Street gangs in New York City

New York City has a 200 year history of street gangs going back to the early 1800s. During the 1830s & 1840s the street gangs and political leaders worked together in a variety of illegal racquets. Some of the street gangs including youth were were descendents of the colonialists, but many gangs were formed by Irish, German and Jewish immigrants. By the middle of the 20th Century, street gangs were composed by Hispanic and Black youth and by the late 1970s and early 1980s, street gang identity was waning.

The advent of Hip-Hop culture, drew youth away from gangs and channeled their time on the streets into a variety of different art forms such as graffiti, break dancing and rapping. The competitive nature of hip-hop caused it to flourish during the 1980s in New York, but by the early 1990s, a new generation of youth were forming street gangs again.

The following list reflects gang names that have appeared in the following burroughs of New York. It does not mean that these gangs are actually active, but at some time in the past, graffiti of these gang have appeared on the walls.

The Bronx

  1. 18th Street Crips
  2. 18 Outlaw Bloods (18 O)
  3. 59 Brims
  4. 62 Harvard Park Brims
  5. 83 Gangster Crips
  6. 93 Bloods (NTG)
  7. 111 Neighborhood Crips
  8. 183 Bloods
  9. 252 Sex Money & Murder
  10. Ace Duece Tray Crips
  11. Almighty Latin King / Queen Nation (ALKQN)
  12. Black P Stones
  13. Black Spades [defunct]
  14. Blood Stone Villians
  15. Bounty Hunters
  16. Cholos Del Bronx
  17. Dominicans Dont Play
  18. Elm Street Piru
  19. G Stone 823
  20. Gangsta Killa Bloods
  21. Geer Gang Crips (773)
  22. Ghost Town
  23. Grape Street Crips, 81st Street
  24. Harlem Mafia Crips
  25. HMC Rollin 30s
  26. Hoovers, 59
  27. Hoovers, 74
  28. Hoovers, 83
  29. Hoovers, 92
  30. Insane Gangster Crips (ICG)
  31. Los Traviesos
  32. Mad Swan Bloods
  33. Miller Gangster Bloods
  34. MOB Piru – Murder One Bloods
  35. Neighborhood Rollin 20s Bloods
  36. Original Harlem Crip Rollin 30s
  37. Netas
  38. Nomads
  39. Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS13)
  40. Outlaw Gangster Crips
  41. PayBacc Crips
  42. Payback Gangsta Bloods
  43. PlayBoy Gangster Crips
  44. Rocc Gang Neighborhood Crip
  45. Rollin 20s Crips
  46. Rollin 40s Crips
  47. Rollin 60s
  48. Rollin 90s
  49. Santana Blocc Crips
  50. Savage Skulls
  51. Shot Gun Crips
  52. Suicide Murder Crip
  53. Tree Top Piru
  54. Valentine Bloods
  55. Wild Card Gangster Crips


  1. 18 Tray Outlaws (OET)
  2. 18th Street
  3. 43 Gangster Crips
  4. 83 Gangster Crips
  5. 9 Tray Bloods (NTG), Bedford Stuyvesant area)
  6. Avalon Gangster Crips
  7. Decepticons [defunct]
  8. East Gangster Crips
  9. G Shine
  10. G Stone Crips
  11. Gangster Killer Bloods (GKB)
  12. Ghost Town
  13. Little Boys Crew (LBC)
  14. Red Fam Piru
  15. South Brooklyn BoysOther
  16. South Side Crips


  17. 18th Street
  18. 59 Brims
  19. 83 Gangster Crips
  20. 93 Gangsters (NTG)
  21. 116th Street [defunct]
  22. 183 Gangster (OET)
  23. Almighty Latin King / Queen Nation
  24. Black P Stones
  25. Blood Stone Gangsters
  26. Dominicans Dont Play
  27. Galaxies [defunct]
  28. Jheri Curls [defunct]
  29. Flying Dragons
  30. Ghost Shadows
  31. Hop Sing Boys
  32. Korean Power
  33. Mad Dog Bloods
  34. Purple Gang [defunct]
  35. Red Fam Piru
  36. Sex Money Murder
  37. Trinitarios
  38. United Blood Nation
  39. Valentine
  40. White Tigers
  41. Wild Cowboys [defunct]
  42. Young Talented Children [defunct]

Staten Island

  1. 59 Brims
  2. 93 Bloods
  3. Albania Boys Inc (ABI)
  4. Almighty Latin King / Quenn Nations
  5. Gangster Killer Bloods
  6. G-Shine
  7. Nation of Gods & Earth (NGE)
  8. Trey Pounds

18 comments on “Street gangs in New York City

  1. Mack Dre on said:

    these are the foniest gangs in America, Bloods and Crips in NYC, crazyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LA CRIP on said:


