Street gangs in Chicago, Illinois

Asian street gangs in Chicago

  1. Asian Boyz
  2. Black Shadow
  3. Black Widows
  4. Hop Sing
  5. Local Boys
  6. Wolf Boys

    Folk street gangs in Chicago

  7. Ambrose
  8. Allport Lovers
  9. Black Disciples
  10. Brazers
  11. City Knights
  12. Gangster Disciples (GD), branches include Eight ball Posse, Insane Gangster Disciples and Hellraisers
  13. Gangster Party People
  14. Harrison Gents
  15. Insane C-Notes
  16. Insane Campbell Boys
  17. Insane Cullerton Deuces
  18. Insane Deuces
  19. Insane Dragons
  20. Insane Guess Boys
  21. Insane Latin Lovers
  22. Insane Latin Jivers
  23. Insane Orchestra Albany
  24. Insane Popes (North Side)
  25. Insane Spanish Cobras
  26. Krazy Getdown Boys
  27. King Cobras
  28. La Raza
  29. Latin Dragons
  30. Latin Eagles
  31. Latin Stylers
  32. Latin Souls
  33. Maniac Campbell Boys
  34. Maniac Latin Disciples
  35. Milwaukee Kings
  36. Morgan Boys
  37. Racine Boys
  38. Satan Disciples (SD)
  39. Simon City Royals
  40. Spanish Gangster Disciples
  41. Spanish Gangster Two Six
  42. Two Two Boys
  43. Young Latino Organization Cobras
  44. Young Latino Organization Disciples

    People street gangs in Chicago

  45. Bishops
  46. Black P Stones (braches include Apache Stones, Jet Black Stones, Titanic Stones, Ruben Night Stones, Jabari Stones, & Black Stone Villans)
  47. Four Corner Hustlers
  48. Familia Stones
  49. Gaylords
  50. Insane Popes (South Side)
  51. Insane Unknowns
  52. Latin Brothers
  53. Latin Counts
  54. Latin Pachucos
  55. Latin Stones
  56. Loco Boys
  57. Mickey Cobras
  58. Noble Knights
  59. Outlaw Bloods
  60. Party Players
  61. Ridgeway Boys
  62. Saints
  63. Spanish Lords
  64. Stoned Freaks
  65. Twelvth Street Players
  66. Vice Lords (Branches include the Conservative VLs, Unknown VLs, Insane VLs, Renegade VLs, Mafia Insane VLs, Imperial Insane VLs, Cicero Insane VLs, Spanish VLs, Traveler VLs, Outlaw Lunatic Traveler VLs, Ebony VLs, Gangster Stone VLs, Undertaker VLs, & 4VLs.)
  67. Villalobos

    Street gangs in Chicago

  68. 12th Street Players
  69. Adidas Boys
  70. Akrhos
  71. Almighty Latin King / Queen Nation (ALKQN)
  72. Aztecas
  73. Aztec Souls
  74. Black Cobras
  75. Black Gangsters
  76. Black Souls
  77. Brown Pride
  78. Brothers For Life
  79. Cameron City Outlaws
  80. Crazy Gangsters
  81. Homicide Boys
  82. Imperial Gangsters
  83. La Onda
  84. La Primera
  85. Latin Mafia
  86. Latin Players
  87. Latin Pride
  88. Lynch Mob
  89. Netas
  90. Nike Boys
  91. Paulina Barry Community (PBC) [inactive]
  92. South Deering Boys
  93. Sawyer Boys
  94. The Arabian Posse
  95. Thugs Re-United
  96. Vatos Locos
  97. Whipple Boys
  98. Whipple Brothers
  99. Young Sinners

148 Comments for “Street gangs in Chicago, Illinois”

  1. Raybac MUsik

    I am grateful for what I have always watched gang movies don’t no y they interest me it could be the adrenaline but I would jst lie to get in a fan im white from NWI closest to the chitown fuck yeah Chicago i love black ppl and everyone unless u fuck with my friends but I’m flying solo anyone interested in me lmk hit me up on FB Rebecca Marie or Rebecca Marie marie mad love yall

  2. Lucifer

    I’m going after the saints they killed my fucking brother no I’m not in a gang but I will take them down

  3. jeezy0009

    Chicago got 3x the murder rate of L.A. and 10x new york .GBC.If a blood come to the chi they ride with people and if a cryp come they ride with the folks. I would love to c one ur gangs try to open up a spot on a block . murked! U fuck around and get smoked nigga. Wild 100s chiraq

    • sure BP f up mp

      Fuck u ther is puto atwon mp wheeling Sur 13 BP f s mp ask those sgdk ask them king k ask them SDk mldk who is make sound in Aurora, in mp,wheeling we shoot to kill

    • Chicago Crip

      You a stupid bitch jeezy… Fucc the folks and fucc the peoples this Cr1p

  4. C Lover

    Boys Town represent. Come through Nigga. Ill rape you. Pride all day Nigga. Get your bitch ass to Halsted Ave.

