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Compton is a suburban city southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It is sometimes known as the “Hub City” due to its central geographic location within the county. The city has a total area of 10.2 sq. miles. It is one of the oldest cities in the county, incorporated as the eight city in 1889. The city was named after its settler, Griffith Dickenson Compton, when he settled in the area in 1867.

In the late 1940s, middle class African-Americans began moving into the area, particularly in the western area. Whites dominated the east side of Compton until the 1970s. Former President, George W. Bush spent his toddler years in the Santa Fe Gardens apartments (624 S. Santa Fe Ave.) in Compton during 1949 when his father George H.W. Bush moved to California on business. In 1969, Douglas Dollarhide became the first African-American mayor of a metropolitan city in California when he became mayor of Compton. By 1970, the city had one of the largest concentrations of African-Americans in the country with over 90%.

According to the 2008 census, Compton contains 97,300 residents. 64.9% of residents have some Hispanic in their makeup, 32.2% are Black or African American, 27% are White, and only .1% are Asian. Compton has a growing Pacific Islander community with a current resident population percentage of 1.2%. 6.8% of residents have a Bachelor’s degree and 57.2% graduated from high school. 24% of individuals and 21.8% of families in Compton live below the poverty line.

Compton Crip gangs in Compton, California

  1. Acacia Block Compton Crips
  2. Anzac Grape Compton Crips
  3. Atlantic Drive Compton Crips
  4. Butler Blocc Compton Crips [defunct]
  5. Burris Blocc Compton Crip [defunct]
  6. Chester Street Compton Crips
  7. Ducky Hood Compton Crips
  8. Farm Dog Compton Crips
  9. Grandee Compton Crips [defunct]
  10. Kelly Park Compton Crips
  11. Latana Blocc Compton Crips
  12. Mayo Ave Compton Crips
  13. Neighbor Hood Compton Crips
  14. Nestor Ave Compton Crips
  15. Nutty Blocc Compton Crips
  16. Original Front Hood Compton Crips
  17. Palmer Blocc Compton Crips
  18. Park Village Compton Crips
  19. Poccet Hood Compton Crips
  20. Raymond Street Hustler Compton Crip
  21. Santana Blocc Compton Crips
  22. South Side Compton Crips
  23. Spook Town Compton Crips
  24. Tragniew Park Compton Crips
  25. Ward Lane Compton Crips

Compton Crip gangs geographically located outside of Compton city limits

  1. Carver Park Compton Crips in Willowbrook
  2. Mona Park Compton Crips in Willowbrook
  3. Original Swamp Compton Crips in Rosewood Park
  4. Six Hood Compton Crips in Willowbrook
  5. Twilight Zone Compton Crips in Rosewood Park

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  1. $Teezy

    All you people need to listen to kendricks Album and learn something from it… I’m not even dark skinned or into gangs but yall need to realize gangs aren’t helping anyone in anyway! No point of killing your own people over a color..

    • Lil hec

      And notice now it’s crip vs crip blood vs piru vs crip
      Piru is a blood set that has piru rivals how does that make sense

    • TruDat

      Gangs are responsible for blacks killing blacks. Gangs are dumbing down minorities and keeping them impoverished. Not helping anyone? Gangs are the greatest invention since the automobile! Now we can sit back and watch the dolts shoot it out over worthless property. They can do for us what used to take a healthy klan and a “good old boy” network to accomplish.

      • Trushootacuhz

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  2. BigSharkLoco

    Tragniew Park Crips WS TpCC bK Pk Lantana blocc n Park Village Crips. FUCC SLOBS bitch

  3. granny

    mtown 831 is on poiNT


    Defeat the spectrum (all of it) and get the fuck out for a while
    Rollin 20 gangsta crip
    Death Certificates are not all real…..some are for a trophy, right?
    Nope..they’re reminders of how serious this shit is……there are foreign middle eastern gangs COPYING EVERYTHING we do folks, and were just making life more of a hell for them. Defeating the spectrum isn’t killing at all, its blending and that’s what I call it. I’m saying “hang” around EVERY set in LA, than make sure everyone knows you served you “community services” Its very respectable to accomplish. Just don’t trade blues and reds.

  5. ApimpNamedSlickiback

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    LIL C-BOB…NACC…#hubcity stay active errrybody…you ot niggas come C…ot thats anybody speaking on the city that aint 4rm it…compton crip ya bitch…out of town ass niggas…

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  8. rr3t

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  11. Legalize It

    Want to make gangs obsolete? Legalize drugs.

    The drug war creates violence in the form of smugglers, cartels, gangs, crooked cops and drug dealers who do not give a fuck about their lives or anyone else’s. You don’t see gangs fighting over alcohol sales or tobacco turf. Why? Because you can buy those drugs at 7-11 cheaply and legally.

    The government loves it when minorities kill each other. Population control 101.

  12. Rave

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  15. kelly mosley

    I’m trynna get down with my original hood from Compton 83 rd Trays bkut I live in Texas now and the Tray hood ain’t bkout shit hmu crips I need the knowledge…. Fucc bkloods y’all a disgrace

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    Kik me :shesosingle

  19. kelly mosley

    Yall fucc with me at my email I’m Kelly kel originally from compton moved to Texas when I was real young I miss the place and I’m trynna gain my gang knowledge cuz they not doing right down here I’m 17 so fucc wit me my bkrothers ima female fyi

  20. ponedoggcrip


  21. Fuck Crabs Bitches

    Yo to da crip you ain’t even bangers y’all front about it my not banging even your OGs are bitches 213 even in da pen y’all get dropped and smacked up aha pussys

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    Groveling sprawled in gutter is thy fate!
    Blood stains your hands, mind racked with ugly hate!
    Low dregs of human kind dull dullest dulls!
    The laughing stock of even criminals!
    Odd ill-formed freaks forsake all that is good,
    Live off the mark from what a human should.

  23. Mexican Power

    Fuck Compton. Compton sucks.

  24. Danny the manc

    Life is not a film, come to England talking like that and you will get your face punched in, all of you. Gang muppets

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