  10. 105stDLgB

    FIGG GANG !!!

  11. Mr.Figureoa Mont2

    I am the Denver Lanes you cowards know how we get fown yeah we been through some sh*% la lanes not deep but we are not to be f#@$ked with if u dont believe me go to the cemetary and ask your homies ….f#@$k internet banging tho you all are social media foos i fo not condone blood on blood kil#i*gg UBN or U B out u dig for all yall imposters…..

  12. West rida

    Every guy or guys that that ever f#@$ked wit tha lanes got got back at for the record…no losses ..quiet sucks…no losses…Boova’s are jokes and been jokes…ms13 come on y’all know y’all can’t f#@$k wit blood s that’s why yu pumpn sh*% up .and we don’t want your fake blank dope no more ..we gonna break y’all no business..all weed…

    • H.CrowN3

      f#@$k knccles cowboi and keV all died likes marks you liccs thinking y’all T.U. for some type of reason! Ha groove come to the set we on 850 west 56th st 56 and Vermont ave with it tho on H’z we at 659 w60th str off HooVA!! Tearin up the cikerimz and we just popped over there on 108th not too long ago!!! f#@$k dlbk and hpbk ftbk vngk 40k 5578k Sissy’s cheese toast and wafflosk VeRz did it you raymarks!

  13. jojo fisher

    sh*% Back in the day when banging first reached Portland, Oregon, my guy Tim (Batmite) was the only LA Blood in our school. it was full of Krabs from all over it seemed. them mofo’s where packing guys out and we had no clue what was going on. Tim used to walk around with DLB on his hats, shirts and everything. he didn’t give two fux about telling them guys “Its Denver Lane Blood” He walked up on them Krabs at lunch time when he first got there and they recognized he wasn’t to be messed with…..much love and rest easy my friend Tim.

  14. 109 Ridin

    O.O.G Peabody not dead, blood still locked up. That’s how I know guys ain’t did they homework. RIP Evil Al & Brazy

  15. Bubba Chett

    I think these internet gangsters are missing the point here. All gangsters need to stop hurting each other and put down their guns. Instead, the bloods and crips and mexicans can unite, and sell ice-creams. Offer a helping hand instead of a clenched fist, and that is real power. Hard work never ki*led anybody, and everybody likes ice cream, don’t they?



  17. Old School

    WW2 veteran ki*led on Fig in 1970 kids with rocks stoned him some became Denver Lanes later

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