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Street gangs in New York City

New York City has a 200 year history of street gangs going back to the early 1800s. During the 1830s & 1840s the street gangs and political leaders worked together in a variety of illegal racquets. Some of the street gangs including youth were were descendents of the colonialists, but many gangs were formed by Irish, German and Jewish immigrants. By the middle of the 20th Century, street gangs were composed by Hispanic and Black youth and by the late 1970s and early 1980s, street gang identity was waning.

The advent of Hip-Hop culture, drew youth away from gangs and channeled their time on the streets into a variety of different art forms such as graffiti, break dancing and rapping. The competitive nature of hip-hop caused it to flourish during the 1980s in New York, but by the early 1990s, a new generation of youth were forming street gangs again.

The following list reflects gang names that have appeared in the following burroughs of New York. It does not mean that these gangs are actually active, but at some time in the past, graffiti of these gang have appeared on the walls.

The Bronx

  1. 18th Street Crips
  2. 18 Outlaw Bloods (18 O)
  3. 59 Brims
  4. 62 Harvard Park Brims
  5. 83 Gangster Crips
  6. 93 Bloods (NTG)
  7. 111 Neighborhood Crips
  8. 183 Bloods
  9. 252 Sex Money & Murder
  10. Ace Duece Tray Crips
  11. Almighty Latin King / Queen Nation (ALKQN)
  12. Black P Stones
  13. Black Spades [defunct]
  14. Blood Stone Villians
  15. Bounty Hunters
  16. Cholos Del Bronx
  17. Dominicans Dont Play
  18. Elm Street Piru
  19. G Stone 823
  20. Gangsta Killa Bloods
  21. Geer Gang Crips (773)
  22. Ghost Town
  23. Grape Street Crips, 81st Street
  24. Harlem Mafia Crips
  25. HMC Rollin 30s
  26. Hoovers, 59
  27. Hoovers, 74
  28. Hoovers, 83
  29. Hoovers, 92
  30. Insane Gangster Crips (ICG)
  31. Los Traviesos
  32. Mad Swan Bloods
  33. Miller Gangster Bloods
  34. MOB Piru – Murder One Bloods
  35. Neighborhood Rollin 20s Bloods
  36. Original Harlem Crip Rollin 30s
  37. Netas
  38. Nomads
  39. Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS13)
  40. Outlaw Gangster Crips
  41. PayBacc Crips
  42. Payback Gangsta Bloods
  43. PlayBoy Gangster Crips
  44. Rocc Gang Neighborhood Crip
  45. Rollin 20s Crips
  46. Rollin 40s Crips
  47. Rollin 60s
  48. Rollin 90s
  49. Santana Blocc Crips
  50. Savage Skulls
  51. Shot Gun Crips
  52. Suicide Murder Crip
  53. Tree Top Piru
  54. Valentine Bloods
  55. Wild Card Gangster Crips


  1. 18 Tray Outlaws (OET)
  2. 18th Street
  3. 43 Gangster Crips
  4. 83 Gangster Crips
  5. 9 Tray Bloods (NTG), Bedford Stuyvesant area)
  6. Avalon Gangster Crips
  7. Decepticons [defunct]
  8. East Gangster Crips
  9. G Shine
  10. G Stone Crips
  11. Gangster Killer Bloods (GKB)
  12. Ghost Town
  13. Little Boys Crew (LBC)
  14. Red Fam Piru
  15. South Brooklyn BoysOther
  16. South Side Crips


  17. 18th Street
  18. 59 Brims
  19. 83 Gangster Crips
  20. 93 Gangsters (NTG)
  21. 116th Street [defunct]
  22. 183 Gangster (OET)
  23. Almighty Latin King / Queen Nation
  24. Black P Stones
  25. Blood Stone Gangsters
  26. Dominicans Dont Play
  27. Galaxies [defunct]
  28. Jheri Curls [defunct]
  29. Flying Dragons
  30. Ghost Shadows
  31. Hop Sing Boys
  32. Korean Power
  33. Mad Dog Bloods
  34. Purple Gang [defunct]
  35. Red Fam Piru
  36. Sex Money Murder
  37. Trinitarios
  38. United Blood Nation
  39. Valentine
  40. White Tigers
  41. Wild Cowboys [defunct]
  42. Young Talented Children [defunct]

