Shot Gun Crips in Gardena

Shot Gun Crips are a predominately African-American street gang in the South Bay city of Gardena that formed around 1975.

They are known by the following clicks, 132nd, the original side of Shot Gun and 139th Street. There is also a newer click, 134th Street

Deceased members of SGC

  1. Chessy
  2. Big Chill
  3. Lil Nutty

67 Comments for “Shot Gun Crips in Gardena”

  1. Blood

    pRoJecT ShY…

  2. GmaC lok

    ws SGC GanG or dnt bkanG
    YG GmaC lok……2uCe bkloC Cripk

  3. GmaC lok

    fuC all slobks Cuz fuC napk
    this yunG GmaC lok
    ws SGC GanG or dnt bkanG



  5. […] and his accomplice, Tyrone kil#i*ggsworth, a former Shotgun Crips member from Gardena were both found guilty in 2003 for their roles in Tinner’s death. […]

  6. real1

    I dont like gardena yall guys weak

  7. PKfrmGUN

    132ndST SHOTGUN CRIP frm Oklahoma City to Gardena,,,,,,GARDEN DAYS/GARDEN OAKS/GARDENA,SHOTGUN LOVE,IM OUT,2 Minutes

  8. 139thGunslanger

    “From the 2uce to the nin3 shotgun on min3” GR33N GANG guyS “139 all the time” has now r3ach3d sc 60kX OSG^C OPBK-^C “don’t say dat if u not paybaCC” 3-12 7-1212-12 Garr guy!!

    • grat

      hey young gun that a guy name c-dog and snapp from sissys in hawthorne,ca im tripping on the homie from sgc132st work them up that are busters,

      • grat

        im sorry i was tripping my homies im lil bear from sgc132st gip – big chill these guys from sissys c-dog and snapp are in hawthrone,ca on praire and oxford in some apartments theyre tripping all sgc watch out locs

  9. jay bacc

    West side gundena 9st on k mine I dont like all naps 2x tx da 1xx wspK RAC K UG K ALL DAY!!!!!!

  10. 5th street

    55 dead memBERs..

  11. andre sewell

    This Drebo OSGC 134th Ricos Cuzz

  12. G blue

    we S.G.C.132nd. but at the end of the day we all shotgun and if u in philly pa and you shotgun
    Me and my lil homies so love we all we got so why not all shotguns sticc together then no one Or set can stop us if u on my type time hit me up 2675860281 from coast 2 coast we can link up ask for G blue


    dis drichy locc from tha trez in mn we worldwide on 132 RIP SMASH T

  14. PKBK

    locc craccin aint no laccin c-600 bkigups to spook n drichy locc up in the trez we see u lil guys MN got shotgun on hold, peace bacc to gundena

  15. Dayuno

    Ws XSGC 132st
    Gun xr Nkuunk
    Gun up xr get gunned dwn!!
    Okc sh*%t lxcc 2minz

  16. Lxccz

    H52verk Gvnkgk xver Herke CuHH Weskt Crkacciink yung Hoggs Gr52-112viink out of Orlando

  17. Lil LOCCO MS13

    Yo fool you “gang bangers” are a joke fool come to my hood esse MS13 we run the world Holmes

  18. TipTxe

    Blxxd blank the krabs snott run ki*lahs gun u guys right off Van Ness 187 to the krabs tell him TipTxe BRIM said so….!!!

  19. Tinky Gunk

    W/s SGC 132nd from Gardens in Okc to Gardena the land much love Gunk GankG or don’t bankG

  20. Cool Crip

    W/S Shotgun Crip OG from 1972 looking for Bear, Poncho,Bouda,Dooley, munkee man, Womack,and Slaughter the OGs that started the Shotgun Crip s at the park and rolled at the skating ring every Saturday on Rosecran. Hit me up Cool Crip from Spinning Ave. Stay blue still in the grin.

    • CWB

      Last I heard, Bouda was living in El Segundo but that was many, many years ago. You from Spinning then you must know Tommy Simmons (has a sister Kay).

  21. gunna from garden oaks to denver

    garden oaks 16st.. from okc bout to put it down in denver

  22. rbizzle951usc

    my pops big RB from tha gun 132 st Original. much love from the murda


    @ cool crip Bare foot pookie did not start shotgun crip that rite there let me no you not original. And you keep saying slaughter so get yo name rite i am 132st SGun.

  24. Hajj

    To all the homies from Gardena: !32 x139st SGC’S, gardena’s finest. Grew up on 141st place, close to the 9. Maria regina and Peary is where I went to school. I got my now and later’s from King’s Liquer store. Played my football and basketball at Rawley Park. Did my shopping at The Gardena and Roadium swap meets. I even hung out at Thornburg Park, Yeah, that’s part of the Hood too. I ate at Astro’s and the burger stand down the street from King’s. My wife has Shotgun tatted on her hand. Old now ,but Gardena X2 X9 will stay in my heart forever. Gardena, the Garden of Eden, watch for the snakes, SUCCAS!!!

  25. GARR3239

    @Cool Crip you need to take your post down because you not original barefoot Pookie did not start Original ShotGun Crips. I am ShotGun Crips 132×139

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