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Compton is a suburban city southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It is sometimes known as the “Hub City” due to its central geographic location within the county. The city has a total area of 10.2 sq. miles. It is one of the oldest cities in the county, incorporated as the eight city in 1889. The city was named after its settler, Griffith Dickenson Compton, when he settled in the area in 1867.

In the late 1940s, middle class African-Americans began moving into the area, particularly in the western area. Whites dominated the east side of Compton until the 1970s. Former President, George W. Bush spent his toddler years in the Santa Fe Gardens apartments (624 S. Santa Fe Ave.) in Compton during 1949 when his father George H.W. Bush moved to California on business. In 1969, Douglas Dollarhide became the first African-American mayor of a metropolitan city in California when he became mayor of Compton. By 1970, the city had one of the largest concentrations of African-Americans in the country with over 90%.

According to the 2008 census, Compton contains 97,300 residents. 64.9% of residents have some Hispanic in their makeup, 32.2% are Black or African American, 27% are White, and only .1% are Asian. Compton has a growing Pacific Islander community with a current resident population percentage of 1.2%. 6.8% of residents have a Bachelor’s degree and 57.2% graduated from high school. 24% of individuals and 21.8% of families in Compton live below the poverty line.

Compton Crip gangs in Compton, California

  1. Acacia Block Compton Crips
  2. Anzac Grape Compton Crips
  3. Atlantic Drive Compton Crips
  4. Butler Blocc Compton Crips [defunct]
  5. Burris Blocc Compton Crip [defunct]
  6. Chester Street Compton Crips
  7. Compton Crips [defunct]
  8. Ducky Hood Compton Crips
  9. Farm Dog Compton Crips
  10. Grandee Compton Crips [defunct]
  11. Kelly Park Compton Crips
  12. Latana Blocc Compton Crips
  13. Mayo Ave Compton Crips
  14. Neighbor Hood Compton Crips
  15. Nestor Ave Compton Crips
  16. Nutty Blocc Compton Crips
  17. Original Front Hood Compton Crips
  18. Palmer Blocc Compton Crips
  19. Park Village Compton Crips
  20. Poccet Hood Compton Crips
  21. Raymond Street Hustler Compton Crip
  22. Santana Blocc Compton Crips
  23. South Side Compton Crips
  24. Spook Town Compton Crips
  25. Tragniew Park Compton Crips
  26. Ward Lane Compton Crips

Compton Crip gangs geographically located outside of Compton city limits

  1. Carver Park Compton Crips in Willowbrook
  2. Mona Park Compton Crips in Willowbrook
  3. Original Swamp Compton Crips in Rosewood Park
  4. Six Hood Compton Crips in Willowbrook
  5. Twilight Zone Compton Crips in Rosewood Park

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  1. Harrd Times

    To all the real Gee’s on this site blacks & samoans merry x-mas & happyNewYear most of all stay safe and spend your time with family& friends, it might be are last time, if we dont change!

  2. comptonk


  3. West up to the homies Ticc fRm TPCC&SpydeR fRm OBP151.fRm da homie !ce

  4. YOYO


  5. westside Lantana Blocc Compton Crip 2700blocc Blocc Boys$163rdstMalloySt Dodgers Stadium$3704HoleGang.Top Boys..Nbck.rshk.pbck.osck.cvpk.pvck.135k.cppk.apbk.TFk.70K boys 4life otgpiruki*lah MagicLocc (EVERYBODYki*lah) NO CUTT! NASTYBASHING+TENNISSSHOE+PEANUT BUTTER+OLDSWISSCHEEZE+PERVERTZ+CUP OF NUDDLE+GAYMANS+APPLEPIE+ L.i.p oTgTrEeLoCc & tGSOLO BREZZY

  6. Wolfman

    Big Stanly Tookie Williams never ki*led anybody he did not have too

  7. Just about every black neighborhood is inactive in compton these days in 2011:
    NUTTY bLOCC,SOUTH SIDE CPT CRIPs,TRAGNIEW,ATF,SANTANA BLOCC,4RNT HOOD,LUEDERS PARK PIRU,MOB,FRIUT TOWN,TREE TOP,ELM ST.,CAMPANELLA PARK,W/S PIRU,ORIGINAL BLOCK PIRU 151ST. Is about it now days and that may seem like a lot but isn’t. There use to be double that those are crips & pirus together still active in compton not much at all.