Staten Island

  1. 59 Brims
  2. 93 Bloods
  3. Albania Boys Inc (ABI)
  4. Almighty Latin King / Quenn Nations
  5. Gangster Killer Bloods
  6. G-Shine
  7. Nation of Gods & Earth (NGE)
  8. Trey Pounds

242 Comments for “Street gangs in New York City”

  1. Mack Dre

    these are the foniest gangs in America, Bloods and Crips in NYC, crazyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wolfman

      the biggest oldest badest gang is the NYCPD

    • Yung fleet

      Eazy boi

    • ashamed newyorker

      TRUE FACT… New York gangs allow and participate in homosexuality in prison unlike L.A. that beat up gays in jail

      • Abh794

        You sound stupid

      • Ehundos

        Yoo my nigga suck my father dick fuck you talking bout homosexuality ?? i bet if you get locked up and do real time you gone be the first on being bend over dont drop the soap my brother .

      • Yung fleet

        Have pride for your city and stop suckin Dic boi

      • Yung fleet

        Wtf you writing boi

      • OGNYSHit

        your a fucking idiot if you think homosexual in l.a prison is not the same or worse they have male prostitutes in l.a jails you have no idea of what your saying your very ignorant you belong under a fucking rock with your ignorance

        • ashamed newyorker

          Fuck you!!!! You fucken piece of shit!!!! Homosexuals are everywhere but they ain’t accepted everywhere…L.A.gangs DON’T accept them but NY gangs DO accept them TRUE FACT….And I’m pretty sure your one of those FAGGETS >>OGNYSHit<<

    • Masteraceman

      Get ready for the biggest gang ever: Jesus Disciples.

      • heavensevenjesus

        true let his lighting bolts scatter his enemies.and throw satan and his demons to his home the lake of fire.

    • BMWDubbGangBeamerz30Z50Z90Z

      gang2 middle fingerz to all yall B.M.W is the WHUT UP! RIP Tazz. Been around the longest how the fuck yall aint put down:

      BMW Brooklyn Most Wanted
      CAB Church Ave Boys

      East Flatbush Brooklyn We ran the East Side Of Flatbush everbody know we had shit on lock since the 80’s how they got Ralphy Kids in the SOURCE MAgazine and all them Niggas in Ralphy Kids was BMW nigga WTF the shit make no sense.
      This Big Baby Threat Whut up to all my Beamerz Old To Yung Holding Down The Whuts The Flavor?

      Church Ave Boys: My Big Homies Skippa Don, Fat June, Drugz,Trav, Baby Doll, Nolans,Action,Long Brain,DD, Tool,RIP Big Ed We Miss You Ed, Free JOker, Mafa, Dave Woodstock, Fat Rob, Will, Prancer, Lem, Porter,and All Original Big Church Ave Heads

      Shout Outs To: BMW
      Flex, Tazz RIP, Spider, Homicide,Baby Homicide,Big Threat, Suicide, Hammer, Everlast, Baby Everlast, Baby Tazz, Jawbreaker, Excitbike, The Twins,Av,Sixpac, Mugsy, Bugsy, Kaos, Baby Kaos, Rel,Sting,Long, Tall,Black,Vision,Stan,Punchout, Halfpint, Chucky, Baby Dice RIP SMH, Shatuse RIP, Baby Black, Trigger, Baby Trigger,Baby Flex, RIP Punisher, SideKick,Baby Sidekick 1&2 ,Cheetah, Half pint, All the Dubbies Mini BMW, Micro BMW, Prince,Free Smurk, Brookz, Range,Milk, Damn Son So many more We was like 600 Deep all my BMW’s from 30’Z,40’Z,50’Z, Bushwick, Bed Stuy, Brownsville, Crown heights up the hill The Bronx.1

    • Trinidad

      Fuck all you PUTOriCANTS you all stink and your dirty because you don’t shower you ALLOW CHILD MOLESTERS and RAPISTS in LK that’s why we’re talking over TRINITARIOS

    • LA CRIP


      • drjoe

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    • COASTER190


      • OGNYSHit

        You L.A niggas keep disrespecting NY like Original NY aint still out here THEM OG’s yall in Cali back in the days used to follow and wanna be down with shut the fuck up and keep my city out ya mouth nigga aint shit sweet out here I dont give a fuck whut you is Nigga there aint nuthin sweet about my CIty theres OGS out here dont give a fuck about that crip and blood shit nigga recognize you get left out here talking reckless nigga watch ya fucking mouth fuck you

        • Xbshjs

          Stfu, nigga. Look at your ganglist. Just another fact that NY is on Cali’s nuts. But yall are worse with that dumbass 5 star 6 star shit. That don’t fly on the West. Fuck NY.

