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Duarte is a city along the San Gabriel Mountains within Los Angeles County. It is right off the Interstate 210, in between Monrovia and Azusa. Duarte is also located along the historic Route 66, which runs directly through the city. Duarte has a total area of 6.7 sq. miles of land.

Due to its geographic location at the foothill of the mountains, Duarte is home to mainly residential areas. Most residents commute to other areas for work and pleasure. Many of the local business have struggled financially due to the cities geographic location, with little income coming from non-residents.

As of the 2008 Census, the estimated population for Duarte was 23,907. 50.1% of residents are White, 48% are Hispanic, 15% are Asian and 8.8% are Black or African American. 6.4% of families and 7.4% of individuals live below the poverty level. The city closely matches the national average for educated residents with 25.4% with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 79/6% with a high school degree.

  1. Du Roc Crip

31 comments on “Crip Gangs in Duarte, California

  1. mostknownunknown on said:

    Du Roc Gangsta Crips 3x resides here.

  2. dEEz nuTZ on said:

    this is 82 blood still rappin nigga fuk u’

  3. champ lok on said:

    thatz waz up 3x up lok fucc napkz shxtgun crip shownk love

    • BIG BADD ASS on said:

      Remember what harrdtimes said, blacks need each other now more than ever.

      • Harrd Times on said:

        Everyone, out here on this site,have a bless happy holiday and live life like theirs no tomarrow , because if we dont change there. is no tomarrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this means , every race ( brown) , (black,)( white),( yellow),( red), etc…….dont worrie about peolpe hanging around, just appreciate the health we have and are family’s now be fore it’s to late to say I’m sorry Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. didn’t DuRoc just get slapped with an injunction?

  5. t-bone aka the vamp on said:

    i waz born in duarte lived at 550 duarte rd i now reside in detroit mi.. still will and alwayz will du-roc 4 life…

  6. t-bone aka the vamp on said:

    hard times aint playen … to all races thats it. wbp up in here

  7. Lil Baby j on said:

    West with it 3rd Duroc Crip 3x Lil Baby J

  8. crazo on said:

    west upn 3rd!!!!!watz dat movin crip life like doe

  9. OldBoy on said:

    Hello, Please pay attention ; Iived in Duarte when I was 11-13years of age ; give or take a few months maybe more because I was to yaung in relation to what I know now . I first recall I lved In a house that backed up to that old cemetary on Joella ( I may have the name of the street Wrong) you know that is right their . Anyway , reading posts from this site tells me thothing much has changed in the many years , I am now 45 and it is sad . It seems obviuse that nothing ever will , especialley as Duarte is just a slice of the geografical makup and most homeowners or occupants do not appaer likely to get envolved in any efforts for positive change. The only obviose outcome would be for Monroviva or other nearby communities to incorporate Duarte . What will be will be …

  10. HueyP on said:

    All Yall Krabs Rest In Piss Whoo Whoo

  11. princessCRIMthe3rd on said:

    w3sss sideeee high3nd to the low DUROC GANGSTA CRIP , move’n on all you bkuster asss niggas , come to the ave tripp’n and get ya last bkreath snatched . hahaha 3 ganggggggg . DUROC or GET SHOT !!!

    • How can you be proud of that ?? Sayin you’re gonna kill someone just for walking down the steet, someones life can’t be that expendable to you right? What happened to being brothers, what happened to a man caring about the troubles facing his fellow man?

  12. lil tr3yboii da loc on said:

    D.R.I.P , Bkruis3r , baby blu3 rag , baby regg , B3 , domo , Baby killa Rob (a.i.p)

    M-town to da roc holla at da lowc 3′z !!

    • Tiny T loc frm da AVE on said:

      dirt rocc aint never bashin no Ns W/C NHC
      nogalas ave

      • iroccfrumdurøc on said:

        Fucc yo sorry ass nice ass set cuzz yall aint nappks ya hustlaz=jokes we really gang bang in reality u know durøc is da biggest set in da sgangstav my nigga line it up wit a homie cuzzz u and all 3 of yo homies that left yall have ten niggas frum yall lil ass “gang” lmgcao

  13. CRYSTAL WIGGAN on said:


  14. Og COMbKO LLOEC 1 on said:

    FUCC dicc rocc 76 EastCOast CR1p NaYbKORh76D LLO LLFE RaYMONDs bK kK hK aK 3K gK 40K 99K 87K 13K

  15. Nst Hoodsta 3k mobk on said:

    Fucc dirt rocc NH OR NOTHAN 3K CITY

  16. iroccfrumdurøc on said:

    Fucc cheesetoast fucc west covina naps nice ass nigga the hardest gang in west covina is du3røc lol mark on da D and da 3 ch3ccc my 3 file

  17. Yunx H3k on said:

    calm down dirt roc arent even actvie no more ever since that tramp brusier got popd yall went n hidin..lmNHao hidiin from mexicans u off brand tramp ass niggas

  18. V.East Side DuarteX3 Gang Fuxk crabs ck all day Fuxk mayates

  19. Hustla Crip 400 on said:

    WesxCov!Na SXV 6II6
    WS Hustla Crip NOgkALES ST/VALLEY BL
    400% 4s up 3k down…

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