    • CVchicano13

      dat aint true.. SSCC still one of the top 5 of all hoods in compton, chester always been SBCC.. and PBCC and SBCC got small beef now.. to be honest the hoods u named is some of the MOST active.. the inactive are.. atf, rshcc, tortilla flats lost alot of they big homies in thry war aginst treetop and fruit town they just a bunch of taggers nowadays.. palmer blocc, swamps, tragniew, and etc… my hood chicano 13 we took over lime hood and hollyhood

      • CVTFpk

        I know this post is old but for an ese in compton youre one dumb f#@$k lol treetopk and frootsk didnt slow us down its called gang injunction and snitches we got more homies locked up than dead we still out chick you dont hear of chi chis or tiny garras anymore haha learn your sh*% pendejo

      • Originalswamp

        Man I know u miss informed now cuz the swamps and nuttys been clicced up. The been gettin down on the campanellas bigtime. My nephewss from swamps and they been gettin it on wit them fools forever. If u think the hoods in compton anet active then u anet been to compton for a minute cuz fools been gettin 20 year sentences left and right. Southsides the largest crip set in comptoncourse they gonna be active along with santana blocc lettin fools have it.

      • correction

        So segundo is top dog in that north east compton area not cvcg never will cvcg take out cvsegundo and barrio pobre

    • hustlar

      wheres all the black gangsters gone then? are you guys really geting outnumbered by the hispanics

  8. The hispanics aren’t taking over there’s probably about 5 to 7 deep well known. Mexican gangs in compton compared to about 40 give or take black gangs CVSEGUNO is bout the deepest in the E/S. CV155 is pretty much deepest. Mexican hood on W/S. Then its a Toss up who’s the deepest overall because CV70 and CVTORTILLAFLATS because they are both in and out of compton everywhere. You also hav CVLOCOS,CVALONDRA,CVLARGO36,CVTHREE,BARRIOPOBRE13,BARRIOLOSPADRINOS,CVCHICANOGANG,TINYGANGStERS.doesn’t mean black gangs are gone cause its far from that. SSCC,NHCC,KPCC,WLCC,NBCC,ABCC,STCC,FDCC,AgCC,SBCC,PBC,FHCC,PVCC, all too big

  9. Doesn’t work the way you claim

  10. How it is nowadays SSCC/ADCC/WLCC all clicked up. SBCC/PHCC/AGCC/PBCC all clicked up ABCC/STCC/FDCC=ATF all clicked up they are cool with PVCC and TPCC as well NBCC/FHCC/OSCC and then CPCC/MPCC/LBCC then gangs like RSHCC are little and nutty blocc whoops that blank and they share with tragniew any how DHCC is gone but the little that are left are basically SSCC just mayo ave is now SSCC chestor st is SBCC

    • 9mmnigga

      @bxff cpt cr1p
      palmer blocc beef wit santana.. nutty blocc clicked wit tana sorta.. you wont find anybody on mayo cause thas a grey zone, no bangin there. ADCC could survive witout the southside but be hangin by a thread.

  11. Every neighborhood has clicks up with one another you forgot to mention KPCC/NHCC aliance to battle SSCC. Yes MACC/DHCC/ADCC/WLCC is basically all either SSCC or protected by SSCC. LHP/HHP/CAP all clicked same with MOB/LPP/TTP & FTP/CBP/ELM st. P/& WSP/CPP/OBP151st/NHP145st/135st..Point is everybody clicks with someone

    • 9mmnigga

      some of that is not true, most in fact.. KPCC and NHCC have beef now.. the stuff about SSCC(and allies) is correct. HHP hasnt existed since the 80s really.. MOB and LPP are havin a HUGE war right now (as a matter of fact, MOB goes at it with all east side pirus nowadays, but Mob is still the biggest and most active pirus currently in compton).