        • watts3000

          Create ur own gang n let it b know like d crips n bloods in L.A.fake NY gangs

      • drjoe

        Watch the movie bugsy yo bugsy a ny mobster who made las vegaa had la mobster on their knees kissing his shoes. Yo that la shit be stupid shooting each other over colors mad dumb yo. Out here gangs is smart they use their heads they dont be killing innocent people like ya stupid asss . Yo la sitting on a fault one of these days california gonna disappear lol. Yo la motherfukets better start looking to move . See ny aibt got that problem. Ny is solid bed rock. Even in nature ny comes out on too over la. Yo remember ny is the biggest city and ya come in second. Lol ys punk ass will always be second to NY.

      • drjoe

        Gey the fuk out of here punk ass la biatch ny is original gangster before all yhat la shit ny gangs ruled. All ny mobster controlled chicago, vegas and la. Fuk out of here yo u swear ya is hard come to ny talking that shit u get done. Come mess with the mob out here and the gangs u get messed up. Before la ny was the murder capital of the nation 2000 murders a year. Fuk out of here ny started everything u wish la was ny punk

        • BlackpStoneOutstandingmemberbloodmobredgang

          Have to correct you ny mobsters did not run chicago they worked with Chicago mobsters like a family their were outfits alreafy in chicago and ny joined up with them and introduced the capone era but their were many “organizations” throughout chicago that the mob could not influence with extortion or drive bys because they couldnt get into those neighborhoods…Daley controlled chicago and then capone/street organizations worth with him sife by side.

        • BlackpStoneOutstandingmemberbloodmobredgang

          Fuck outta here nigga u niggaz aint run shit

        • Xbshjs

          Shut up, NY is garbage. Your hoods flop harder than your rap artists. Hop on your L train.

        • The farmer

          At least we got the BOMB WEED out here! U ain’t shit no more NY! Yea, u was on top at one time. Keep livin in the past and get wit it. U guys get sweated bu the pigs for weed!? We got it good out here. That’s why muthafukas form ny are haters. Living in tall dirty ass buildings, shit we have most of us have our own houses without having to live on top of eachother like rats. We boogey on the freeway pushin hard! Cali is better by far. New Yorkers I’ve met out here like it better. You may have started it, we perfected it. Quote kurrupt, Y’all ain’t shit New York. That’s why terrorist attacked y’all, we are too cool to fuck wit!

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  3. StedyRuckus

    The fuck you get that the Decepticons were a white gang????

    • rabi andjew

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      -Rabi Anjew

  4. chris black

    Nation of gods n earths is not a gang…you can be with any street gang and be also of the god nation..which is the all in all..gangs is the weak part in you to join a gang…you are born god..

  5. brooklyn

    Great New York City, Street Gangs Website. Check it out! Peace!

  6. Chavos

    Ya forgot to mention the biggest Mexican gang in ny.. The panchitos and scuadrons. Rzl


    You got you’re listing all messed up HOMIE

    . BLACK SPADES – very active
    ( they have there reunions in the summer time)
    . SAVAGE SKULLS MC – some what active they also got chapters in N.J and P.A ( I know a few of them )
    . SAVAGE NOMADS – active
    ( I call them the weekend outlaws that’s the only time I see them)
    . REAPERS BRONX – active
    (They are an alumnae club now for old timers)
    . CHING-A-LINGS MC NOMADS – active
    (These guys aren’t a joke)

    Well we also have what’s it called invader clubs which means outlaw motorcycle clubs from other boroughs are setting up shop in the bronx

    . UNKNOWN BIKERS MC – Hunts point area
    . DIRTY ONES MC – Melrose area
    . CRAZY PISTONS MC – Mott Haven area

  8. SouthSide All Day

    betcha didn’t notice, gangs are not listed for Queens NY. that’s because Queens niggaz don’t need gangs to handle business. we run up on u dolo. lol

    South Side Queens All Day !!!!!!