  5. Igsdn194

    This is a Chicago page.. I don’t how t.f u can compare Gay L.V to chi town… Y’all lame as fuckk..Alkqnkk bkk ckk 13kk 14kk ioakk icnkk…west coast is soft… Midwest..y’all talkkin about crackk head cities likke st Louis Detroit.. When crackk originated from crackk out west coast.. Y’all chu none of yu ever popped nothing or bodied sum real

  6. NSB

    Youve all missed the point… Our ancestors all fought to be here where we are today and gangs were a leg up, we’ve all got a shot now all of us to honor that struggle. They lived and died to give us better lives. I respect your hood all of you and I speak from respect I’d just rather own a bar than live behind them

  7. Monk

    Shit for 4 decades we Renegades – Insane Gangster Spanish Chancellor’s had our run up here in Chi-Town !

  8. Monk

    4 decade the Big time Gangster Insane Spanish Chancellor’s had our run in Chi – Town ! Black & Royal Blue all day long !

  9. shelove.papi


  10. shelove.papi


  11. uptownOLBzNBlood

    Aye the blood from the northside. This gang info is wrong. Anyway outlaw loko bloodz nation. My set dont click wit stones or ride under the fin. we are cool wit the stones, buy we dont click with them.

  12. jaysavage

    Bdk bitch 74 til the world blow ????????GDFOLK????????

  13. jaysavage

    Fuck lamron

  14. bdk

    Bdk its all bout jojo gang bro ???? fvck the opps but its tru we needa chill with the violence im pretty sure u niggaz would want younger brother or even ur kids getting in gangs and getting and why cz there loving daddy was affiliated too and he got them in a casket .

  15. suckmycock

    Yes fuck my pussy ouhhhhb

  16. jose

    fuck you you stupid bitch that’s why we fucking your bitch and catching all your hoes fuck niqqa

  17. texas429

    All you people are fucking idiots, keep killing each other its called natural selection for a reason. Do something with your life, get a job stop looking for handouts and realize that your own gang doesn’t give a fuck about you. Keep on believing your doing something relevant your own gangs make you give them the money you had to go out and hustle for and I’m damn sure your family don’t get a penny when your shot in the head and left in a ditch. Read a book educate your children and do something positive. You can’t figure out what’s wrong half you stupid motherfuckers can’t spell or complete a sentence. You might have wasted your life but save your kids and white people are not bad people they just make money off all this cause yall are too fucking stupid to change the trends and the lives you are living. #truth



  19. Chiraq BDK

    Chief Keef fight like a bitch. Come to uptown and yo bound to git yo punk as slapped. #ChiefQueef #bdbitch #sukkabaggadicks

  20. smoke_up

    WestCoast all Day everyday. U fools sound stupid competing on wich city is craziest. Truth be told chicago has a higher crime rate thus far..but that doesn’t take away that Los Angeles will always be crazy ass fuck. In the hood Pico Union shits always popping. In south central, watts, Compton ,Downtown L.A etc the streets are always HOT. A lot of murders that never make the news. But yea I heard chicago is crazy ass fuck rite now. Ima head to the sterling Il area soon. C wsup.

  21. Red G

    Look i have been a SGD from 88th and houston for 20 years and i dont know what the people nation do but latin folks get killled for fucking with fags so get your info right chi town crazy bitch alkk all day

  22. B's up

    The only reason shitcago is in the crime rate is because LA has already been up there for to long all the G’s are dead or in jail now ..straight fact

  23. chi all day

    B’s up fuck outta here bitch boi when yall Hollywood hos come out to da Chi we check yall like sum bitches. all the OGs out here ain’t out on da streets neither punk bitch fuck ya sayin get drilled on ho stay in yo lane pussay

  24. chi all day

    Shit funny how all em Hollywood hos gettin on a Chicago gang spot cappin like they bout dat shit lmao fugazzi ass bithces boi

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