Rollin 20s Crips

Rollin 20s Crips

159 Comments for “Rollin 20s Crips”

  1. iam rollin

    fucc da longos nacho blasta nyyga SK

  2. seeme@7thnmagnolia

    Rolling twinckies LMAO


    was r20llxn to all tha dubs TG Pradaa’ Duece E\$ R2T0C NYD’ $ two tha FLD’$ N THA YTL’$ C WOOPK TWO THAT DUB GANG RXCH R20LLXN OR GET R20LLED ON 2X10 WIT A S AT THA END

  4. CROokEd

    2 high, GOld Neva fOld.. shOutOut 2 all hOmxEs state2state
    mEmpKxs RR20sC. fuk all hatred u shall have uR day#pKsKbK str8 lxKe d2t TwOsssss

  5. Loco Trip

    who know a nigga named KD
    he say he from yo set
    He say he OG
    let me know if i know dis nigga
    add me on facebook loco trip

  6. Loco Trip

    who know a OG nigga
    named KD
    he say he from yo set rollin 20s

  7. riCK ray

    smokin des crabs eatnem 2 nugga

  8. Trill


  9. Trill


  10. OG DDG

    Mannn cuz da game so fucced upk dese niggas claimin 20 bkut sayin we nhc SMH. U goofy niggas fuccin up da history n languange fufu niggas dnt een kno wht yall b reppin on or for. ma locs dnt play I DEFF DNT PLAY DAT SHIIT. I RESPECT DA G CODE BKUT HW MUCH LONGA WE GONE LET DESE 880. False flaggin asss niggas live? Its Disrespkectful to my foundin fathers. Cipk og bkig bkad habkiit rabkbkiit, og Ray. U fufu niggas gone get yours. Its been thru da whole set cuzz ND HKOOVA NOT CRIPK !!! COOL OUT LIL CUZZ. MWC E/S R20LLIN 20z LBKC OHIO IN DIS BKITCH CRIPKLUMBKUS c-51 c’s^bksDwn

  11. HAZEY G

    nigga its 103 grape street WVTTS shit i fuCC wit dem DUBs doe fuck al dem pirus and slobs niggas is GRAPKE STREET nigga get wit it or get lost straight out of da pin nigga SHOTGUN GANG fuCC dem slobs CRIIIIIIIIP CRIP HOMIES

  12. Ecc

    Fucc fakestreetK we taking watts

  13. LBTL

    fxcc em slo6$

  14. MCS13

    FUCK TWINKIES AND CHONGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! V ES MCS13 GANG OR DONT BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!33ST LS CLICK!!!!!!!!!!! CHONGOK TWINKIEK TWEETY BIRDK BOOTY HOEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK DA REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M UP ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wicked

    Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg are affiliated with Rollin’ 20’s Crips in Long Beach

    C-Note, is also from Rollin’ 20’s Crips, she was one of the rappers in the
    Bloods & Crips: Bangin’ on Wax album.
    (She’s the chick on the video)

  16. Whitey

    Wow, you ghetto apes are ridicluous

  17. O's

    20s & bugsK supposed to be worst enemies but be fuccin wit each other on the low

  18. Original

    you dumb ass young niggas need to stop politicin over dumb ass shit & go get them doncsK ?K bpk bstK cvK 13K messycanK

  19. Thezenutz

    Shut your ass up bitch

  20. whoopkin rabbits

    20K LONGO £A$T #800 BLO€K BOYZ katch me on 8th st and Mlk yall Twinkies aint in ur hood aha

  21. 20K

    BST… BARRIO.SMALL.TOWN13. . 3st.491st.591st.691st.791st . 20K.bugsK. rolling trash cans K

  22. Black and Gold never fold

    all ya suck my dick ALKQN

  23. Black and Gold never fold

    all ya suck my d¡ck

  24. Black and Gold never fold

    all ya suck mii d!c kk

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