  9. J

    Everything that was spoken in the comment section was unbelievably hard to read. More so because of the misspelling or lack of spelling due to street logic being placed in yet another pointless topic. There is no honor in gangbanging, no honor in “protecting your hood” (never got why you all fight for a street corner) and lets not forget once you are locked up NO ONE gives a shit about you until you are out the joint. What, a side from a short life, do you get out of “banging”? How the fuck did something placed together and meant to protect your race NOT STREET NAME/COLOR/REASON FOR LIVING

    • Lil Shadow

      homeboy, people do this for a living, sometimes ur born into this, sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do to live in general.

  10. Jake

    First, if yu new Yur history bloods and crips wwhere started in cali by stanltey willaims aka get ya Shit straight ny didn’t start Shit

    • OGNYSHit

      You dont even know your history fake nigga Washington then tookie started crips not Bloods get your facts straight you a fake cali dude whack ass shut the fuck up with that fake shit

    • Lil Shadow

      NY started the mob, not a street gang and not a prison gang, and they was big, what these niggas dont realize is that, alot of these gangs nowadays originated in LA, the most dangerous street gang nowadays is MADE in LA, the most dangerous prison gang, WAS STARTED FROM LA. Most New Yorkers got mouths on them too and thats the main attribute u see that will tell u when they aint shit, the more someoen talk the less they about, and if u a real mo fucker, u should know this

      • OGNYSHit

        WE GOT MOUTHS AND WE BACK THAT SHIT BITCH you fake inaccurate punk faggot fuck you with your trying create history over the history thats already in the true books fuck your opinion we deal with fact fake ass cali wankster you fake piece of shit you need to shut the fuck up fake faker the mexican mafia are followers that started the following from prison oh fact you bitch learn it bitch be for real oh I forget you cant be for real your from cali fake piece of shit fuck what you have to say


        “Most New Yorkers got mouths on them too”???

        And we back it up too!!! That gang crap didn’t start in Cali!!! We had 200 years in the game way before Cali was even state!!!

      • OGNYSHit

        First off fuck you. You sound like one of those scrap south sider dumb punk ass proud bitches it will be know having from you bitches your whole protocol is weak we dont play that racist bullshit in NY will kill the 13 out here fuck scraps and fuck la fema we ll kill you bitch mexicans out here yall some punks I hear what the east coast and black p stones and gansters and hoover do to you wetbacks we dare yall to come to NY with that shit we gone kill you weak racial wetbacks off fuck mexico yall have hatred towards my people for skin color fuck mexico well rob your drugs and kill mexicans in NY Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Harlem, Shalin and Strong Island fuck mexico well kill yall racial bitches off

        • L.A.

          FuCK you NIGGER loud mouths are the biggest cowards I guess that’s why NY has a lot of them you just mad because you can’t keep up with us we surpassed the Italian mafia and JUAREZ MEXICO has the highest MURDER RATE IN THE WORLD it’s all so a hell of a smaller city than NY

        • ASSASSIN

          Fuck your race OGNYshit… your a fucken bitch

        • OGNYSHit

          Where you at bitch? Where in NY NYwetback? Write down the cross streets and the Borough I ll show you what Im talking about you mexicans is pussy you have no block. Fuck what you have to say bitch just write down the block just for running your mouth

        • OGNYSHit

          Where you at bitch? Where in NY NYwetback? Write down the cross streets and the Borough I ll show you what Im talking about you mexicans is pussy you have no block

        • hypocritical

          Fuck you (OGNYshit) come to my neighborhood and say that shit you’ll get chopped into pieces.. MEXICAN NYORKER

        • hypocritical

          Look who’s the racist… Fuck your race (OGNYshit)

  11. Bada55nh

    This list is so wrong for one they don’t even have queens which by far had the most gangs in it for two I never even heard of half these fake ass gangs I’m from South Side 55Nhc 111ave 50’s and we been here for a long time as well as the 131 pay bacc crips and the gangs out here is on our shit bk hk gk and I’m out


      we have a gang history that dates back to the billy the kids days thats from the (1800’s) thats why they called us the WILD WILD WEST

  12. watts3000

    Ny has always wanna b like L.A create ur own gang n let it b know like d crips n bloods we started gangster rap n u guys wanna b like us we rep hw hood to d fullest u can c it in our song westside 4 life u guys don’t rep ur hood hardly b4 u NY rappers callin eastcoast

    • Noir

      Don’t be an idiot ny had gangs before la was a one horse town

    • james

      you guys are stuck in one area go to the beach. 4 block runners. NYC got B’s & C’s from here to Texas. We so fake why we controlling other states. Learn b4 typing watts3000

    • NYC456

      NYC has a strong Gangster history way before L.A & Chiraq. Not to knock those 2 cities but I bet if any city in the u.s. has had a 9-11 and as much Cops and Cameras in the hood like NYC then you’ll would of slowed down too. Plus NYC still has a nurder rate of 400-500plus a year. Its sad but true. NYC is a city that has showed other cities how to be Gangster MR watts3000 so you should do some home work first.

