Street Gangs in Sacramento, California

Street gangs in Sacramento, CA

Asian gangs

  1. Bahalana Gang
  2. Insane Viet Boys
  3. Lemon Hill Posse
  4. Menace Of Destruction Gang
  5. Oriental Boys
  6. Paul Side Wah Ching
  7. Sac Town Bad Boys
  8. Tiny Little Rascalz (TLR)
  9. Tiny Rascals Gang (TRG)
  10. Viet Pride Gangsters

    Blood gangs

  11. Beast Mobb
  12. Beldon Street
  13. Del Paso Heights
  14. Detroit Blvd Bloods (DBB)
  15. Elm Street
  16. Flats
  17. MeadowView Bloods (MVB)
  18. Lincoln Village Piru (LVP)
  19. Oak Park Bloods (OPB)
  20. Strawberry Manors
  21. True Heights Villans
  22. Valley High Pirus

    Crip gangs

  23. Blacc Boy Crip
  24. El Camino Crips
  25. Garden Blocc Crips 21st, 24st, 29st
  26. Highland Crips
  27. Nogales Street Gangster Crips (NSGC)
  28. Pope Street Crips
  29. Power Inn Crips
  30. Sac Town Crips (STC)
  31. Sons Of Samoa Crips
  32. South Sac Locsta’s
  33. Tongan Crip Gang
  34. Valley High Crips
  35. West Gate Crips

    Nortenos Hispanic gangs

  36. Barrio Pachuco Nortenos
  37. Broderick Boys
  38. Del Paso Heights
  39. Diamonds
  40. Franklin Boys
  41. Hillsdale North Highlands
  42. Varrio Garden Block
  43. Varrio Gardenland
  44. Varrio North Sacra

    Sureno Hispanic gangs

  45. 47th
  46. Angelino Heights
  47. Barrio Sur Trece (BST)
  48. Grand Park Locos
  49. Howe Park Surenos (HPS)
  50. Triangle Park Surenos (TPS)
  51. Varrio Centro Sacra (VCS)
  52. West Side Thugs (WST)

    Other gangs

  53. Elder Creek Mobb
  54. G-Mobb
  55. Monk Mobb

681 Comments for “Street Gangs in Sacramento, California”

  1. Truthis

    Check it – I see a lot of Juan’s on here gang bangin and that’s coo and all but you can only do it on the internet; real life you are what you are; BITCHES!!!!

    Real gangsta – don’t sit on the internet trying to see which gang is the toughest because real gansta’s are on the streets gettin it in!!!

    Slobs, Northerngirls, Southern girls, .. y`all speak the loudest but ain’t saying shit!!!

    The real gansta’s (Asian Crips and Black Crips) are putting it down … you don’t hear them on here screaming through type words!!! Get wet or get Slept your internet bangin means nothing to real Sactown G’s!!!

    Project Trojan’s North Richtown boy – what it due cuzzzz … Sac we got luv for ya … let the real gansta stand up!!!!

  2. Oriental Lazy Boys Bloods

    Fucc you crabK bitch you blueK rag wearing niggersK aint about shit we be putting mad ass work on yall everywhere we run into to you

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  5. cisNeros

    hillsdale Nortenos all day nigga. North Highlands Gangsta shit believe that ENE.

  6. shhhhhh

    3700 block and 46th ave. Sacramento, Ca. Anybody from this area?


    VISA X4 GANG!!

  8. DPHX4

    Fuck a skrap puro norte sacra D.P.H Run up or shut up




    This some fucc boy shit cuzz . Get off the net and come funk with these garden blocc niggas , valley hi crip niggas , six eight dog crip niggas , 2900/3200 tongan crip niggas . etc . i give props to niggas , regardless . b’s or c’s i give niggas props . and u niggas got 0 cuzz . real crip shit bitch .