    • white

      SLEEPY guyS”: guys are by nature night time creatures, and much like cats, will try to sleep at least 18 hours a day. In the wild, the major activities of the guy were more or less confined to eating, sleeping, and trying to reproduce. The domesticated guy has somewhat of a more complex existence largely due to it’s preoccupation with liquor and drugs — and as a result spends a good deal of time committing crimes to support its habit, and avoiding getting caught by the Police.

      • it must be sad for a person such as yourself to have to attack others on a web page cause you dont have sufficient brian matter to come up with an inteligent argument on why some people make it and others dont cuase we are afterall humans no matter the color so you know all humans decent from an ape like creature even you. till then your buddy D.V.M QUIN

        • Steve

          Seems like you lack the brain matter required to formulate an answer that actually, you know… makes sense.

    • white

      LACK OF PARENTING Ski*lS”: guys posses absolutely NO parenting ski*ls, and quite frequently even ki*l some of their own young. Unfortunately, they usually produce somewhere close to a dozen offspring, with a typical sow producing generally 6 to 10 Niglets from an almost equal number of “Baby Daddys” that refuse to accept any responsibility or provide financial support. While Human couples tend to produce only a small number of children and devote their energies and resources to seeing that they are raised properly, guys are biologically programmed to spit out as many bastard miniature sh*%skins as possible with little regard for who donates the DNA.

    • white

      “CHIMP PACK”: The Chimp Pack denotes a random collection of Negroids that usually blankembles for an immediate purpose — such as Gang Rape, Looting, Intimidation, or 10 against 1 attacks on unsuspecting Humans. guys are solely absorbed in their own selfish interests, but will band together as a temporary measure against outsiders. Once the immediate threat has pblanked, the Chimp Pack will desintegrate once again into a collection of individual guys that will try to rob, rape, or ki*l each other.

      • OG

        @white (trash) give us your address homie so we can visit OFHC

      • white

        “MENTAL ILLNESS”: Mental illness is rampant amoungst guys, largely because they do not have the brain power to cope with the Higher Brain fucntions that are needed to adapt to Human Society. Laws, Rules, Customs, and Courtesies all take a great deal of brain power to process, and for the guy it is all too much. Eventually the chimp brain overheats, and the veneer of civilization that the guy wears as a disguise gets stripped off and the true nature of the beast is revealed!2

  12. Cant forget about that bkig bkad west side nestor avenue compton crips we still n here cuzzin

  13. Steve Rodgers

    I looking for information regarding a 2004 Harley Davidson Fltri belonging to a Darnell D Brim 42, from Thorson Ave in Compton. There is afinders fee for information that leads to the recovery of this bike.

  14. paksuk

    sorry to read about these racist comments…society has not played its part the infrastructure in some of these gangland area.No support hope for change…no education…we need to help and create peace

  15. 9mmnigga

    lemme make it strait fo everybody
    blacks in compton and south central are outnumbered, but crips and bloods were always more active than 13 gangs.. no hatin thoh hispanics get active too.. check this, 9/10 of the time, the person gettin ki*led out here is a black male, and its almost a 80 percent chance that its by another black male.
    the media says that innocent blacks stay gettin ki*led by eses… not true, most murders are by us blacks ourself which aint nuttin to brag about.. for example, in the war of Fruit town vs Tflats, no gang members were ki*led at all, fruit town only ki*led 2 innocent mexican citizens..

  16. 9mmnigga

    another thing, just because gangs share a hood, dont mean that they war.. for example,, SSCC currently has two varrios in they set… Compton Varrio USV (Unidas Los Verdas, originally from slauson area in LA), and CV Tokers.. Tokers and SS have small beef now but they was always cool from the beginnin… CVTKS and CVUSV both have to pay taxes also.. CV3 and santana blocc too, homies since tha start..