      • watts LosAngeles Cripifornia

        Yeah right yo city ain’t witt the business. Y’all stole got gangs with park in it where it aint even no park cuss they came from La/cpt/lbc. On crip y’all got almost 10million ppl aint reason y’all should be below 300 kill in a year y’all pose to be ova 1000 easy

        • Noir

          How can you be proud of your home city having a higher murder rate than another city , you must have brain damage

    • james

      You should do some home work before making a statement like that. NYC has a strong gangster history way before L.A & Chicago. Now i’m not knocking those cities but I bet if any city in the U.S has had a 9-11 like NYC then you’ll see how much cops and cameras are put in your hoods. NYC has more Cops and Cameras in the hoods then any city on the map and we still have a murder rate 400-500+ a year. Sad to say… We don’t need to be like any other city when this city has shown other cities how to be Gangster 1st.

      • Nycwolfpack

        Respest due All y’all talking shit to each other, gangs where originally started. In new york in the late 1800’s by immigrant whites, so y’all all do your fucking history, so’s and chiraqua’ers new york got you with all this gang shit. I know we all gotta survive but dame y’all rep killing eachother for sport instead of survival

  13. james

    Say what you want about NYC. This City has a Strong Gangster History. A History older then L.A & Chicago street gangs. Now I’m not knockin L.A & Chicago but to anybody on this site talking about NYC is this and that are just saying it behind the safty of there computer. Learn some History about NYC. 9-11 changed alot of things out here and I bet if 9-11 was in any other City like NYC you punks would have as much cops and cameras in da hoods like NYC. Sad to say but we still have over 400-500 murders a year.

  14. james

    NYC has a stronger gangster history the LA & Chiraq. We got you guy rappin getting money. 9-11 slowed us down with all the cameras but 400-500 murders a year would put you under dirt. keep sleepin

  15. The farmer

    And your weed prices suck. You can’t compare, the weather, the girls, the whole lifestyle is better. We sport tank tops in the nice Cali sun. Fuckin New Yorkers and their shitty, dirty ass city. That’s why they tried to wipe y’all off the planet.

    • Roccy Loc

      Yall Motherfuccers get earthquakes nd shit fucc outta here

    • OGNYSHit

      Dont nobody need cali weed no more not since they have seeds and Hydroponic Marijuana cfl uv Grow Light technology nobody even caring about L.A weed no more. the chicks are run down out there and cali sucks now its really whack in cali not like how it used to be shit changed id rather miami than cali, cali fell off

      • Xbshjs

        That’s why everybody wants to come to Cali. You rarely hear anybody talking about wanting to go to NY anymore. Fuck that stankbooty place lmao.

      • Fuck u

        Fuck your race OGNYShit.. your a fucken punk ass SNITCH too

        • NYC OG SHIT

          YOU THE fucking wetback that sits here on the net on every page commenting you a fucking joke you have no stripes in the street coward ass wetback typical punk fucking fake wetback cali wetbacks are weak they must band together because there the weakest breed fucking spaniard slaves. everybody knows this weak bitches

        • Fuck a SNITCH

          Fuck you (OGNYSHit) Fuck your (mother) your (father) and your whole (family) and your (race) your nothing but a punkass RAT SNITCH

        • OGNYSHit

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      • The farmer

        At least herb is practically legal out here. So fuck you!
        Peace to my homies in Colorado and Washington they 100pcent legal. We will be next. Hi yeah, New Yorkers pay too much for tobacco too. Fuckn morons

        • Xbshjs

          Lmfao, Og trying to call somebody a rat. But he’s from NY where there’s thousands of rats crawling around. Go catch one of them muhfuckas. NY is garbage.