  11. Imperial Village Crip

    Fucc TongansK yall nappy headed islandersK are a bunch of bitches to scared to catch a fade… fucc slobsK northputasK seweratsK and especially TongansK



  13. SouthxSidexGardens

    Let me drop some real gang knowledge on niggas . theres some sets u niggas aint mention first also aint on the list . six eight dog crip , loma verde bloods , rich rollin 50’s crip (united with 29th) , sleep zilla (blood crew made up of different sets) , LCG (laotion crip gang) , tongans r on 29th and on 32nd in the gardens (crip) . now let me get into detail bout the rich rollin 50’s . they were by 47th avenue area WAY back in the day . all of em went over to 29thstreet to make it bigger tho . alot of niggas (OG’s) from 29th street are originally rich rollin 50’s from the time before the gang unite thing happen . niggas like dirt , hi-sizzle , etc was from 50’s (im pretty sure thats were they were originally from idk i might be wrong . i know this shit cuz my fam is from gbc . my unc was rich rollin 50’s n went to 29th like alot of niggas did . by the way RIP to the nigga hi-sizzle aka hi-C , straight up tho this is real life street shit that most niggas from my generation aint knowin bout . if u aint in the streets heavy u wont hear bout the rich rollin 50’s or six eight dog crip , and them loma verde niggas . hella niggas from oakpark aint respectin 29th street niggas cause they didnt see how deadly/gangsta 29th street was back in the day . there was a injcution on 29th street where any gang members outside where gettin arrested . thats why 29th is smaller now . my fam use to go to oakpark n get respect , i got fam that went to hiram jonson in the 90’s and bloods respected them . niggas these days aint doin that . aint givin niggas they props . straight up nigga . S/O to the finest / tunes niggas . 29th , 24th , 21st , valley hi crips , six eight dog , stars niggas , meadowview homies , tcg homies , etc . i know bout this shit like i said my uncle fucked with niggas like dirt / hi sizzle / etc . real shit . no disrespect to any of u niggas just droppin real shit on yall . soak up the game





  16. LVP

    3400 mace block bitches LINKOLN VILLAGE PIRU

  17. FresNOrte 14er

    WE$T$IDE FRE$NO NORTE on a bitch ass $Krap. Much love to the XIVers from $acra eNe. Sk bfk. Fuck skraps and bullfrogs. Puro NORTE on an enemy. Much respect to the crips from that C-14 connection….$HAOOOOO!!! WFN 14


    Fucc yall niggas aint no love for any of yall tacosK scraps13K north14K frogsK Cripping worldwide

  19. CDCR Employee

    When I need to give an example of is a bad idea I’ll just refer them to these posts.

  20. Poros XIV

    whatz up to all my eNez EAZT ZIDE POROS XIV NTLS i see that this punk azz mayatez be talking lotz of masa firtz of fuck slobz you pussys dont run shit fuck crapz same with you smurf scrapz and all you chin chin chinos go back to china and you fucking monkeys go back to picking up cotton you fucking niggers so to all my fellow NORTES we got to stay united we are raza we got to stand up united as one and fuck this putos for all the fallen soldados we got to fuck all the nigger shit we are not niggers we are raza we are forgetting where we came from just take a look at the ogz and how they used to carry themselfs serio homies fuck the bullshit and lets be us a true NORT£NO…. zo much love N respetos to all my eNez doing tiempo ztay up N flamed up VPOROZ GANG XIV

  21. 1JohnRosalesMuthaFucka4

    VCS is a norteno gang dumbasses my dad side was from there & they had red rag throwing 14 up and got huelga birds on some of them

  22. EveryNorteEqual

    Im seeing alot of carnales on here funcin with each other say fuk this set fuk that set this Cliqueas for bitches this hood is full of fake homies, and then holla out ur hood and say fuk another northerner hood
    Im on 20 and if any of you foos are older or up to 4 years younger then I am I must tell you to open your eyes ENE by saying fuk another home boys hood your saying Fuk the N and juss typing it myself kills me but what you must know if you already dont is that shit your talkin dont mean nada in county or the pinta you better start getting laced up cuz you lil homies are in for the ride of your life there is no hoods in lock down if you disrespect another homies clique your getting removed no hesitation Northerners dont get rolled up and moved pods, units or floors you get green lighted and stuck by your own ppl there is 0 tolerance for red on red crime again 0 tolerance you with be an outcast with a dollar on your head for any home boy to move on so I suggest you drop out now or wise tf up and hold it down for all ENEZ NO MATTER THEIR BLOCK. Its all about being business men in and out of lock down hold your self to a higher standard then these MONKEY$, RATA$!!, and fukin PECKER DUD$ forreal Im full blooded white and I kno more then you latino home boys grown the fuk up and fight for what really matters the Sacramento regiment and the cause. Mucho gusto homies. -Pjay (NORTE(N$)$ACRA) All of sacra and all of NORTHERN CALIFA$ FUK YOU RATA$ WATCHIN.

  23. Laughing

    Stupid wetback lover

  24. OmegaBlaze

    Somebody answer this for me is there any Hi valley piru in waycross,ga

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