Gangster, Hoover, 52

Gangster, Hoover, 52

117 comments on “Gangster, Hoover, 52

  1. BR1M44 on said:


  2. chubs on said:

    873 is wut time we groove in houstone tx.. i dont think none of my locs here got any original knowledge except for bits n pieces.. n here we mostly mexican but got blacks too.. all the crips in texas clash… i’m not really sure this is the life our O.G.’s planned…lets come together n get this money. pasa-get-down-dena

  3. lxc hxtbxy on said:

    we bangn n memhis nappk bashn westupk tx my big hxmie yg bxxnie free 52 twinlxc bxbby jxhnsxn dj snxxp

  4. cii way loc on said:

    raymond washington is rollin over in his grave big took said it in his book they punked the snoovz N to cripn crip or die blocc;s N rollercoaster cuzz N hood al good main st. to real crips not this sloop shit tranforman ass niccaz dont go to the feds og homiez from hoov thats still cripn you new slob snoovs is in for rude awakening bloccs out!!!!

  5. stiLL na 95 civic kiD??????

  6. OBKG RayLoC on said:

    Wuts Craccin Snoover Bkitchks Its 111 NayBkorHkoodCrip N Hkood Or No Hkood

    • Vinny grxxve on said:

      SmH listen cuz yu don’t even know ya milk, 111 used to be Hoover you dumb fuck, H gang or don’t bang 52 HGC

    • Gr52vin xn yu bkitCH3s on said:

      Skt52ped FuCs skumbkxdi need sxme v’s an sxme cHin cHeckin puskski asksk 6x get dxwn r Get knxcked the fucc Xut HGC FUC A NHCK????

    • H52verGr52ver on said:

      Nkaw nki52a fuCC dkat CuHz itz HGC 4 Life FuCC a slobk bkitCH ass ni52a if it ainkt H52ver it ainkt sHit CuHz I stay Gr52vin till tHe worldk stopk movink

  7. slob187 on said:

    notty cripp blocc frontssss

  8. slob187 on said:

    the formula

  9. LiL VVendy on said:

    cKRab5 RE5T iN Pi55

  10. 5th street on said:

    black hookers..yu ain’t got no money nigga..

  11. lilfrankyHGC on said:

    Wat$ gr52in

  12. LIL HK on said:


  13. pryblem on said:

    Checc it cuzz

  14. cripsrgay on said:

    yo crips r gay as fuck

  15. real1 on said:

    Fucc snoovas Fucc 52 gums and 51 bubbles baby snoovas Fucc all snoova lovers ! Pk Bk hk

  16. ChxPPA GRXXVE on said:

    West Gr52VIN LxCS Bkig CHXPPA GR52VE Frxm Jerzey City yxung HxGG gang fwm

  17. freddyru400 on said:

    FucK a 52 snoover and fucK 837 itts 887 on hour end bitch WSTTP southside houston tx

  18. Lootining on said:

    Fools I’m 5’2″ 119 lbs and scurred of my own shadow ,but thanks to the Internet I’m the hardest banger in the universe,a straight killa….who want it !!!! Thats what the foc I thought:)))))),Internet Gang or don’t bang bluhzin(…..What???

  19. terridome on said:

    ICBG…internet crip n blood gang…claccccc.

  20. terridome on said:

    Im Saint Flood trippin neighborhood blood,,,,hows it going ?/please stop talking ignominy as that is the first step in reclaim of the brizzain. Can’t we all just.,,,,,,,,sing together ? All bangers should turn to sangers or perhaps we should claim crip/blood book cluB and become a nation of advanced readers.. Our athem should be adore by Prince. .,peace

  21. terridome on said:

    Original neighborhood Hoover gangsta,on bloods !! Groovin since 62 on bloods !!! Rollin on em since 73 grooV. Hoova gangsta crip criminal original neighbor crip on blood,then some fool from 111um took our name ran with it telling not neighborhood….if u claim nhc then hoova is your daddy on blood grooV !!! We was the first blood gang too grooV,then some fool from alley stole our name and started Blood Alley grooV. .. Hoova started this gangsta shit and this the mutha%#@ thanks we get ?? We sold the line to Dre grooV, on bloods.

  22. santana ureste on said:

    52 “”HooVer”\" my nigga we don’t we don’t GrooVe to the left we GrooVe to the right we really under the 5point and fucC iz this I hear bout blue and orange my nigga that shit for them rollin niggas ne real HooVer know that its clue” Gray” and ClacC” just had to get that off my chest on some rns.

    • slim_52 on said:

      For All you false Claiming ass Deuce niggaz I’ve 6een Deuce Since A Tiny 6YEARS old put Down wit 52^HxxVER & all real deuces know its Clue flag to tha Left side for Crip & if your align wit Folk Nation we rep 6 point star & Clacc Flag to The Right Side For respect of da nation so When we wanna rep its Clue to tha left clacc to tha right & our main colors is Clue Clacc & Gray & sometimes green. Niggaz get ya shit right.

  23. Tiny Slim on said:

    52 hoover is ORANGE or blue groove….what’s with all this green and grey shit I’m reading. Rag to the left. Only star we rep is the 5 with H in it and I ain’t talking no Chicago nation shit cuh. We from 51 to Normandy groove. Real verz cuh.

    • LxWKEY HGCVA on said:

      tHats real gr52v?E sHit cuHz, ORANGE or blue,2 tHe LEFT,Houston astros…west coast gang bangin dont fucc wit no folk star…FIGG SIDE 52 HGCVER GANGSTA CRIP, TROUBLE GANGSTA,YOUNG HOGGZ GETTIN OURS THA HARD WAY Gr52VE

  24. Maserati52H on said:

    This shit is comedy. Largest gang in the world got us all by the nuts and about to take over the world. Literally. I can sit here and put down fucc this that color gang and set but all that shit is silly. 23 but ima old nigga. Nobodyrealizes how powerful and wise we really are. Real shit if we all linked up the government ain’t touching us. Im no preacher but shit is facts cuz. Maseratiraw here on the truth. Niggas dont even color bang no more cs up b down. Like come on. Real nigga here tryna network and get ready for all this crazy shit goin on in the world. Dont be blind holla at a nigga and lets alllink up for some GANGSTER love and respect. Hit me

  25. brazy p on said:

    Ptx in this bit#@ p up or stfu piru rules pasadena n taken over htown
    Snoover killa R.A. K. Phk hk ck dk ebk all day if u aint got love for dese rus f@$k u burgundy to da right side dead snoovs to da left side shouot ot to
    To bompton were this shit started n to the realpirus n damus out here n screwdton tx 59s 44s 43s 62s west side, tree top,swans,brims,and them hunnas no star banging strat Ps n Bs

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