Street gangs in Oakland, California

Street gangs in Oakland

Asian gangs

  1. 24 Crips
  2. 3rd Generation Crip (3GC)
  3. Asian Crips Everywhere (ACE)
  4. Asian Street Walker (ASW)
  5. Ah Mouis
  6. Bui Doi
  7. Oaktown Crips (OTC)
  8. Oaktown Junior Crips (OJC)
  9. Oakland Mien Crips (OMC)
  10. Oakland Mien Boyz (OMB)
  11. Oakland San Leandro Boys
  12. Rulers of Chinatown
  13. Ruthless Mafia Crip
  14. Sons of Samoa
  15. Viet Boys
  16. Wah Ching
  17. Wo Hop To (triad)
  18. Black gangs

  19. 11 Five Mob
  20. 23rd Ave
  21. 69 Mob
  22. 71 Gangsters
  23. 85th Avenue Mob
  24. 98 Crew
  25. Acorn Mob
  26. B Street Boys
  27. Brookfield Gangsters
  28. Bushrod Park Gang
  29. Cadillac Club
  30. Four One Five
  31. Funktown
  32. Ghost Town Gang
  33. Imperial Gangsta Thuggz (IGT)
  34. North Side Oakland
  35. Pheddie Mobb Gangsta Bloods (PMGB)
  36. Rollin 70s
  37. Smoke Town
  38. West Street Gangsters
  39. Stone City

    Hispanic Norteno gangs

  40. 500 Locos
  41. 38th Street Locos
  42. Barrio Majados Solamente
  43. East 7th locos
  44. Fruitvale Gangsters
  45. Most Popular Latinas
  46. Untouchables

    Hispanic Sureno gangs

  47. South Side Locos

    Hispanic gangs

  48. Border Brothers

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  9. Asian Street Walker


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  19. Christopher Jenkins

    This is a fascinating debate you guys have going here. A lot of good points have been made. For example, I also dislike scraps. The tend to clog up the garbage disposal. I prefer to put them in the compost. Luckily, Oakland has those very gangsterish green bins for exactly that purpose.
    Anyhow, as I was saying, some very sharp analysis by the fellas (and ladies) that have written before me. I imagine you all have a very bright future ahead of you. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

  20. Christopher Jenkins


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  23. Alan Munguia

    Does anybody know how to come in contact with these gangs?

  24. Alan Munguia

    Does anybody know how to contact one of these gangs?


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