    • outlaw

      Its CVUSV13 = (COMPTONE VARRIO UNOS SIN VERGUENZA 13 ) not what u wrote. And yes they are in East compton in SOUTH SIDE COMPTON CRIPS HOOD but fued with CVTKS,CV70


  18. 12GAGE

    There’s is only a few wars right now in Compton bottomline and that’s just SSCC and company (WLCC,ADCC,DHCC,CPCC) vs. SBCC and company AGCC,PHCC that’s the biggest war amongst crip on crip. BASICALLY SSCC vs. SBCC. Then MOB vs LPP on the E/S that’s war 1. War 2 would be FTP vs. CVTF in N/S compton meanwhile keep in mind CVTF takes it up with all pirus they coexist with ELM st,TTP,CBP and ofcourse FTP aswell with manny crip sets PBCC,SBCC,PHCC,AGCC,NHCC,SSCC not waring tho. Then ATF(abcc,stcc,fdcc) vs. NBCC ugly war in the west and ATF vs. CV70 aswell major war in compton

    • real1

      CompKton Carver we don’t I dont like wit adcc or dhcc ! Wlcc is coo phk sbk !

    • phccphcb

      so , the police could also be dangerous.

    • ComptonWire

      nah most of that aint true, or its old.. ADCC were the first to go to war with SBCC, because of a bad drug deal.. After a while SSCC joined.. WLCC, DHCC, and AGCC are inactive. Carver Parc dont like any of them, especially SSCC and SBCC. but MOB and LPP is the biggest current Piru war as you said, and SSCC and NHCC has been the biggest crip war for the past 10 years, NH pretty small but they active af..

  19. TANK

    Who’s hood is by king taco on N. Long beach blvd MOB PIRUS!? Lol

  20. Lil Gitano



  21. Macc

    First I got luv for the mexicans im half mexican but yall aint runnin sh*% especially in comPkton maby east los or echo park bell or somethin but not tha CPkT

    • 12GAGE

      @macc yeah thas true black gangs are still hella active and mexican gangs only do fist fights and tagging.. no gun play or sh*% like that..

      • ranking

        Only blacks that do anything are south side compton crips, santana blocc, nutty blocc, front hood, acacia blocc,spook town, farm dog,carver park that’s it for the crips then mob, lueders, elm st, friut town, tree top, west side piru, campanella park and 151 piru that’s for the pirus in compton. So what’s that 15 gangs total for the blacks? That’s wack now look at the mexicans Tflats, 70s, Largo36,lokos 13, 155, alondra13, tokers, segundo,barrio pobre13,wilow st,barrio los padrinos,usv13,chicano gang, tiny gangsters, cv117,cv124, la tres 133, cv132, cvbkm so what’s that like 20 so your telling me they aren’t as active? Truth is they are more there’s more piru and crip hoods in compton but I only mentioned the active ones likewise for the sureno hoods in compton only the active one listed

  22. niggasincomton

    Quit turning your glock .40’s sideways it reduces accuracy. Nig noggities.

  23. Can I join the gang?

  24. 8TGC

    Ill smash through the hub city ain’t nothin 2 worry bout now days smash through nuttys hood lantanas,raymond st hustlers hood and trags hood all at once then right past ATFs former turf its all CV70s now anyhow smash thro SSCC’s hood straight thro kellys and neighborhoods then atlantics duccys,wards all of dat ill even cruise throu tanas hood that’s all a piru zone anyhow the elms,lueders,friut town,tree and even weak ole cedars be all throu there go right past monas ,carvers,poccets,anzac,front hood don’t care cause dey throu these days oh yea and palmer and park villiage lol seems like w/s piru and campanellas CV155’s be owning dat ground compton crips are inactive now know dat much

    • ComptonWire

      @8TGC u aint makin any sense.. compton crips are active af, as well as pirus, and nutty blocc aint bein smashed..

      @ranking .. get yo sh*% right bro.. there are more mexican active gangs in compton because there are about two timess more mexicans in compton than blacks (60000 mexicans and a lil more than 35000 blacks)… and those mexican gangs aint as active as gangs like the black ones (some of the black ones) that u listed..

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