  16. The farmer

    You probably need lights and all that shit in ny. Where the weather suxx! Out here I got the hot ass California sun. While you are freezn ure ass off in the east coast. I grow my shit out doors majority of the year. Great weather. Bithcez probably can’t even wear skimpy ass clothes cuz it’s so fuckin cold. All I see is ass,ass and more ass out here son! New York only has one good thing goin for it, the hip hop scene that’s it.

    • Fuck a SNITCH

      Fuck you (OGNYSHit) Fuck your (mother) and your (father) and your (family) and your (race) you ain’t nothing but a fucken RAT SNITCH you PUNKASS internet banger

      • NYC OG SHIT

        your the only snitch here RAT BITCH

      • OGNYSHit

        but you aint put down where the block you at???? if im a internet banger write your block down and who you are bitch? dont respond until you do that you fucking pussy id like to put a few bullets in your fucking head who you think you talking to bitch I aint never snitch on nobody you up here running your mouth wheres the paperwork you fucking idiot???? precisely your full of bullshit I aint got shit to hide youd be in a pool of blood running your punk ass mouth from the head bitch you here typing because of free wifi write down the block you bitch we can handle this in the streetz youll die bitch

        • Fuck a SNITCH

          Your a punkass BITCH going hard over the internet saying put down my street when you saying you live in Miami you ain’t nothing but an INFORMANT ready to call the cops on me for terrorist threats I know you, you been EXPOSED you and your punkass dad are fucken SNITCHES and that whore mother of yours fucked that fat detective to get you of that drug charge

    • OGNYSHit

      all i heard was blah you fucking dummy fucking cali is whack and you know that truth hurts you bitch I ll be in Miami were its the truth not fake ass cali I lived in cali did everything there dont want to be there its fucking whack fuck fake ass cali great place to visit thats all I was there and everybody from everywhere else says the same shit its fake out there and the locals are plastic fucking lame and you never heard someone visit NEW YORK and say that shit without missing a tooth or some shit you always hear the energy is crazy the people there are real and rude we dont take no bullshit and we dont fake no punches and its firmly known about New York the shit is real in New York straight and uncut come here with your cali bullshit and leave in box fuck you IM FROM NEW YORK bitch

  17. Fuck a SNITCH

    Your nothing but a punkass SNITCH (OGNYSHit)


      the fake part of cali is because of them wetbacks always faking lying talking bullshit them wetbacks dont have no respect fake ass taco bitches weak as fuck fuck wetbacks

    • OGNYSHit


  18. OGNYSHit

    fuck this mediator fucking putting 18st as the first in every category they aint first first for what?FUCK YOU BITCH!

  19. Fuck a SNITCH

    Fuck you (OGNYSHit) you the biggest NETBANGER around..saying put down my street in NY when you saying you live in Miami you saying you gonna kill people over the internet you ain’t nothing but a FRAUD I know exactly who you are your punk ass dad is a fucken SNITCH just like you and the whore mother of yours fucked that fat detective to get you of that drug charge you been EXPOSED buster

    • OGLASHit

      Man I know this punk that goes by the name OGNYSHit he does come to cali he comes every year to March in the GAY pride Parade in San Francisco he’s always wearing daisy dukes…I be backhanding he’s BITCH ass every year but he really loves that DICK because he keeps coming back every year

  20. cutamexicanwettbackheadsoffday

    To the fucking mexican wetback l.a fuck the laema you spanard slave wetback roach fuck mexico its a seis pool thats why you border hopping roach keep get ting deported illegal roach get smoked bitch weak bitch truth hurts you fucking follower beaner

    • Mexican LATIN KING

      Fuck you NIGGER !!!! I can go thru any street with my Mexican flag and nobody will do shit to me because the almighty LATIN KINGS control were ever we stroll {so if your really from NYORK OGNYSHit you know we’re we at so come thru BITCH and see who’s head gets cut off

  21. OGNYSHit

    @ashamed newyorker your a loser a fucking idiot disgrace they have all kinds of gay latino gangs in east l.a pomona 13 did gay porn and a bunch of scraps are proud faggets fucking eachother 18st have transsexuals real shit ms13 have manicures they call them faggets you say its allowed in NY your a fucking idiot how the fuck do you say every gang allows fags in there gang speak on the latins in NY cause thats who you talking about you idiot fuck fags i fuck with strictly pussy you misrepresenting the whole city on 1 set of people in the city YOU IGNORANT FUCKING DISGRACEFUL BITCH YOUr putting down your own city and bigging up a state that dont deserve it because you dont know what you speaking there are fagget scraps in l.a you stupid

    • N14

      Well $aid homie…….lol..