      • Yo ny latin kings will put u six feet under. See gangland latin kings kings of ny. Yo u need a good latin king ass whipping

      • slink1211lk5 on said:

        The pin? You must mean the the pen you illiterate nig. I doubt youve really done any time in any real cali joint. Prolly checked in and debrief. Ill bet some latin king was running all up in your white girlfriend and now your all salty and shootin your mouth off about some shit you really have no idea about. KING LOVE BITCH!!! ADR

    • COASTER190 on said:


      • Watch the movie bugsy yo bugsy a ny mobster who made las vegaa had la mobster on their knees kissing his shoes. Yo that la shit be stupid shooting each other over colors mad dumb yo. Out here gangs is smart they use their heads they dont be killing innocent people like ya stupid asss . Yo la sitting on a fault one of these days california gonna disappear lol. Yo la motherfukets better start looking to move . See ny aibt got that problem. Ny is solid bed rock. Even in nature ny comes out on too over la. Yo remember ny is the biggest city and ya come in second. Lol ys punk ass will always be second to NY.

      • Gey the fuk out of here punk ass la biatch ny is original gangster before all yhat la shit ny gangs ruled. All ny mobster controlled chicago, vegas and la. Fuk out of here yo u swear ya is hard come to ny talking that shit u get done. Come mess with the mob out here and the gangs u get messed up. Before la ny was the murder capital of the nation 2000 murders a year. Fuk out of here ny started everything u wish la was ny punk

  2. Celestial Monks on said:

    Dear Cousins

    I am writing you to invite you to visit and review our Facebook page Celestial Monks, and also to ask you to please help us spread the news of this webpage, that may help some of our sisters and brothers who may need guidance on their journey to find themselves and spiritual enlightenment. We are on a mission to inform as many of our “Gangbaning” cousins, as we can about the lies they’ve been taught and the truths that have been hidden from us. Thank you, and may the Creator’s light always be with you.

    Monk Kuromba
    Zodiac Tribe of Virgo

  3. StedyRuckus on said:

    The fuck you get that the Decepticons were a white gang????

  4. chris black on said:

    Nation of gods n earths is not a gang…you can be with any street gang and be also of the god nation..which is the all in all..gangs is the weak part in you to join a gang…you are born god..

  5. brooklyn on said:

    Great New York City, Street Gangs Website. Check it out! Peace!

  6. Ya forgot to mention the biggest Mexican gang in ny.. The panchitos and scuadrons. Rzl

  7. SCARFACE on said:

    You got you’re listing all messed up HOMIE

    . BLACK SPADES – very active
    ( they have there reunions in the summer time)
    . SAVAGE SKULLS MC – some what active they also got chapters in N.J and P.A ( I know a few of them )
    . SAVAGE NOMADS – active
    ( I call them the weekend outlaws that’s the only time I see them)
    . REAPERS BRONX – active
    (They are an alumnae club now for old timers)
    . CHING-A-LINGS MC NOMADS – active
    (These guys aren’t a joke)

    Well we also have what’s it called invader clubs which means outlaw motorcycle clubs from other boroughs are setting up shop in the bronx

    . UNKNOWN BIKERS MC – Hunts point area
    . DIRTY ONES MC – Melrose area
    . CRAZY PISTONS MC – Mott Haven area

  8. SouthSide All Day on said:

    betcha didn’t notice, gangs are not listed for Queens NY. that’s because Queens niggaz don’t need gangs to handle business. we run up on u dolo. lol

    South Side Queens All Day !!!!!!

  9. Everything that was spoken in the comment section was unbelievably hard to read. More so because of the misspelling or lack of spelling due to street logic being placed in yet another pointless topic. There is no honor in gangbanging, no honor in “protecting your hood” (never got why you all fight for a street corner) and lets not forget once you are locked up NO ONE gives a shit about you until you are out the joint. What, a side from a short life, do you get out of “banging”? How the fuck did something placed together and meant to protect your race NOT STREET NAME/COLOR/REASON FOR LIVING

    • Lil Shadow on said:

      homeboy, people do this for a living, sometimes ur born into this, sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do to live in general.

  10. First, if yu new Yur history bloods and crips wwhere started in cali by stanltey willaims aka get ya Shit straight ny didn’t start Shit

    • Lil Shadow on said:

      NY started the mob, not a street gang and not a prison gang, and they was big, what these niggas dont realize is that, alot of these gangs nowadays originated in LA, the most dangerous street gang nowadays is MADE in LA, the most dangerous prison gang, WAS STARTED FROM LA. Most New Yorkers got mouths on them too and thats the main attribute u see that will tell u when they aint shit, the more someoen talk the less they about, and if u a real mo fucker, u should know this

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