52 Hoover Gangster Crips

52 Hoover Gangster Crips [52HGC, Five Deuce] are a predominately African-American street gang located in the Vermont-Slauson community of South LA in the City of Los Angeles. They are connected to both the Gangster alliance and the Hoover alliance and formed during the late 1970s. Historically the Five Deuce Hoovers are closely aligned with the Five Deuce Broadway Gangster Crips.

The FDH are the only Hoover set of the eight separate Hoover sets that does not follow the naming convention of “HCG” or “Hoover Crip Gang” like the other seven sets. Additionally, when the seven HCG sets decided to drop the Crip for Criminal around 1994, the FDH were the only one that did not take on that identity.

The 52 HGCs also have a very close alliance with the 51st Street Trouble Gangster Crips (51 TGC), a tagger crew that turned gang during the late 1990s, that are geographically located directly to the west of their neighborhood.

On October 12, 1984 members of the FDHs were victimized in one of the most deadly shootings in Los Angeles history when 10 people were shot and five killed, all teenagers, in what later became known as the “54th Street Massacre.” Within days, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested three members of the Van Ness Gangster Bloods, Keith “Ase Kapone” Fudge, 18, Fred “Fat Fred” Knight and Harold Hall, 22. In 1989, Knight, who weighed 270 pounds did not match the description of any of the witnesses was acquitted. Fudge on the other hand was convicted and sentenced to death and is currently incarcerated on death row in San Quentin Prison.

Deceased members

  1. Percy “Budda” Brewer, 17 (February 28, 1967 – October 12, 1984)
  2. CoCo
  3. Chris “Tiny Devil” Stephens, 27 (1985 – 2013)
  4. Hoover Dee
  5. Pookie aka 5-Deuce Pookie
  6. Shannon Cannon, 14, (September 14, 1970 – October 12, 1984)
  7. Darryl Sebastian Coleman, 17 (March 17, 1967 – October 12, 1984)
  8. Diane Laschell Rasberry, 17 (January 9, 1967 – October 12, 1984)
  9. Phillip Wayne Westbrooks, 18 (November 26, 1965 – October 12, 1984)

My Kingdom Come: An LA Gangster Rap Story, directed by Alex A. Alonso, Running Time: 52 minutes

Watch documentary “My Kingdom Come: An LA Gangster Rap Story” (2016) by streetgangs.com and directed by Alex Alonso

Jay Loc, the creator of Fig Side clothing

186 Comments for “52 Hoover Gangster Crips”


    w/s h1x7verz troubleverz

    • Hk Infant Cino

      On NH55dCrip this InfantCino from 55NHC any real snoova especially if you young should bk familiar with me you nigas ain’t no busters snoovas is the most active when it come to losin snoovn and 2soupn but by all you nigas coming together and puttn yall differences to the side I feel that sh*% was turnt down. I done made up my mind when our come to staying true to this CRIPsh*% we the only ones who kept our sh*% together…. NHOOD RICH ROLLIN….40,46,48,50,555758,60,67,90,111,112,115,WestCovina, Lynwood, WBC,LCG,MENLO,RAC,ECC,UGC,BCG,HTH,PERRISNHC….. much love to the 30s, 87GC,97GC……….. Neighborhoods…. Bloccs….. Owe love or no love…….. HkPkBkTk3k

      • CDOG3

        Infant cino. Its clear you don’t know the business on some Gangsta sh*%. How the hell your napp blank is going the give love to 87 and 97 Gangsta crip. My night Gangstas and napps don’t get along in any shape form nor fashion you idiot. Eight Trays don’t get along with nobody on western and its been that way for years. Napp bashin. M8V3N GANG

      • evil twin

        cino5 cuhkz whhat that sh*% do this TWIN from the blocc cuhks i know u remember the TWINS H55DSTARS

      • Hk Infant Cino

        R40s to da R100s NHC!

  2. Big Ace 100k

    shot out to all VERZ….50s to da 100s


  3. Asian Crip

    Shoot all the red!