    • Mexican LATIN KING

      Fuck you nigger I’m Mexican and proud of it I walk thru any street in NY and nobody dares challenge me because were a LATIN KING strolls he controls so If you really from NYORK OGNYSHit you know we’re we at bring it BITCH

      • racetrackrick

        u aint no latin king for one they don’t have the sureina and they are mostly Puerto rican and domenican but they are also enemies with black gangs still you are a sureina piece of scum take your beaner wetback ass back to mexico for I call immigration

      • OGNYSHit

        Who are you? What block? Lk are food my Bloods is washing you bitches left and right. What you think it cant happen to you bitch them ddp got yall running scared you said that like you cant get bodied you fucking wetback you a roach you spaniard slave youll die right where you at puuuuussssy fuck punk ass wetbacks youl get washed just how we do you queens on the island fuck wetbacks it aint safe for you bitxh ill cut your fucking off. Whut up?

    • ashamed newyorker

      First off you keep talking to me like if I’m Latino or Hispanic well I’m not your just a racist blaster and a really big time netbanger

      • mexicansISpuusssssy murder dem

        Fuck wetbacks punk ass wetbacks get punked beat up and smoked all across fuck mexico you have pride then bitch fuck you doing here fuck outta here fake punk ass breed we more indigious fuck spaniard slave taken shots and beat downs will never run shit in NY not as long as the Original clicks here My WEST INDIANS JAMAICANS TRINI ANTIQUA GUYANESE GRENADA BAHAMAS HATIANS all W.I Tribes BIG UP and all dem real niggahs and da real Gs WE GONE RUN YA OFF THE BLOCK WE DONT TAKE NO BACK CHAT MURDER DEM BALD HEAD PUSSSY BOIS A DEAD YA FUCKING DEAD this aint l.a pussy fuck wetbacks

      • mexicansISpuusssssy murder dem

        Fuck wetbacks punk ass wetbacks get punked beat up and smoked all across fuck mexico you have pride then bitch fuck you doing here fuck outta here fake punk ass breed we more indigious fuck spaniard slave taken shots and beat downs will never run shit in NY not as long as the Original clicks here My WEST INDIANS JAMAICANS TRINI ANTIQUA GUYANESE GRENADA BAHAMAS HATIANS all W.I Tribes BIG UP and all dem real niggahs and da real Gs WE GONE RUN YA OFF THE BLOCK WE DONT TAKE NO BACK CHAT MURDER DEM BALD HEAD PUSSSY BOIS A DEAD YA FUCKING DEAD this aint l.a pussy

      • OGNYSHit

        Fuck you you a bitch. No pride a fucking fag. netbanger? im in these streets for real I been ringin bells. Been tearing shit up on the island 1upper cmc houses with the lifers and predicate cutters is you fucking stupid you a fucking fake.

        • Mexican LATIN KING

          Fuck you NIGGER you nothing but a fucken NIGGER boy SLAVE… LATINKINGS run it all you monkeys are just target practice LAUGHABLE!!! stop hating on Mexico BITCH you will never be as crazy ass mexicans one of our smallest towns has the highest MURDER RATE IN THE WORLD (JUAREZ MEXICO)so grow balls before talking your shit and actually do something BITCHHHHH

  22. mexicansISpuusssssy murder dem

    Where you at? Another punk ass wetback what block are you FAG? you a fake bitch king who you false claimer? You require treatment pussy ass coward Fuxking wetback spaniard slave bitch false take over bitches ill get you touched got this bitch scared to say his name and what block you claim fuxking wetback wanna be spic pop you in your face fucking peasant.

  23. mexicansISpuusssssy murder dem

    Where you at? Another punk ass wetback what block are you FAG? you a fake bitch king who you false claimer? You require treatment pussy ass coward Fuxking wetback spaniard slave bitch false take over bitches ill get you touched got this bitch scared to say his name and what block you claim fuxking wetback wanna be spic pop you in your face fucking peasant you have no crown to test ill murder you pussy

    • Mexican LATIN KING

      Alright BITCH let see met up on my spot (81 central ave) on this 4th of July that way you’ll have enough time to read this message…I’m talking to (OGNYSHit) Fuck the netbanging talk is cheap come thru is you have the balls BITCH.. and if you don’t witch I know you ain’t I’m going to EXPOSE you as BITCH ass coward

      • racetrackrick

        u wont do shit but go find your boyfriend another shaven head faggot whos dick u will be sucking and fucking I called immigration already

      • OGNYSHit

        You a lying FAG bitch…. who are you bitch? What borough? You a dead wetback. We kill wetbacks for fun roach you puttin anything you fucking cowards whos your name? What crossstreet?

