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Alex A. Alonso
Oct. 9, 2010

We recently ordered the death certificate of Raymond Washington from the Los Angeles County Health department. The death certificate actually clears up a few discrepancies that have been circulating regarding Washington.

Washington’s place of birth is Los Angeles and not Texas as previously reported.

The cause of death is “gunshot” wound to the abdomen, which suggests he was shot one time and as a result of a singular gun shot wound he died. He was not shot multiple times or in the head. Washington was taken to Morningside Hospital that was located at 8717 Harvard Blvd which is only a nine minute drive to the hospital, but that hospital had been struggling financially and closed down the following year in September of 1980. The quality of medical treatment at Morningside Hospital may have been compromised in the small 125-bed facility. At the time of closure, hospital administrator Hayward McNeil stated that the hospital was loosing $200,000 per month because it primarily served the Black community and government subsidies were low. Washington’s medical treatment for a singular fatal gunshot wound has never been examined nor was the hospital’s readiness looked at to determine if they were equipped to treat such an injury despite the hospital’s fiscal challenges.

Lastly, Washington was at 6326 S. San Pedro when he was shot on the side walk between Gage and 64th Street in what was known as 62 Crip’s neighborhood in the early stages of the East Coast Crip identity.

Death Certificate of Raymond Washington

An article about Raymond Washington was published in issue #5 of Allhood Magazine.

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