  4. sloB Killa

    52HGC 4 life

  5. Hxxd locc

    is h59ver stil crip

  6. toon loc


  7. D5L2W


  8. sowooo 187 piru rollin 20 but look hoover is blood 2


    yxu guys aint real left.. except Ace. West up 2 my real VERZ.. 50’z

  10. babyloc 52

    we been runnin the streets since 69 ya heard me 52 H.G.C CUZ

  11. Y.''G''

    WHOOVA ki*lah5 59OO ALL DAY W^HAT5 bRACKiN

  12. Joe

    The neighborhood of 52nd and Hoover is like all Mexican. How can blacks continue the crips and bloods when mexicans are moving in and taking over the neighborhoods? Last time I heard South Central Los Angeles was like 50% Latino.

  13. TheScheibenwischer

    ppl…is there the possibility that most of u are just a little bit retard?
    why u wanna shoot some1? do u wanna risk ur life 4 some sh*% thats totally useless?
    i mean….when u look back on ur life at its end, dont u wanna say: yes im ok with it, id left smth. useful 4 the world and my children? dont u wanna say: i regret nothing!
    u life….ki*l ppl 4 some idiots who told ya 2 and then u probably die cause of this…..nice life…if u wanna life ur life this way…..u can just suicide….no difference……gg.
    it just has no attraction to me.
    im mean…..ok im livin in germany and….sry 4 my bad enlish this way, but think about it….
    WHO told u to life ur life this way and WHY they do?
    they are just stupid, nothing more…..just stupid.
    free urself

    have a nice day.


  14. liljoe

    52 hoover hood is not all mexicans.

  15. ING FGz


  16. Just want to live

    You gangsters are all weak if you want to ki*l just enlist in the military. You guys are not men`s you were raised by your mother`s only so you don`t know anything about being men`s. All of you can`t read or write so it`s not your fault you say gangsters only know about white t-shirts and cars. But you wait your time will come soon many of you have kids so you wait and see what the outcome will be for them.


    hey aint hoover ‘ hoover clan now since they got into it with 83st ETG IN 1994?? YEAH NOW HOOVER WEAR ORANGE!! RIGHT??

  18. BkA'sBky GR60kVy

    W/$ FD H52Va G2NkGSkTTkAbk CRk!Pk blank All NkaP’zZz 10’z to 100’z blank foney’z,cheese toast,fades,taco, andfrench fires it aint nun like tha F!FtHyy’zZz!!

  19. BkA'sBky GR60kVy

    on H54V3R G2NkGsTA N All DAT!!

  20. BkA'sBky GR60kVy

    n fa yuh blank azz guys 52 hoover gangsta crip came frm 54th n hoover!!!! we dnt fuk wit slobz or napz if yuh nt 52 hoova gangsta crip blank yuh itz 50 cripz or nun

    • voodoo

      No it didn’t blood, on Groove,we the original neighborhoods crips,that started as blood gang or don’t bang…then 111um stole r NHC and then a buster s stole or blood call…

    • Slice-Loc

      im trying to get sh*% right over here on the east coast cecause sh*% not right in im trying to clap at a big homie cuz to get it in order cuz..

  21. liljoe

    Its easy to stay true when you have fifty gangs on your side. For years it was all the rollers and nhc against the etg and hoovas. The only hoovas that’s turnt is 52,74 and 83. Them and they ETG are the only ones pushing lines on the nhc. Even with all them gangs you named them four go toe to toe with y’all.

  22. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you for putting up.

  23. yg

    man the hole time rolling 60 shutting yall down piru running sh*% in bomton yall guys ran up state PGF or piru gangster family H0V3R STILL got little respect

  24. Lil hoova

    Im 52 out of souf side ft. Worth TX aka Hoova Land n we dnt bkeef wit no 60 out here we clicc up against other slobks n ft. Worth started this crip sh*% in tx and we runin sh*% its Hoova way or no way cuzz thats our moto n we live n die bky dat

    • Kenx Grxxve

      Cuzz wat u nappk lxve nk u bxx bxx cuzz nappk bashin queer smashink u figg me drxp yx flag

      • 52HGCVERzz

        Waa Waa Nap Bashin W a H52873VER Pblankion You Sleep Hxmie You Aint From The Foundation Talkin Like That .. Snorts acHezz LoK ToasTKay

  25. 10/3G.$.W

    Lol at the end of the day what guys aint realizinG is dat neighbKoorhood cud neva take ova, there are still tr3y $3t, vink3$ and cckliccks that wont let that happken shoutouts 2 da 52 hxxv3rs doe n shout outs 2 da 8tr3ys watts movvin G’s

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