        • Mexican LATIN KING

          You ain’t nothing but a PUNKASS FRAUD if you were really from around here you would know how to find us you would know our spots at (179 Jefferson st) (179 Starr st) (180 Jefferson st) (Irving ave) in the (BUSHWICK) section of (BROOKLYN) so if you’re really from here come thru it’s the 3rd I gave you till the 4th of July to prove you a real man and not a netbanger I told you my streets everybody knows our spots everybody knows we’re to find a LATINKING so either you not from here or you are from here and just pretending to be STUPID and not know the streets I’m talking about…so enough said I’m calling you on your BLUFF you got till the 4th to prove your not a COWARD

  24. Mexican LATIN KING

    It’s the 4th I’m waiting for you (OGNYSHit) come and prove you ain’t all talk I’m calling you on your BLUFF you run the keyboard a lot now prove you a real NEWYORKER I come thru… you asked for my street I gave it to you I’m calling you out…a Mexican said it

    • abk king killa/8II3 gsc


    • Mexican LATIN KING

      EXPOSED EXPOSED EXPOSED !!!!!! (OGNYSHit) got exposed as a COWARD he asked for my streets so he can come over and kill me but when it came down to it and I gave him my streets and he didn’t show up he ain’t nothing but a NETBANGER going hard on his keyboard and nothing more all that shit he talked about mexicans and now he got EXPOSED as a COWARD buy one.. so don’t nobody listen to him he’s nothing but a FRAUD and a COWARD

      • racetrackrick

        cause you were getting you faggot ass boyfriends he aint stupid I know if it was fair playing field you run and hide cause you a punk ass Mexican faggot and immigration is waiting so obviously you ran like a rat

      • ashamed newyorker

        I’m ashamed for OGNYSHit….

        • Fuck a SNITCH

          I knew OGNYSHit was a FRAUD and a COWARD he just goes hard on the keyboard but in person he’s as soft as charming tissue OGNYSHit is a straight bitch HAHAHAHAHA

  25. hypocritical

    OGNYSHit is a pussy for running his mouth and not backing it up…Fucken BITCH

    • OGNYSHit

      This to anybody talking shit fucking fags said bluff bitch who the fuck are you As I already said I back anything I speak on PUSSY fucking fags IM IN THE STREETS MAKING MONEY HOE ass bitch what your name you pussy ass peasant fucking internet pussies on the internet all day no life YOU BITCH YOU STILL AINT SAY WHO THE FUCK YOU IS YOU A BITCH HIDING BEHIND A GROUP NAME THAT DONT HOLD MUCH WEIGHT WHEN I CATCH YOU ITS GONNA BE A WRAP BITCH WHO ARE YOU IF YOU WAS A REAL QUEEN YOU WOULD HAVE STATED FOR THE RECORDED WHO YOU ARE YOU FAKE PUSSY WHAT THEY CALL YOU FOR THE 5TH TIME WHO ARE YOU????

      • Expose

        Ohh stop it (ognyshit) everybody here knows you been exposed as a bitch ..hahaha

        • Expose

          Fuck your mother OGNYSHit.. Stop false claiming you coward ass bitch you were called out by a mexican that lives in newyork he called you out in advanced time and when it was time to show up all of a suden you weren’t in newyork anymore !!! Fucken coward just stop and have some dignity and self respect and stop all this net bangging

        • OGNYSHit

          Im too real for you bitch ass inaccurate pussies. KEEP HIDING TALKIN SHIT AND BEING ANONOMOUS SO WHEN WE COME ON THAT BLOCK YOU CAN FRONT AND COP PLEES. im exposed as what a Real one that will kill your bitch ass fuck a fag trying to talk shit on the net. just know if I catch ya pussy ass the right time wherever its a wrap for ya pussy fuck what you say you pussy. your words hold no could happen to anyone of you fuck a spain slave wetback anyone speaking on THE NYC fuck your mother

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