Sanyika Shakur, aka Monster Kody

Kody Scott author of Autobiography of an LA Gang Member and member of the Eight Tray Gangster Crips in Los Angeles. From LA Weekly article October 8, 1999 (vol.21 No. 46).

101 Comments for “Sanyika Shakur, aka Monster Kody”

  1. It’s f#@$ked up that this brotha is back in the pen !!! I read his book at least three times, and I remember hearing about “Monster” Kody back in the 80’s, and I’m from N.Y.!!!! So you know that’s a real ni99a !!!! I can’t wait until his life story hit’s the big screen!!!!

    • Sniper CVTF

      *coughs Kody rat motherf#@$ker*

    • Soldier Boy XVIII

      I hope buster blank, mark motherf#@$ker Kody dies like Tookie did.

    • Bobblehead VSF XIII

      f#@$k Kody and all you chickes on here on his d#$k.

    • John

      The only thing real about this guy is his criminal history. I’ve read his book and besides having to pick apart the BS that this guy spews, it is a all too familiar story of how a guilty as hell person protests his jail sentence and tries to make people believe it’s not his fault he ki*led people and he shouldn’t be in prison. The only “f#@$ked up” thing about this “brotha” being in the pen is that eventually he will get released into society again only to continue his cycle of commit crime, get caught, go to jail, get released.

      • First of all I read the book,.and most of the thing’s in there are true, but he change the names to protect the innocent !Now what he deserves to get for his part in crime ,only god could judge him not man.

        • M.L.

          A lot of the book was written by his white editor, based on interviews with Kody. It’s got a lot of exaggerations in it.

          Anyway, the guy is a crack head. His own kids don’t even want to see him and his wife fears him. He’s a loser.

          He’s also REALLY SHORT. Like under 5’8″.

          If you lookmup the number of 60s shot or ki*led in the period the book covers, Kody would’ve had to be the only ETG shooting 60s and missing most of the time. It’s just simple math and researchable facts; Kody Scott is a criminal and probably a ki*ler but the book HUGELY exaggaerrates his role in the ETGs in the 80s.

        • Lisa

          Again, you don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s very close to his kids. Again, know what you’re talking about.

        • M.L.

          Lol! His kids express their contempt for him openly in the “American Gangsta” episode about him. That’s a pretty screwsed up show to begin with, glamorizing ki*lers as it does, by the way. There’s usually only one or two obligatory lines per episode disavowing violence; mostly it is essentially “Behind The Music” for ki*lers.

  2. Cybersleuth

    “Monster” deserves nothing less than the electric chair. Please put him out of our misery.

  3. itaLiAn mafiA


  4. suR!#

    nigge dont riDe

  5. PdOGgR30's

    the sh*% that monsta spoke about was not all done by him the majority of it was done by other people. I was there. That’s why people wanted him dead. He is not the hard core banger he claims to be. ask his etg homies. the only person who backs him up is his chick made brother.


    thuckuS ruCKUS

  7. EB

    Kody, leave the craziness behind and continue with your writing. Get away from the losers that serve to bring you down and find the strength to leave all this high school chit behind. You have more potential than that. Gangs are not worth your energy and it’s time to cut your ties.

  8. SelinaB

    I also read Monster as part of a Sociology clblank for Criminology. It was well-written, somewhat pretentious and self-serving. Why you brothers are kil#i*gg each other is beyond me, except out of jealousy for making a name for yourselves. Here’s an idea, go to school and make something of yourselves. kil#i*gg each other is a futile game of last-man-standing. Is that what you really want in your lives? The only way to realize the American Dream is to put some effort in to school, work, save money – not ki*l people for what you want. You are doing the crooked police a favor by kil#i*gg yourselves off. Do you want to do them favors? I think not. You were not born to be prison statistics. Find your pblankion (outside of kil#i*gg one another off) and the world will hear your story. I find it hard to get past the mblank-murdering that Kody and others (you know who you are) have committed. But at least, he’s put his thoughts in the written word so those of us who are want to see changes made in social clblank structures.

  9. Jon

    So hes in his mid 30s and in jail with a felony record… Sounds like a loser to me. when he gets out.. he aint making more than 10$ an hour… He has to go back to robbing… Its a cycle. people on here acting like hes hemmingway. lol. every f#@$ken gangmemeber can write a gritty book about the life… but will you pay $20 for that book? lol.

  10. skaters

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  11. skaters

    DC Skate Plaza Trip 2007 reallY

  12. skaters

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  13. skaters

    tell ur mom sshes ugly

  14. skaters

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  15. skaters

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  16. skaters

    only hard white farts mum

  17. fstrde

    sick dancing dangerous 187

  18. fstrde

    i sound lyke a wyte grl

  19. Hard Times

    I lied, we fluresh when guys stop letting asians, woods and essais hit that blank. i licked my other neighbors nutsack, been doing it for over 15 years

  20. jason vouree

    i’ve got sum thing 2 say 2 all ya chickes out there, yeh monster dne wot he dne which is not good but hey his payin da price. i mean da brada dne wot he had 2 do 2 survive n if ya woz in da same position ya wld do da same but lyk i said im not even sure abt ya chickes, ya probably wldnt survive cah ya wnt b able 2 ya meant 2 give da brada advice on wot he shld do or even praise him 4 tryna change.but instead ya being NEGATIVE towards da brada. now im not praising da f#@$kry he kept up wiv but hey it’s a doggy dog world out ere n i dnt give a f#@$k if he’s telling da truth or not. yes dats all i have 2 say 2 all ya chickes n if ya got a problem wiv wot i jst said get at me at my address 187 brimstone hse, victoria street, london e15 4nx _bang bang ne where gang Yo kody i knw ya probably a grwn blank guy but brada stay up n keep ya head up. THUGANOSTRA it’s all abt maintaining da belly doug…………………

  21. Notorious D

    I know what it is like rolling with one gang but having homies from another. But it can catch up because gang leadership is always envied and people you think are close to you will set you up from prison, your block, county, court, o your best blood friend. Think twice when you think about shooting your gun. Most of the time it is anger. Use it only at war.

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